AT&T Connect

Get connected. Learn how the AT&T Connect conferencing solution can enable powerful collaboration in this series of quick tutorials.

AT&T Connect® transforms voice and web conferencing from separate point applications used by only a small percentage of employees into a single, enterprise-wide communication tool that you can give to everyone in the company, like email.  This approach:  

  • Extends the proven cost savings and productivity benefits of conferencing to all employees in the company, not just a select few.
  • Empowers innovation throughout the organization, enabling employees to create new ways to speed time to market, improve quality and strengthen customer relationships.

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Multiple Conferencing Products In One

AT&T Connect integrates multiple conferencing capabilities into one product that is designed to meet all of your business needs:

  • Voice Conferences - Enjoy full featured, stand-alone voice conferences. Pre-scheduled and reservation-less. Network-grade security.
  • Web Meetings - Launch online meetings for 2 people or 125 with one click. Share and collaborate on applications and documents in real time with colleagues, customers, prospects or partners.

Enterprise-Class Solution

Over the past ten years, AT&T Connect has developed into an industry leading technology for conferencing and collaboration. This innovation is designed specifically to meet the unique needs of mid- to large-sized companies.

AT&T Connect meets your needs with:

  • Enterprise-class scalability, reliability and performance
  • Unparalleled bandwidth efficiency
  • Enterprise-grade security

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Voice Conferencing

  • Reservationless and scheduled conferences
  • DTMF functionality (mute, un-mute, participant count, lock/unlock event, raise hand, etc.)
  • My Meeting Room: Always-open, personalized meeting room for reservation-less voice conferences
  • Reporting (usage, tracking, CDR, etc.)

Web Conferencing and Collaboration

  • Application sharing
  • Shared whiteboard
  • On-the-fly polling
  • Public and private chat

Event Management

  • Custom public and private portals and overview pages
  • Event/meeting scheduling, registration and tracking
  • User management (individual and group) and user list import/export

System Security

  • End-to-end SSL encryption
  • Support for closed events, limited only to invited and authenticated participants
  • Visual event monitoring, expel unwanted participants