SONET Services

AT&T SONET Services include optical fiber point-to-point and "self-healing" ring networks that provide you with the flexibility to quickly add network capacity as your needs increase. These services are designed with security and service continuity in mind to provide you with reliable, consistent service.

Dedicated SONET Ring Service (DSRS)

Dedicated SONET Ring Service (DSRS) provides you with a customized, dedicated self-healing ring network for two or more of your premise and central office locations. The ring, with bandwidth  levels of OC3, OC12, OC48, or OC192, will support voice, video, and data via DS-1 and above interfaces. 

Ring architecture, including sub-rings, is designed to provide increased reliability and functionality. Dedicated SONET Ring Service provides Automatic Protection Switching to help ensure 100% availability of the services on the ring.