Mobility Solutions

Studies estimate that if a pandemic becomes a reality, approximately 25-40% of employees may report to work from home due to illness or concerns with infection. For this reason several telework laws were enacted for federal, state and local governments to deploy effective strategies to ensure availability of personnel resources during an emergency. A Remote Access Plan becomes critical for supporting different types of employees and the applications to which they may need access. This is true for addressing any type of crisis, whether recovering from a natural disaster, such as a hurricane, or dealing with a man-made event such as a public-transit strike. A remote access plan should be implemented in advance, at least in terms of the infrastructure, and include the ability to securely, simply and easily deploy services to end-users on an as-needed basis. When natural disasters and unexpected events occur, it is absolutely vital that organizations respond quickly to maintain their customer service, minimize disruption to their organization, and protect their opportunities.

Wireless Wide Area Network WAN

This service provides diverse, cost-effective backup for data applications, quick deployment for remote locations, temporary locations or mobile workers and consistent network connectivity. As part of a disaster preparedness program, AT&T can provide the ability for organizations to connect to network resources when wireline solutions are not available or are being restored, reducing the costs associated with downtime..

Laptop Solutions

When disaster strikes, you to connect your laptops to the information you need like Email or business applications from virtually anywhere, even when a Wi-Fi hotspot is not available. LaptopConnect simply and conveniently enables wireless workflow with flexible laptop connection options, enhanced speeds, extensive coverage of the AT&T wireless network and the efficiency of the AT&T Communication Manager Software. You can select the wireless data plan you need and get a predictable rate plan with no hidden costs.

Wireless Email

Few organizations could function without Email, and it provides a critical coordination tool during an outage. With wireless Email solutions from AT&T, customers can access work and personal Email with a wide array of devices ranging from BlackBerry® to Microsoft® enabled handsets and iPhone. AT&T’s solutions are easy to implement and scalable to meet an organization’s growing needs.

Remote Access Service

Integrate wireline and wireless access as an extension of existing enterprise infrastructures. Whether the end-user is a remote worker, a traveling user or an extended member within your business model, Remote Access Services provide access to corporate information and applications when displaced due to an unplanned event or on the fly.

Line of Business Mobile Applications

The ability to collect and share information between the field and the office is making mobile workers more productive, streamlining asset management, improving worker safety and ultimately providing better customer service. And in the event of a natural or manmade disaster, having information readily accessible and up to date will greatly aid in assessment, cleanup and rebuilding efforts when you know precisely where assets are located. The three primary applications offered with AT&T’s Line of Business (LOB) mobile solutions are Field Service Automation (FSA), Sales Force Automation (SFA) and Fleet Management.