AT&T's scalable infrastructure allows you to seamlessly expand your network footprint for local, long distance and international voice  connectivity.

AT&T Network Connection

AT&T Network Connection (ANC) is AT&T's flagship voice platform which is backed by the quality, reliability and reach of the AT&T global network. The ANC platform provides originating and terminating access, plus transport of calls over AT&T's award-winning network.

AT&T Network Connection-International

AT&T Network Connection-International (ANC-I) is a modified version of ANC designed to meet the market needs of internationally-intense U.S. based customers.  ANC-I is an international outbound offer only. ANC-I uses the same network as ANC but offers a simplified contract, a C7 interconnection option and fewer features than domestic ANC.


OneNet is a bundled offer that eliminates the complexity of managing and maintaining multiple telecommunications services. It provides a unified offering that includes voice, data, access and Internet solutions. Customers choose from a menu of OneNet services to create a comprehensive solution that meets their business needs. OneNet is designed primarily for internal administrative use or for small resale arrangements. 


UniPlan is a bundled offer of local and long distance services with a simplified rate structure. UniPlan serves a maximum of 1,000 switched or dedicated locations. This plan combines outbound and toll-free calling from single or multiple customer locations. UniPlan integrates switched and dedicated access with AT&T Calling Card services, and includes domestic and international services.

Integrated Network Connection Service

Integrated Network Connection Service (INCS) is an integrated voice and data solution that dynamically allocates bandwidth between services. It combines voice, data and IP services on one access circuit allowing your applications to utilize circuit capacity more efficiently and carry more traffic on fewer lines. INCS supports data services such as Frame Relay ports, ATM networking and permanent virtual circuits, as well as managed service options including Ethernet, voice and Internet. INCS accommodates various speed and access options allowing you to match services to your business needs. INCS can simplify your operations by helping you to keep pace with evolving business innovations and service priorities.