IP Networking Solutions

Fundamental to a business continuity plan is the ability for workers to be able to get at the applications and resources they need, even when they can’t make it to their normal place of work. Efforts to keep servers, applications and databases up and running are ineffective if the workers who need them cannot get access to them. Access should also be available when the office is no longer functional and the server infrastructure has been moved elsewhere. Similarly, should workers lose their primary access device — such as when a laptop is lost, stolen or broken — they should be able to access resources from any alternate device with a functioning Web browser.  

Find out how AT&T’s IP Networking Solutions enable you facilitate all types of communications in the midst of disaster or during day-to-day business activities.

AT&T Network Based IP VPN Remote Access (ANIRA)

Many customers and employees may be displaced or need to relocate if there is a significant event or disaster. Whether in a branch, at home, on a customer site or while traveling, employees need access to essential, often bandwidth intensive applications. AT&T Network Based IP VPN Remote Access (ANIRA) is a fully managed, network based solution that offers organizations a remote access solution extending the reach of their existing VPN. ANIRA is designed to meet a users needs in both day-to-day business and in an emergency. Through the use of AT&T's Global Network Client, with an easy and simple single log on, remote workers, traveling users or extended team members have reliable access to information and applications.

Managed Internet Service (MIS)

MIS provides high-speed dedicated Internet access for organizations. With connections to the internet via dedicated ports on AT&T’s global IP network, including access from the top carrier hotel facilities throughout the U.S. MIS supports essential services such as e-commerce, email, VoIP, video and high speed data applications. With port speeds from T-1 to OC-48 and Ethernet speeds of up to 10GigE, AT&T MIS will help organizations stay connected with millions of Internet users and countless information resources around the world, regardless of where the computing power or work is being performed! Because disasters can come in many shapes and sizes, numerous organizations use two separate ISPs for redundancy to mitigate single points of failure. AT&T’s MIS Access Redundancy Options (MARO) affords them even better protection against failure than a multiple ISP offer, which can help reduce operating expense. AT&T MIS Access Redundancy Options optimize the performance of multiple dedicated Internet circuits and eliminate single points of failure. MARO offers a fast, automatic re-routing of traffic in the event of a link, access router or customer router failure. MARO is a good fit for large business customers concerned about single points of failure or Content Providers seeking efficient access, reach, high performance and a cost-effective redundant solution.

AT&T BusinessDirect®

The AT&T BusinessDirect® Portfolio is a suite of powerful online tools that can be particularly helpful for both communications and self-servicing for AT&T customers during times of disaster. AT&T BusinessDirect® eTools can be used to reroute network traffic, test circuits, report and track service problems, place emergency orders and perform other customer-service related tasks. During a disaster, AT&T will post critical information and messages for customers on the AT&T BusinessDirect® portal for easy access. In addition, self-servicing options could become more important than ever if there are reductions in staff due to increased absenteeism rates.

Network administrators need the ability to perform maintenance and performance-monitoring on their networks from virtually anywhere in the event they are displaced. And with an increasingly mobile and geographically dispersed workforce, mobile devices are now considered a key component of the connected enterprise. Now customers around the world can access select features of AT&T's award-winning AT&T BusinessDirect® customer portal from many mobile devices on the market today, as long as the device is wireless Internet-enabled. In the event of a disaster,