Enterprise Hosting

AT&T Enterprise Hosting Services offer a rich portfolio of flexible hosting solutions to help ensure uninterrupted access and improved performance of your critical business data and applications. AT&T Enterprise Hosting Services deliver a fully integrated application and networking infrastructure to handle the simplest to the most demanding hosting requirements, simplifying and streamlining the integration of components from separate vendors. Leveraging AT&T's integrated Global Enterprise Management System (iGEMS), a sophisticated, end-to-end global network management platform, AT&T Enterprise Hosting Services proactively monitor and manage your hosting solution to deliver predictable application performance. AT&T Enterprise Hosting Services further support continuity requirements, delivering an always-on infrastructure and recovery capabilities helping you to restore the networking and application infrastructure quickly if something unexpected does happen.

AT&T's global Internet Data Centers (IDCs) are optimized to provide an industry-leading web, data, and e-business applications hosting environment. Each Internet Data Center is protected from intrusion and failure by multi-layered security, failsafe redundancy, diversity measures, and rapid response recovery measures.

AT&T Enterprise Hosting Services offer a continuum of hosting and management capabilities that provide customers with a global, scalable, reliable and flexible infrastructure - whether AT&T is providing a fully managed hosting solution or you are managing your applications hosted in AT&T's Internet Data Centers.

AT&T Enterprise Hosting Services are designed to support your business applications with high performing facilities, comprehensive capabilities and the industry leading portal.  AT&T supports a range of monitoring and management options.

(Enlarge Network Diagram)

  • U.S. and Global AT&T Internet Data Centers integrated with AT&T's high-performing global network
  • AT&T BusinessDirect® portal provides personalized, secure online access to detailed information about your Hosted infrastructure and applications
  • Monitored and managed 24x7
  • Flexible monitoring and management services
  • Performance reports via portal services
  • Industry leading service level agreements
  • Dedicated front-end connectivity: Ethernet, fast-Ethernet or Gigabit Ethernet as well as  direct access to AT&T's MPLS and remote access infrastructure 
  • Expansive portfolio that includes security, storage, intelligent content distribution, multiple-carrier fail-over IP connectivity, utility computing options, professional services, load balancing, portal reporting, VPN and data networking integration
  • Comprehensive monitoring and management options from availability monitoring to component availability management to end-to-end environment management
  • Performance advantages of a 24x365 predictive management platform
  • Security, scalability, on-demand capacity and reliability of AT&T's Internet Data Centers
  • Industry-leading portal and reporting services for optimum control and visibility
  • Proof of service through Service Level Agreements
  • Direct connection to AT&T's Global Network backbone