Other Services

AT&T offers a multitude of wholesale services to complement and enhance your end user service offerings and address your own diverse business needs.

Subscription Services

The Subscription (or PIC/CARE) products are services that are directly related to establishing or changing a customer's choice of interLATA or intraLATA toll service provider. They also include services that provide AT&T's carrier customers with information about end users who have selected them for a particular toll service. Account Maintenance is the flagship service of this family of products.

Network Integration and Consulting Service

Network Integration (NI) and Consulting Service offers fully engaged AT&T consultants, network design and engineering expertise in support of AT&T's core services.

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Customer Premises Equipment Services

Nearly every network solution requires on-premise equipment. AT&T's Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) resale program offers a wide variety of competitively priced equipment, installation and maintenance services - available for purchase or lease - all from a single source. Take advantage of AT&T's high level of technical expertise and simplified ordering and billing processes.


Teleconferencing service offers you a single comprehensive service solution by integrating audio, data and video capabilities.

Features include:

  • Reservationless Conferencing - Skip the reservation process and instantly host an audio and/or Web Meeting conference.

  • Internet Reservation System - At the touch of your fingertips, make and manage conference reservations, receive instant confirmations, and directly e-mail meeting details to participants.

  • AT&T Web Meeting - Share documents and presentations in a data conference (multicast, multipoint, Internet browser-based).

  • Conference Monitor - Manage and monitor a conference call in real-time through the Internet by using your web browser.

These powerful features enable you and your customers to host conferences, make reservations, and receive support 24 hours a day, every day of the year - including all holidays.

Teleconferencing services are not intended for resale but can be sold with any wholesale service. Download brochure

AT&T Wholesale Card Platform

AT&T Wholesale Card Platform (AWCP) allows you to offer custom-branded calling card service with Toll Free Number and Calling Card Number portability to your customers. It offers unique options including branded Operator Services and branded Directory Assistance. AWCP is a great enhancement for wireless services and a convenience for wireline services.      

The AT&T Wholesale Card Platform can be paired with AT&T Network Connection, OneNet and the ABN-UniPlan.

Payphone Services

Basic Access Line and Coin Line Services connect your customers' payphones to the AT&T network. Both services are designed exclusively for payphone service and provide special screening for handling calls. Coin Line Service is enhanced with central office intelligence that allows for reprogramming to support changes in line rates, area codes, and new prefix additions.

Prime with ANC

This package provides a full array of local voice services and 1+ outbound long distance. It includes dedicated trunking for transport of long distance calls from the Class 5 local switch to the core network and separates provisioning, maintenance and billing processes. Caller ID is available and Calling Party Number is passed by Local Services.

This cost-effective alternative provides resellers the ability to offer their customers local and long distance service over a single voice ISDN T1.5 circuit. This eliminates the need to use multiple ports and route multiple end users over resellers’ ANC IXC 1+trunks.

Multi-Carrier Solutions Mobility Service

Multi-carrier Solutions (MCS) Mobility Service is a fully-managed service that enables customers to better manage their total wireless capex and operations spend and help reduce costs. MCS delivers consolidated management and reporting of invoice information from multiple carriers, technologies and devices to help customers achieve a cost-effective and efficient wireless solution.