Directory Publisher Information

The key to success within third party publishing is thorough research, accuracy and timeliness.  With AT&T Directory Listing Products on your side, it's easier than ever with precise, up-to-date information.

AT&T white page subscriber list information delivers complete and reliable white page listing information throughout our 22-state region. Whether your directories are printed, CD-ROM or Internet-based, accurate listings are absolutely critical to your success. AT&T delivers the comprehensive information you need in your choice of several delivery formats.

When superior listings service is this affordable and easy to obtain, why settle for anything less? So don't take chances; only AT&T gives you the most up-to-date listing information in the US. Access the most complete, reliable listing information available with AT&T white page subscriber list information.

All listings subject to FCC Rule 99-277.

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Get the most current information

With white page subscriber list information, you gain access to listed name, address and telephone number for residence, business and government listings throughout our 22-state region. The database is updated every day so you always receive the most current and accurate information.

Benefit from updates and tailored reports

Our Update service provides changes to subscriber listing information as reflected in daily service order activity. You can choose to receive updates on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Our New Connect Service provides the listed name, address and telephone number of new AT&T residential, business and government subscribers, as well as, subscriber information from other competitive and local exchange carriers.

Residential listings are helpful for the delivery of directories. Plus, business listings could possibly be used to solicit yellow pages advertising.

All services subject to availability. Some services may not be available in all areas.