Intellectual Property

AT&T Intellectual Property (IP) is one of the world's largest intellectual property operations:

  • One of the strongest patent portfolios in the telecom industry with over 9,000 patents

  • Consistently ranks in the top 25 companies each year in obtaining new U.S. patents.

Together with AT&T’s IP Licensing and Sales group, we are now offering select technologies and best practice knowledge for licensing to qualified companies. Contact your AT&T Representative today.

Smart Wi-Fi

Android-based application that conserves device battery life with proprietary auto-sense and auto-wake technology. More Wi-Fi usage is achieved resulting in significant data offload benefit to a carrier. Provides users with three unique Wi-Fi preference settings to control where to auto-connect, and allows user to set favorites while it informs user of hotspot performance potential through crowd-sourced ratings and performance test rankings from carrier.

Mark the Spot

MTS is a crowd-sourced network incident reporting mobile application (enabled for iOS, Blackberry, Android) that captures on-site & often real-time trouble reporting and pinpoints trouble areas before they emerge as big issues. Avoids costly network evaluations in the field and identifies and validates capital budget requests & investments.


A mobile network field testing app for any 2.1+ Android-based smartphones. Covers full spectrum of testing for latency, speed and performance including Voice, Data, SMS (messaging), mRAB (simultaneous voice and data), Idle. Proprietary technology allows remote testing without field engineer deployment (ex. sports stadium, office park). Test results are viewable on phone and are automatically sent to remote database; optionally saved to SD card-enabled devices. Permission-based access for “crowdsourcing” field tests.


WAMS is a middleware IPTV application platform that complements Microsoft MediaRoom. Used to support AT&T's award winning u-Verse IPTV service, WAMS brings speed to market to service providers in IPTV application development, testing, certification, and deployment.

Copper Conditioning

Save time, effort and rework in conditioning by using this step-by-step guide and set of recommendations for conditioning copper-based, voice-grade networks to support Very-high-bitrate DSL (VDSL) that is needed for IP-Video deployment. Based on the learning and knowledge of experienced AT&T copper-conditioning experts, gained over the last six years with the deployment of U-verse®