Signaling Solutions and Database Services

Reliable signaling is critical to your network’s operation. Whether IP or SS7, you need a simple signaling solution that maintains a high level of network integrity and performance that will help you maximize revenue, lower operational costs and increase customer satisfaction.  

SS7 equipment and networks can be costly to build and maintain, and requires in-depth knowledge of network protocols to manage.  With just one connection to AT&T’s signaling network, you can simplify network transport, improve operational efficiency and minimize operating and network costs typically associated with connecting to multiple signaling networks.

Compared to building out your own signaling network, this extremely cost effective solution provides SS7 access to all RBOC/LEC tandems, end offices, and over 150 other carrier networks throughout the U.S. and Canada. This provides you with the option to use a single connection to manage all of your call set-up requirements, which converts into capital and expense savings for you. Plus you get access to  nationwide databases for Local Number Portability (LNP), 8XX, Calling Name (CNAM), and Line Information Data Base (LIDB) - all of which can be carried on the same links as your call set-up messages! 

Did you know that AT&T offers attractive pricing for the purchase of voice transport along with the SS7 signaling required to process calls?  AT&T Network Connection (ANC) and SS7 Signaling services are an ideal pairing - combining the voice path and the signaling path. You need both to process calls so why not get them at a price advantage? Plus you get the reliability and performance you expect from AT&T.

If you already use AT&T Network Connection (ANC) for originating and terminating access plus transport of calls over the AT&T network, adding the AT&T family of SS7 Call  Processing and Database Services makes perfect sense. AT&T makes interconnection easy - a single set of SS7 signaling links will connect your network to one of the largest, state-of-the-art signaling networks in North America.