AT&T Global Network Client

AT&T's Global Network Client provides integrated, any distance, seamless and secure connectivity to your enterprise infrastructure and internet resources - with intelligent access selection! Support and expands your reach to a variety of remote access technologies for your employees access to your VPN, across the country or around the globe.

Intuitive, easy to use connectivity manager software enables access to enterprise applications on an as-needed basis. It also provides secure Networking with Embedded Firewall protection, multi-carrier Cellular Options and automatic Access Point database updates for all connection types and supports Windowstm Vista compatible foundation.

Through an easy, one-click logon, AT&T's Global Network Client provides end-user control of access selection and corporate control over who gains access to specified corporate infrastructure applications - both domestically and throughout most of the world. The user experience is as flexible and high performing for the remote worker as for those directly on the corporate network.

With AT&Ts Global Client, a traveling employee can connect to your enterprise network via AT&T LaptopConnect devices, other mobile broadband cards or Wired Ethernet access while waiting for a flight or sitting in a hotel room. Your sales executives can access your network between customer appointments at the local WiFi hotspot. Your remote workers can utilize WiFi, Broadband or Dial-up to stay connected to the corporate office, accessing corporate applications, managing business with the same level of efficiency as employees on-campus. 

  • Intelligent access selection, with the ability to detect available, pre-determined access options
  • Automatic connection in order of preference established by customer
  • Supports multiple access types, including wired, wireless access
  • Management reports - real time connection information
  • Embedded firewall providing encrypted unreplayable login
  • Optional personal firewall for added protection
  • Signal strength is displayed for existing connection and all available access points
  • Seamless integration into VPN
  • Corporate control of access to enterprise applications
  • Single sign-on for all applications, regardless of network connection type
  • Global availability - anytime, anywhere connectivity
  • Secure remote access for the mobile, remote user