Domestic Private Line Services

AT&T's Domestic Data Private Line services are designed for high-bandwidth voice, data and video applications and are now more affordable than ever before! Customer data is transported securely through dedicated end-to-end facilities with the benefit of a single point of contact for service and support on Total Service options, thus eliminating the need for multi-vendor provisioning.  AT&T's extensive domestic footprint combined with an improved cost structure enables us to bring to the marketplace a portfolio of metro and long-haul end-to-end transport solutions that allow wholesale customers to increase their operating margins while passing savings on to their end users.  

Domestic Data Private Line Services are dedicated facilities - available from DS0 through OC192 data transmission speeds - that provide point to point digital data connectivity on an InterLATA basis.

 DS-X Electrical Connections 

DS-X electrical connections provide end-to-end dedicated connectivity that allows customers to use the entire circuit for a single, high-bandwidth application, or to multiplex a DS-1/DS-3 circuit into multiple channels.

  • DS0 - (9.6, 56 and 64 kbps)
  • DS1 - (1.544 Mbps)
  • DS3 - (44.36 Mbps)

SONET Based OC-X Connections

SONET provides a high degree of reliability and uses a portion of the bandwidth to provide management and protection capabilities. AT&T's Intelligent Optical Network uses state-of-the-art technology infrastructure as a common platform to carry (route and restore) all types of traffic.  It enables more efficient maintenance as a result of improved monitoring and testing capabilities and automatic restoration of service in the case of failures. 

  • OC-3 - (155.52 Mbps)
  • OC-12 - (622.08 Mbps)
  • OC-48 - (2.448 Gbps) / Premium Service

Wavelength Services

Using Dense Wave Division Multiplexing (DWDM) based optical technology, Wavelength Services provide a high degree of flexibility and allow customers to use the entire bandwidth of the facility. AT&T's Next Generation architecture uses Optical Cross Connect systems that allow the multiplexing of different wavelengths of light.  This eliminates the need to convert light back to electrical signals, thereby providing improved scalability and reliability, and maintaining SONET ring-like restoration capabilities through Optical restoration.  

  • OC-48 - (2.448 Gbps)
  • OC-192 - (9.953 Gbps)

Customers have the option of purchasing this service as Total Service or Baseline.

  • Total Service is an option that allows customers to contract with AT&T to provide the entire service - Local Channels at both ends plus the Inter Office Channel between the POPs.
  • AT&T can provide the Local Channels either directly (from our local network facilities) or indirectly (by using leased facilities from other Local exchange providers).
  • Baseline service is an option by which the customer purchases access independently, then meets AT&T at the POP - AT&T will provide only the Inter Office Channel.

Multiplexing - Domestic Data Private Line offers a variety of multiplexing capabilities.

  • DS1 - M24 multiplexing - 24 DS0 channels from a DS1 (T1) circuit.
  • DS3 - M28 multiplexing - 28 DS1 channels from a DS3 circuit.
  • OC-X SONET multiplexing - optical multiplexing with drop interfaces down to the DS1 level.

Channelized Circuits

  • OC-X circuits can be purchased as clear channel (full pipe) or channelized (multiple separate channels within the circuit).
  • OC-12 can be channelized to 4 OC-3's or 12 DS3's optical.
  • On channelized circuits, customers can use their own multiplexing equipment or have AT&T multiplex down the channels.
  • Premium Service Option offers a 99.999% reliability guarantee, using the AT&T network's auto restoration capability

AT&T's Domestic Data Private Line Services are especially beneficial as business customers increasingly rely on their networks to support revenue-generating applications, such as e-commerce and other platforms. These same services enable you to provide new technologies to your customers, and to better manage your ever-changing needs.

Other benefits of AT&T's Domestic Data Private Line Services include:

  • Advanced Network Technology and Infrastructure - Our advanced network technology and state-of-the-art infrastructure positions AT&T Private Line as highly reliable and secure.  Our network utilizes multi-layer restoration via FASTAR, SONET Rings and Mesh architecture. SONET Premium services offer redundant circuits with millisecond restoration times.
  • Availability - AT&T Wholesale has the scope, vision and proven performance to develop and deliver the network reach, specialized solutions and robust service portfolio that wholesale customers need to grow their businesses. AT&T continues to update and expand its network with state-of-the-art optical networking technology, allowing carriers to take advantage of our scalable network infrastructure, pricing certainty, availability and high-quality service to seamlessly expand their networks.
  • Application Agnostic - Supporting Voice, Data, and Video applications. 
  • Premium Services  - The service is powered by AT&T's Intelligent Optical Network, a self-healing network that connects multiple offices and locations on a single network and includes an SLA providing for 99.999 percent availability, as well as proactive network management and maintenance.
  • Extensive Service Warranties
    • Credit for service interruptions of one minute or more.
      • Rebate can equal up to 50 percent of the Monthly Recurring Charge (MRC) for the affected circuit (DS1 to OC48).
    • Enhanced SLA on Premium Services (DS3 & SONET).
      • Credit schedule starting at one second of outage and rebates 100 percent of MRC two minutes or more cumulative outage in a given month.
  • Network Monitoring and Maintenance  - AT&T's Private Line and SONET maintenance centers are available to customers 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  •  E-Servicing on AT&T BusinessDirect® Platform
    • e-Maintenance.
    • e-Billing.
    • No fees.