Local Private Line Point-to-Point Services

With AT&T's extensive U.S. domestic local network infrastructure, you can connect to one of the most advanced communications networks in the world, with innovative pricing solutions customized to meet your Metro Data Services needs. AT&T Local Private Line (LPL) provides IntraLATA point-to-point digital data connectivity, offering a cost-effective solution for connecting multiple sites to each other or to network nodes with a fully-managed, high-speed service. AT&T's local-to-global network enables customers to combine their Metro Data Services and Long Distance Data Transport services for a complete service solution.

Local Private Line Services are dedicated facilities - available from DS-0 through OC-192c data transmission speeds* as well as STM1, 4 and 16 interfaces - that provide point-to-point digital data connectivity on an IntraLATA basis.  

DS-X Services 

DS-X services provide end-to-end dedicated connectivity that allows customers to use an entire circuit for a single, high-bandwidth application, or to multiplex a DS-1/DS-3 circuit into multiple channels. Use these services to support applications such as data management, medical imaging, CAD/CAM applications, videoconferencing, local and long distance network access, Internet Service Provider access, publishing and printing, or disaster prevention and recovery.

  • DS-0 provides four-wire full-duplex (simultaneous two-way) synchronous and serial transmission at rates of 2.4, 4.8, 9.6, 19.2, 56 and 64 Kbps
  • DS-1 provides full-duplex  transmission of serial, asynchronous digital signals at a transmission speed of 1.544 Mbps
  • DS-3 offers a reliable, all-purpose digital connection for high volume requirements and transmits video, data, and voice at speeds of 44.736 Mbps

*Transmission speed availability is contingent upon service required and location.

Click here for more information on AT&T's DSx point-to-point services.

OC-X Services

OC-X services let you consolidate large amounts of data, video and voice traffic on a single, highly secure and reliable digital service that helps you extend your footprint, strengthens your network infrastructure, complements your existing offers with value-added application services, and makes your and your customers' internal business operations more efficient.

We offer a choice of speeds:

  • OC-3 - 155.52 Mbps
  • OC-12 - 622.08 Mbps
  • OC-48 - 2.488 Gbps  
  • OC-192- 9.953 Gbps

Concatenated (full bandwidth) and STM-X services are also available.

OC-X services allow for an easy step-up or step-down in speeds to allow a seamless connection between band-width.

AT&T's Local Private Line point-to-point services provide both you and your customers with a network architecture designed to keep voice, data and video communications running - all backed by a track record of service and support that can be counted on.

Other benefits of AT&T's Local Private Line point-to-point services include:

  • Network Monitoring and Maintenance  - AT&T's Local Private Line point-to-point services provide 24x7 proactive network performance monitoring and maintenance to help keep your business operating smoothly and without interruption.
  • Comprehensive Solutions - AT&T's broad Local Private Line point-to-point service portfolio can help you meet your customers' diverse needs, as well as your own, build and strengthen your own network infrastructure, or enhance or compliment your existing offer set with new value-added application services.
  • Industry Expertise and Support - AT&T's industry-specialized sales, marketing and customer care professionals comprise a vertically specialized team that harnesses the strength of diversity to serve six distinct wholesale segments.
  • Availability - AT&T's robust global network footprint, combined with an extensive U.S. domestic local network, enables its wholesale customers to obtain comprehensive solutions from one source.