Wholesale Commercial Connectivity Service

Extend the reach of your corporate network to your mobile workforce with security-enhanced, back-end connectivity between your WAN and the AT&T cellular network

Seamless extension of your enterprise WAN

Does your enterprise need flexible options to wirelessly support data application deployments? Commercial Connectivity Service (CCS) establishes standards-based connectivity between your Wide Area Network (WAN) and the AT&T cellular network so your wireless deployment can appear as one remote location on your WAN.

Connectivity options to fit your existing WAN

CCS provides flexible support of your WAN deployments through multiple data transport options.

MPLS - By using CCS to connect to your existing AT&T VPN or IP-enabled Frame Relay deployment, the AT&T cellular network will appear as a remote location on your VPN.

Network VPN - If your network relies on an Internet VPN for data transport, CCS can establish an IPSec tunnel between the AT&T cellular network and your Internet VPN.

Frame Relay - CCS can support connectivity to your Frame Relay network whether it's provided by AT&T or another carrier.

With flexible connectivity options, your data applications and wireless deployment determine the requirements for your CCS solution.