Podcast Series: Application Upkeep in a Downturn

Executive Summary

Critical business applications require continuous care and investment. Now, more than ever, enterprises must ensure their applications scale to their changing business needs, without incurring mounting costs associated with maintaining complex applications.

eCommerce Platforms: Application Upkeep
Don't make it easy for your customers and partners to go to your competitors' websites.
SAP: Application Upkeep
Continuous investment ensures that your employees can accomplish more in less time.
Spend Management: Application Upkeep
Continuous spending on procurement solutions can lower your spending overall.
Oracle: Application Upkeep
Your investment in the Oracle E-Business Suite of applications requires care and feeding to extract maximum performance.
PeopleSoft: Application Upkeep
Leveraging software tools can help with cash generation, forecasting, marketing and procurement consolidation.
Messaging and Collaboration: Application Upkeep
Improving customer responsiveness can deliver a huge competitive advantage during tough economic times.