Optical Mesh Service

Optical Mesh Service puts the power and reach of the AT&T network directly into your hands, providing wholesale customers with unmatched control over their networks, including the ability to reallocate bandwidth as needed, by increasing or decreasing capacity in near real-time. Increasing use of Web services, business continuity and disaster recovery efforts, and the need to link regional branch offices are forcing customers to re-evaluate their network infrastructures to provide for greater adaptability. AT&T has responded by delivering a service that gives customers the freedom to determine how they want to structure their networks for optimum control and business value.

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Optical Mesh Service is now available at 250 locations nationwide, enabling customers to seamlessly allocate bandwidth and integrate networked applications and services in near real-time to any pre-determined location on their network. 

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AT&T's Optical Mesh Service allows customers to build and self-administer their own SONET networks. Customers can provision additional network capacity at rates up to OC48 and industry-leading connection speeds with the click of a mouse, using the award-winning AT&T BusinessDirect® customer portal, allowing you to maximize savings, increase availability and reduce costs.

The service is powered by AT&T's Intelligent Optical Network, a self-healing network that connects multiple offices and locations on a single network and includes an SLA providing for 99.999 percent availability, as well as proactive network management and maintenance.

An optical customer today that needs connectivity among all sites would have to have multiple ports at each site. With AT&T's Optical Mesh Service customers instead have a single physical port to AT&T's Intelligent Optical Network. The customer then selects the bandwidth they need.

Optical Mesh Service satisfies the need for short-term, high-speed digital transmission and can be paired with ACCU-Ring® service, Ultravailable Network Services, Network Connection Service and Baseline Customer Provided Access (BCPA) services.

  • AT&T Optical Mesh Service (OMS) provides a seamless way to integrate network needs on a near real-time basis without impugning the integrity of your regional network. Services can be added or deleted to drop off additional traffic from the subscribers quickly, economically and with the continued embrace of a true Layer-1 type network.

  • Access to the AT&T network is predefined and static. Different logical points can be opened, changed and re-assigned in near real-time within that access, providing ultra-fast connectivity to where you need it.

  • Port rate speeds include OC3, OC12 and OC48 with connection speeds of STS1, STS3c, and STS12c.

  • The AT&T Optical Mesh Control Center provides network monitoring and maintenance and is available to customers 24 hours a day / 7 days a week.

AT&T Optical Mesh Service is especially beneficial as business customers increasingly rely on their networks to power revenue-generating applications, such as e-commerce and other platforms.  In today's dynamic IT environment, wholesale customers face the daunting task of trying to plan for the unexpected. With AT&T's Optical Mesh Service, customers are provided an on-demand optical solution for continuity and mission-critical business applications.

  • Bandwidth on Demand - With the ability to share bandwidth among as many locations as a customer has on its optical network, AT&T's Optical Mesh Service eliminates the need to have multiple, dedicated optical ports at each site to support a fully meshed environment.

  • Disaster Recovery - Optical Networking creates a dynamic network that allows the flexibility to re-route data traffic at any predefined locations when needed.

  • Video on Demand (FIOS) - Near real-time provisioning will allow a customer to turn up and take down video traffic easily. This will allow a Layer One Reserve service for specific Video Demand requests.

  • FTP File Transfers/Bulk Transfers - Better Utilization of bandwidth capacity by Transferring data only on an as needed basis (pin up bandwidth only when needed).

  • Backbone Network Capacity - Enables Customer to capacity manage your backbone network in near real-time (i.e. increase bandwidth on a congested route).

  • Improved Provisioning intervals - Near real-time provisioning eliminates 30-60-90 day provisioning intervals.

  • Simplified Billing Structure - Distance and connection duration does not impact customer billing connections.

  • Cost Reductions - A customer with four or five dedicated OC-48 nodes could see a 20% to 35% cost reduction when moving to AT&T's Optical Mesh Service, although costs vary widely depending on the number of nodes a customer needs and how much bandwidth they are purchasing.