Wireless Fidelity (WiFi) enables users the flexibility to access corporate infrastructure applications or the Internet, using the AT&T Global Network Client, with more than 125,000 'Hotspot' locations around the world. Additionally, customers utilizing select AT&T wireless devices and data plans have access to approximately 20,000 US WiFi hotspot locations. AT&T's WiFi offerings provide:

  • A robust global footprint that enables access from home, corporate locations, airports, hotels and convention centers
  • An easy-to-use, one-click access selection and connection to the network via the AT&T Global Network Client.
  • Integrated, seamless, secure access to enterprise and Internet resources from just about anywhere
  • Secure networking - including AT&T's Embedded Firewall and Endpoint Security services
  • AT&T WiFi enabled devices have complimentary access to the Internet via US WiFi hotspot venues

Our dedicated operating unit, AT&T Wi-Fi Services, now brings more user benefits to your enterprise venue, in addition to WiFi access to the Internet from end-user devices.