Local Ethernet

There has never been a greater need to improve operational efficiencies, to increase speed to market, and to build customer loyalty. Let AT&T Ethernet services provide you with the speed, quality and flexibility you need to transmit your Ethernet traffic around the block or around the world in its native format.  

Our comprehensive portfolio of Ethernet services is designed to meet the full breadth of performance, reliability and bandwidth your changing business demands.

** 13 state territory includes: Arkansas, California, Connecticut, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Michigan, Missouri, Nevada, Ohio, Oklahoma, Texas and Wisconsin.
 * 9 state territory includes: Louisiana, Kentucky, Florida, Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina and Mississippi.   


Availability where your business needs it; AT&T has an extensive U.S. footprint and a growing global presence.

Whether you need high-speed access to serve small branch offices or high capacity for mission-critical data centers, or end-to-end connectivity from 512 Kbps to 10 Gbps, AT&T has a cost-effective Ethernet solution for you.  AT&T Ethernet services deliver simplicity and connectivity to new and existing services, with industry-leading SLAs.


Local Ethernet Service Options


OPT-E-MAN® Service is a broadband data transport service that utilizes Optical Switched Ethernet for transport of customer’s data traffic within a metro area service.  Optical Ethernet is the use of Ethernet LAN packets running over optical fiber within or as access to a service provider’s network. The OPT-E-MAN® product offering provides a Layer 2 switched Metro Ethernet offering as well as three grades of service, Bronze, Silver and a best effort grade of service identified as Customized Switched Metro Ethernet (CSME).  Customers may connect any two or more locations together, as long as they are in the same MAN.  This service offers virtual point-to-point, point-to-multipoint and multipoint-to-multipoint configurations that support Ethernet-to-Ethernet LAN connections.

OPT-E-MAN® Service includes the transport from the customer’s premise to the Ethernet network, a port on the Ethernet network and an assigned bandwidth usage (which includes a Committed Information Rate (CIR) and at least one Ethernet Virtual Connection (EVC) between ports.

Metro Ethernet

Metro Ethernet Service is a high-speed packet transport that is based on Ethernet transmission parameters. BellSouth Metro Ethernet Service provides various transport capabilities that range from 2 Mbps through 1 Gbps with capabilities for premium, dedicated and virtual arrangements that may be used to meet individual customer needs. Metro Ethernet Service signals meet IEEE 802.3, 802.3u, or 802.3z standards. Metro Ethernet Service also uses 802.1Q VLAN tagging and stacking for certain service configurations.


Gigabit Ethernet Metropolitan Area Network, GigaMAN®, is a fiber-optic based transport service that offers transparent interconnection of customer local area networks (LANs) within the same LATA (intraLATA).  Point-to-point configurations are supported for Ethernet-to-Ethernet (IEEE 802.3-2008) LAN connections at physical layer speed of 1.25 Gigabits per second (Gbps).  The physical layer data rate is 1.25 Gigabits per second.  Customers are able to use a data rate of 1.0 Gbps, as 250/Mbps is used for physical layer signaling.  GigaMAN® is a point-to-point service.  AT&T will construct a dedicated point-to-point fiber system between two customer locations and will supply the GigE Network Terminating Equipment (NTE) at the customer premises.


DecaMANSM is a fiber-optic based transport service that offers transparent interconnection of customer originated 10Gbps Ethernet signal within a single LATA (intraLATA).  Point-to-point configurations are supported for the transmission of serial data at a discrete bit rate of 9.95 Gbps WAN PHY and 10.3125 Gbps LAN PHY Ethernet, physical layer rate.  The layer 2 rate for both services is 10Gbps.  This service can be used to connect Customer-designated premises in a Node-to-Node configuration. 

The Customer interface to DecaMANSM is as specified in the IEEE 10Gigabit Ethernet standard, 802.3ae.  This standard contains two options for carrier interfaces, LAN PHY and WAN PHY and AT&T can provide either on a particular circuit.

Agility - Ethernet is extended from your Local Area Network to the Metropolitan Area Network and across the Wide Area Network.

Control - With committed Ethernet data rates, you have virtually seamless control of VoIP IP telephony and other networking applications with a simple and consistent transport technology.

Security - AT&T's network has security built into every layer, from network transport to end-user application, with additional options for diversity and redundancy.

Comprehensive Solutions - AT&T's line of Ethernet services provides your business with tailored solutions to meet your ever-changing business requirements.

Cost Savings - AT&T lets you converge multiple networks into one, reducing the cost of existing services while supporting more profitable new offerings.

Reach - AT&T's robust global network, combined with an extensive U.S. domestic local network offers consistent quality, reliability and simplicity to wholesale customers worldwide.

Reliability - AT&T is one of the most dependable communication providers in the industry, offering 24x7 proactive monitoring and maintenance of your network.

Experience - AT&T's specialized sales, marketing and customer care professionals comprise a vertically specialized team that harnesses the strength of diversity to maximize your investment.