International Private Line Services

International Private Line Service (IPL) provides dedicated bandwidth for data transmission between U.S. and non-U.S. locations.  It is offered in conjunction with the in-country Telecommunications Administration (TA).  IPL is excellent for applications that require the security, predictable network response time, and assurance that bandwidth will be available when needed and as specified.  Circuits can be land-based, or can be provided by satellite in countries where the local infrastructure is not available. 

For many companies, private line services serve as the backbone for their international data communications. Companies use AT&T International Private Line Services to support their data, multimedia and voice applications worldwide.  Typically, this service is most cost-effective when used for applications that need real-time connectivity to specific locations for more than two to three hours per day.

Using AT&T IPL Service can enhance a companies international competitive position and improve efficiency of their business for applications, such as:

Mainframe interconnection - With AT&T IPL Service, companies can have the high-speed, continuous connectivity required for redundant computer operation and remote backups; most mainframe protocols can be supported.

Wide Area Networks (WAN) - IPL Service can be used to connect local area networks (LAN) providing transatlantic access to corporate resources.

Bulk data transfer - With high reliability and available bandwidth, IPL Service can be used for remote file up/downloads.

Audio and video teleconferencing - With nearly instantaneous transmission and high availability, using AT&T IPL Service for video-conferencing can lower travel expenses and ensure that remote offices feel connected.

Broadcast quality international video service - With IPL Service, companies can have broadcast quality video for full-time or part-time applications.

Digitized compressed or encrypted secure voice - Many companies compress multiple voice channels over a single private line to lower their international communications costs; with the appropriate hardware, AT&T IPL Service can be used with data encrypting devices to help ensure that conversations are secure.

CAD/CAM - With near instantaneous connectivity, IPL Service is ideal for engineering and scientific applications.

All AT&T International Private Lines are carried over end-to-end digital circuits at speeds ranging from 56/64K (DS0) to STM16 (OC-48).  Digital connectivity is important for ultra-low error rates, dependable service, and reliable data transmission. 

Pricing for AT&T IPL Service is based on distance, speed, terminating country, and options chosen.  Many companies take advantage of IPL Service's fixed-cost availability to use spare capacity after hours for remote file backup or bulk file transfers.

End-to-End (E2E) International Private Line Service  

  • A cost-effective solution for high-quality, dedicated, high-speed connectivity
  • A single point of contact for pricing, contracting, ordering, provisioning, billing and maintenance
  • Available at speeds ranging from 56/64K (DS0) to STM16 (OC-48) (not all speeds available to all countries)
  • Non-US access obtained from the AT&T International End-to-End Access Service offer
  • A single source for IPL service from customer premise to customer premise

        U.S. - Out

    • U.S. to Europe
    • U.S. to Asia Pacific
    • U.S. to Latin America


    • Intra-Europe
    • Intra-Asia

Full-Channel Service (FCS)

  • A cost-effective solution for high-quality, dedicated, high-speed connectivity   
  • Available in Terrestrial or Satellite Direct (available only to CALA region)
  • Available at speeds ranging from 56/64K (DS0) to 622M/STM4 (not all speeds available to all countries)
  • Allows a customer to place one order with AT&T in the U.S., after which AT&T will arrange for local access in the non-U.S. location, sending the customer only one bill for the circuit
  • Single point of contact for pricing, contracting, ordering, provisioning, billing and maintenance

Bi-lateral/Half-Channel Service  

  • Available in Terrestrial or Satellite
  • Available at speeds ranging from 56/64K (DS0) to 622M/STM4 (not all speeds available to all countries)
  • AT&T is responsible for U.S. access and the U.S. half-channel, and the TA is responsible for the non-U.S. access and non-U.S. half-channel
  • The customer will receive bills from both carriers and must place orders with both carriers unless One-Stop Shopping (OSS) is available
  • OSS allows AT&T to act as the single point of contact on behalf of the customer when ordering Half-Channel service

Customers can choose from the following access arrangements:

AT&T Total Service  - AT&T provides both the local channel and the Inter-Office Connection (IOC)

AT&T Baseline Service - AT&T provides only the IOC, and the customer purchases the local channel from the of its choice

Customer Provided Access - Customers who furnish their own access to the AT&T Network Interface must designate the serving office as an AT&T International Service Node or a Point of Presence (POP)

AT&T IPL gives you these features and options: 

One Stop Shopping (OSS) - AT&T One-Stop Shopping, (OSS) provides Single End Ordering (SEO) and Single End Billing (SEB) in the currency of choice to simplify the management of international communications, enabling AT&T to act as the customers single point of contact when ordering Half-Channel service.

Data encryption - Data encryption secures and protects customer communications. Customers can have peace of mind knowing that IPL's secure data transfer keeps communications safe and private, even across the globe.

Flat rates and term pricing - Economical flat-rate prices and term pricing help companies budget expenses, because they know rates won't change from month to month. With access to the full bandwidth of each circuit 24 hours a day, customers can significantly reduce network costs if they often transmit high volumes of data.

Special Routing (Diversity and Avoidance) - Diversity routing gives companies two or more circuits provided partially or entirely over physically separated routes. Avoidance routing provides a circuit over a half channel that avoids a geographic location that can be specified (for example, central office, city, state, international facility, serving office). Diversity and avoidance routing can be combined.

AT&T BusinessDirect® - For eMaintenance Trouble Reporting allows customers to create trouble tickets or obtain status of trouble tickets quickly and conveniently online any time of the day or night.

Provides Dependable Connectivity - AT&T IPL Service delivers nearly flawless voice and data transmission among your international locations through AT&T's extensive undersea network of fiber-optic cable. 

Reduces Operating Costs - For companies that consistently transmit  high volumes of data from one location to another, this service can significantly reduce network costs.  Access is provided to the full bandwidth of the circuit 24 hours a day with flat-rate competitive pricing.

Decreases Travel Expenses - AT&T IPL Service, with its dedicated digital connections, offers an ideal medium for teleconferencing and videoconferencing. Its security, reliability, and dedicated bandwidth for data transmission between U.S. and non-U.S. locations allow real-time collaboration and a variety of conferencing applications.

Around-the-clock network monitoring and Service Level Agreements (SLAs) - AT&T uses 24x7 network maintenance and monitoring, strong alliances with international partners, high-performance circuits, and SLAs that guarantee reliable service and provide rebates for missing circuit availability and on-time provisioning measures.   

Enables Faster Provisioning - Established relationships with the TAs help to ensure timely installation of the local access and international circuit.

Wide-reaching availability - AT&T's IPL Service extends to more than 80 countries, including Canada and Mexico, uses many applications, and reaches many users. Traditional communications boundaries are disappearing and International Private Line helps to keep users connected all over the world.