AT&T Telepresence

The next generation of conferencing solutions from AT&T will transform the way your business communicates. With the AT&T Telepresence Solution, you can create a life-size, in-person meeting experience for your employees, suppliers and partners with all the depth and richness of a face-to-face meeting. This unique business-to-business, meet-me bridging capability is a fully managed, scalable service offering that is enhanced by the reliability and security of the global AT&T MPLS-based VPN platform.

The AT&T Telepresence Solution is not available for resale.

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The AT&T Telepresence Solution provides you with the convenience of a complete turn-key solution that includes planning and maintenance support services, room system hardware, a high-definition video switch and software. End points feature one or more 65-inch plasma-screen video monitors that create the effect of a "virtual" conference table. Room configurations are customized for different numbers of users and different environments. Large meetings (with a maximum of six people per location) typically use a room-within-a-room design that is built within the space you provide. When end points are connected, video monitors can "seat" a maximum of 30 participants at the virtual table. For smaller meetings (up to two people per site) or one-on-one conversations, a video screen can be wall-mounted in a small room.

The AT&T Telepresence Solution uses Cisco® specialized applications and hardware; plus cameras, lighting arrays, microphones and speakers. It combines high-definition audio, high-definition video and interactive elements to deliver the experience of an in-person meeting via the network. Participants can easily perceive subtle facial expressions and body language for a more personal interaction. High-definition audio realistically replicates sounds - if someone on the left side of the table speaks, you hear the sound on your left. With the AT&T Telepresence Solution you can roll up your sleeves and get down to work -- with a better understanding of participants' viewpoints and contributions. 

In a global economy, you need to communicate and collaborate more effectively -- preferably without the delay, expense and inconvenience of travel. The AT&T Telepresence Solution can help you to:

  • Control costs by reducing travel time and expense. Plus you avoid up-front capital costs through a fully-managed solution.

  • Simplify management of your communications system, freeing your staff to focus on your core business.

  • Improve efficiency by increasing productivity and collaboration among employees, suppliers and partners in remote locations.

  • Create value for your corporation by implementing an easy-to-use conferencing solution that fulfills your specific needs.