Directory Assistance Listings Service (DAL)

AT&T® Directory Assistance Listings (DAL) product provides access to the same listing information contained in AT&T’s directory assistance databases. Residence and/or Business information may be ordered on a state-by-state basis or throughout our entire 22-State region.

AT&T Directory Assistance Listings include first and last name, street name and address, community and zip code, and telephone number information for Residential, Business and Government telephone service subscribers.

Government listings are included in the Business Listings. Residence and/or business information may be ordered on a state-by-state basis or throughout our entire 22-State footprint.

An initial load of the data is provided, followed by subsequent daily updates. Updates consist of additions and/or deletions to existing customer listing information, as well as, new customer listings.

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  • Access to the most current Directory Assistance Listings
  • Listing Updates are provided daily
  • Multiple file transfer delivery options
  • User Friendly Format
  • Competitive Pricing

Hit the highest accuracy rates

If you are currently providing directory assistance service and require accurate listings in the AT&T 22-State footprint, AT&T Directory Assistance listings is the product for you.

AT&T Directory assistance Listings database is updated daily with the most accurate data, setting a high standard in the industry. Whether you provide voice or electronic directory assistance service, your customers will value our listings and how they make directory searches fast and easy.

Cover the entire 22-State footprint

AT&T maintains current names, addresses and telephone numbers for residences and businesses throughout our 22-State footprint.

  • Southeast region: Alabama, Georgia, Florida, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina and Tennessee.
  • Southwest region: Texas, Missouri, Oklahoma, Kansas and Arkansas.
  • Midwest region: Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, Ohio and Wisconsin.
  • West region: California and Nevada.
  • East region: Connecticut.

Maintain your own Database

Do your customers know the address or telephone number but not the name? Are they trying to locate a business address? With AT&T DAL product, you receive the most accurate listings daily and the freedom to customize your database to search according to the needs of your customers -- whether they are looking for a name, address or telephone number.

Choose the delivery format and frequency you want

We make it easy to order AT&T directory Assistance listings information in a delivery format that best fits your needs - tape cartridge or electronic file delivery. You can also choose to update your listings daily or weekly.