Sustainability Solutions

Sustainability Solutions

Grow your business AND protect the environment. With AT&T, you can do both.

At AT&T, we are committed to providing sustainable solutions to our customers. By harnessing the scale of our network to deliver more sustainable solutions, we connect people and businesses seamlessly by increasing efficiency and productivity, minimizing environmental impact, and strengthening communication across the globe.

AT&T’s information and communication technology products and services can provide your business with cost efficient solutions to solve your enterprise needs, while simultaneously helping reduce your impact on the environment by:

  • Moving work to people rather than people to work
  • Connecting rather than traveling
  • Managing business remotely and in real-time
  • Improving transportation and distribution systems

Discover more about how our enterprise solutions have the ability to reduce your business’ environmental impact by reading our white paper Networking for Sustainability: The Network Offset Effect [PDF, 4MB].

Invent a better tomorrow.

Contribute to environmental conservation while ensuring your organization has the access and collaboration tools it needs to be lean, agile and efficient. Decrease energy-intensive enterprise travel and related costs through telecommuting, teleconferencing and other collaborative workspace services. The power of connecting people virtually anytime, anyplace is made possible via innovative solutions such as AT&T Telepresence SolutionSM, AT&T Connect® and AT&T Remote Access Services.

Unified Communications

Support efforts to reduce your company’s carbon footprint, improve productivity and conserve your travel budget by substituting physical travel with conferencing and collaboration services to facilitate meetings around the world.

AT&T Telepresence SolutionSM
AT&T Telepresence SolutionSM is an innovative service that combines actual size, high-definition video, advanced audio, and a finely tuned environment to provide users with an immersive “in person” experience. See how other large companies have achieved environmental and financial benefits from using telepresence in place of physical travel in The Telepresence Revolution [PDF, 3MB] white paper.

AT&T Connect® Collaboration Services
AT&T Connect is a unique, integrated web, audio and video conferencing service that enables you to share and collaborate on applications and documents in real-time.

Network Services: IP VPN

Promote environmental benefits and maximize your available resources with increased employee productivity and reduced real estate costs. AT&T Remote Access Services provide seamless, reliable integration of wireline and wireless access technologies and mobile solutions as an extension of your existing enterprise infrastructure.

AT&T Global Network Client
AT&T Global Network Client supports and expands your reach to a variety of Virtual Private Network (VPN) remote access technologies for your employees across the globe.

AT&T Network-based IP VPN Remote Access
AT&T Network-Based IP VPN Remote Access solutions are designed to provide secure, reliable remote access of critical applications across a unified global platform - the AT&T Global Network, offering consistent feature functionality on a global basis.

Laptop Connect
With AT&T LaptopConnect, you can make the most of corporate assets already used by remote workers. Users stay connected with mobile broadband access to business applications, email, and the Internet – while on-the-go.

Help minimize your environmental impact, while maximizing server utilization and performance. AT&T provides efficient and centralized data management, internet communications, cloud computing, and software services. These solutions streamline computing resources, and in turn, reduce associated power usage and/or eliminate the amount of required customer-owned real estate to house business data centers. AT&T offers a variety of hosting solutions designed to improve business efficiency and meet the unique needs of all our customers.

AT&T Hosting Services

Streamline data center infrastructure and support efforts to reduce your company’s real estate and power consumption by using advanced data storage and IT solutions.

Utility Computing
Cut costs with a virtual solution designed to provide a fully managed, utility based IT infrastructure delivering network, computing and storage capabilities as a package on a flexible, burstable pay-per-use basis.

Cloud Services: Cloud Computing
Cloud-based virtual computing environment allows your business to use virtual IT capacity as needed, on demand. You can turn down the resources when you don’t need them, and you pay for only what you use.

Cloud Services: Cloud Storage
Virtual data storage solution using cloud-based computing technology that eliminates the need for physical devices on your premises. Use what you need, when you need it, and pay for only what you use.

Managed Hosting Services

Tailor your IT needs using AT&T solution specific data centers, service platforms and support teams.

Hosting Services
AT&T features advanced energy-efficient servers with more processing power.

Application Services
Virtualizing servers consolidates the amount of physical servers your business needs.

Conserve electricity with efficient energy management solutions. Remotely monitor and manage energy distribution and usage, manage networked energy devices, and create energy efficient “smart buildings”.

AT&T Solutions for Smart Grids and Smart Buildings

Efficiently monitor and manage supply and usage via two-way communication on electric and utility grids with broadband and wireless capability to efficiently monitor and manage supply and usage.

Itron OpenWay Solution®
Allows utilities to read electric meters remotely, helping to ensure more accurate billing and optimize efficient energy use.

SmartSynch Solution®
AT&T and SmartSynch provide utilities with a cost-effective solution by using SIM cards in meters and AT&T’s wireless network to facilitate machine to machine (M2M) communications and monitoring with SmartSynch's smart grid solutions.

Cooper Power Systems
AT&T and Cooper Power Systems are working together to supply utility companies smart grid sensor devices certified on AT&T's wireless data network. This technology enables utilities to receive real-time system performance data to efficiently operate their electric grids, reduce the need for on-site inspections, and identify and solve problems that could cause outages or increase system energy losses.

Silver Spring Networks
AT&T is delivering 3G wireless communication services to Silver Spring's utility customers throughout the U.S. The agreement expanded AT&T's smart grid technology capabilities in the M2M space by enabling wireless technology to streamline business processes and provide near real-time monitoring of energy assets.

Learn more about Smart Grid Solutions

AT&T allows your business to effectively manage vehicle fleets and mobile employees while saving money and increasing productivity. Benefits of smart transportation solutions include: reduced energy waste, lower fuel consumption, reduced CO2 emissions from less idle time, more efficient route planning and streamlining number of vehicles needed in fleet.

AT&T Fleet Management Solutions

Make mobile workforce and fleet management easy and affordable with solutions provided by AT&T.

TeleNav TrackTM
A GPS tracking and management solution embedded onto a vehicle supported by a secure, Web-based management console that allows you to view vehicle location in fleets and manage mileage more efficiently.

Xora GPS TimeTrackTM
View and manage the location of mobile workers using AT&T Mobility devices from the convenience of your PC via the internet.

Trimble GeoManagerTM from AT&T
Provides an end to end mobile resource management solution to supervise mobile workforce productivity and improve inventory management of fleet vehicles and other assets.

WebTech WirelessTM QuadrantTM from AT&T
A comprehensive solution for fleet management measuring driver and vehicle performance based on GPS data, route mapping for mileage efficiency, and reporting capabilities.

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AT&T Environmental Sustainability [PDF, 1MB]

Learn more about how AT&T connects people and business with products and services that support environmental sustainability.

 Case Studies
No Travel No Problem Case Study

Detailed information on how AT&T Telepresence SolutionSM can significantly help reduce AT&T's carbon footprint.

Portland saves Smarter [PDF, 3MB]

See how the City of Portland deploys sustainable practices that benefit their bottom line.

VIDEO: Sustainability is more than just a good idea - it's good for business

Watch this video to learn how AT&T harnesses the power of its network to help companies prioritize sustainability while also growing their businesses.

VIDEO: Connecting for a Sustainable Future

Learn about how AT&T is delivering innovation to change how people live, work and play.

AT&T Telepresence SolutionSM Business Benefits Calculator [SWF, 167KB]

Interested in improving productivity and helping the environment? Enter a few pieces of information to see how your company could benefit using AT&T Telepresence SolutionSM to meet “face to face” instead of traveling.

AT&T Connect Business Benefits Calculator [SWF, 162KB]

Virtual meetings may help you grow your business and reduce your costs. Try our easy to use Business Benefits Calculator to see how AT&T Connect® can help your business and help the environment.

On Demand Webcast: Networking for Sustainability Webcast

AT&T's Alicia Dietsch, VP Marketing Communications, and guest analyst Christopher Mines, Senior Vice President and Research Director of Forrester, discuss how to achieve corporate sustainability goals while continuing to drive growth and profitability within your enterprise.

 Press Releases
Harness the Profit Motive to Deliver Environmental Sustainability

In a recent article on The Huffington Post, AT&T Marketing SVP Dan Walsh discusses how businesses can profitably achieve sustainability goals using information and communication technology.

AT&T Included in Carbon Disclosure Project's Carbon Disclosure Leadership Index

Index includes top companies by category in the Carbon Disclosure Project's Annual S&P 500 Report.

AT&T to be Added to 2010 Dow Jones Sustainability Index North America

One of the world's most recognizable sustainability indexes, the DJSI North America is based on a rigorous analysis of corporate, economic, environmental and social performance.

AT&T and Petra Solar Team to Offer Smart Grid Solar System Technology- 7.20.10

Combining the benefits of Petra Solar’s smart grid and renewable energy technology with AT&T’s wireless network enables utilities to improve power quality and grid reliability.

AT&T Announces Smart Grid Agreement with Current Group to Deliver Grid Optimization Solutions to North American Utilities-6.28.10

Combined with AT&T's mobile broadband network, CURRENT Smart Grid (R) Solutions will help utilities improve grid performance and better manage assets.

The Telepresence Revolution-6.16.10

Study: Telepresence Can Reduce Corporate CO2 Emissions by 5.5 Million Metric Tons and Deliver $19 Billion in Financial Benefits to U.S. and U.K. Economies by 2020.

 White Papers
Carbon Disclosure Project Study 2011 [PDF, 3MB]

Cloud Computing - The IT Solution for the 21st Century

The Telepresence Revolution [PDF, 3MB]

Study by the Carbon Disclosure Project explores the environmental benefits and financial savings from using telepresence technology as a substitute for physical travel.

AT&T Research Report: ICT Sustainability Modeling [PDF, 3MB]

This research report details AT&T's development of greenhouse gas (GHG) emission measurement models that can be used by customers to estimate and document the positive outcomes that result from using AT&T solutions for "travel replacement" including video conferencing and telecommuting.

Networking for Sustainability: The Network Offset Effect [PDF, 4MB]

The network offset effect is highlighted in four solution areas where new low-carbon alternatives exist using information communication technology (ICT).

 Additional Resources
2010 Citizenship and Sustainability Report

The 2010 Citizenship & Sustainability report tracks AT&T’s progress on our up to $865 million, multi-year commitments for important education, environmental and volunteerism programs that help strengthen communities, stimulate economic growth and ensure America's global competitiveness.

Smart 2020 Report [PDF, 123KB]

In 2008, The Climate Group, on behalf of the Global e-Sustainability Initiative (GeSI), with independent analysis by McKinsey and Co. discovered that ICT (Information Communication Technology) could enable emissions reductions of 7.8 Gt CO2e in 2020, or 15% of business as usual emissions.