AT&T Corporate Digital Advantage (ACDA)

To succeed in today’s marketplace, your company needs wireless services that enhance productivity, reduce costs, and provide value for your employees. With wireless service from AT&T, your entire mobile workforce can get real-time access to important information and services. And no program delivers more than AT&T Corporate Digital Advantage (ACDA).

AT&T Corporate Digital Advantage (ACDA) is an Enterprise level Mobility program that offer savings, flexibility, ease of use and added advantages over other corporate wireless agreements.

AT&T Corporate Digital Advantage (ACDA) provides your company with:

  • Dedicated, enterprise-level service that addresses your wireless needs
  • AT&T’s ALLOVER™ network, the largest digital voice and data network in America, covering over 273 million people and growing
  • Tailored discounting choices that directly impact your bottom line
  • Reporting tools that help you effectively manage your corporate wireless use
  • Powerful phones and devices that help your employees achieve more in less time
  • GlobalView™, an international wireless business program that provides multinational corporations the ability to monitor usage globally and combine global spending to potentially obtain higher discounts

AT&T Corporate Digital Advantage:

  • Is a program that is easy to implement and administer
  • Offers superior account service
  • Gives you a choice of program structures – choose your level of commitment
  • Has a vast array of plans and solutions for all your users’ needs – local, national or international – voice and data needs
  • Includes special equipment pricing
  • Provides flexible billing options
  • Simplifies wireless management, ordering and provisioning
  • Has access to the AT&T Premier Enterprise Portal customizable website
  • Lets you choose from Corporate Responsibility and Individual Responsibility (Sponsorship) options


  • Service discounts based on monthly attainment, or minimum annual commitment of service revenue (MAC) and term of the contract
  • Business equipment pricing
  • Access to special rate plans
  • Employee sponsorship program – personal wireless usage for eligible employees applies towards your company's MAC


  • Select from a range of business calling plans and equipment models
  • 24x7 customer care
  • Includes GlobalView, an advanced wireless program for the global corporation

Ease of Use

  • Streamlined ordering, activation, and fulfillment across national markets with one dedicated phone number
  • Advanced account management software and Web-based tools with AT&T reports, customizable charts, and analysis capabilities

Added Advantages

  • Access to AT&T's Premier Enterprise Portal, an online tool to manage your wireless program
  • Advanced security features designed to protect corporate and employee information
  • Employee access to:
    • Wireless policies and procedures
    • Account information, including many useful reports and tools
    • Wireless product, coverage, and service information
    • Web-based ordering capabilities
    • Online support