Security and Business Continuity

AT&T Security and Business Continuity Services are integrated solutions that provide you - and your customers - with the highest possible levels of availability, network recovery and security. AT&T's Security and Business Continuity Services are designed to provide the data storage and computing power you need to maintain continuous operations and protect your mission-critical information.

Security Services

AT&T offers a variety of managed Security Services options to help you protect your network perimeter from unauthorized access. At AT&T, network security is our highest priority. Our managed Security Services use the same capabilities we use to protect our own network. Network or premise-based firewalls are designed to provide the highest levels of security and protection in order to prevent unwanted intrusions. Use our highly secure Email Gateway to help protect your email systems from viruses. AT&T Security Services are essential for any application that includes a network or Internet component.

Business Continuity Services

AT&T offers a comprehensive suite of Business Continuity Professional Services that enables you to make informed decisions about your business continuity programs, strategies and investments. Services such as Managed Storage, Storage Plus, Utility Computing, Server Virtualization, Recovery Services, and others are designed to help you maintain continuous operation of your valued IT applications, under almost any circumstance.

AT&T Internet Protect

AT&T Internet Protect is a security information portal and alert service which monitors traffic traversing the AT&T IP backbone.  The service provides you with notices and advice about current and potential network attacks via email or text page. Mitigation actions are recommended and the portal contains security information and helpful "need-to-know" facts published by AT&T security experts. Please note that this service does not monitor content.