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About Tech Mahindra

Headquartered in Mumbai, India, Tech Mahindra is a leading provider of IT services and solutions for the telecommunications industry. The company provides end-to-end telecom, enterprise and consulting services to customers around the world. Many of these customers are themselves global telecom leaders. Tech Mahindra is part of the Mahindra Group, a multi-billion dollar company serving a range of industries with a leadership position in tractors, utility vehicles, after-market automotive services, information technology and vacation ownership.


Serving the telecommunications industry is a high demand job. Technology moves fast, and Tech Mahindra must move faster, responding to customers’ diverse and quickly evolving needs with speed and reliability. That means the company’s own IT infrastructure must deliver consistent uptime, robust security and dynamic communication capabilities. A recent merger and the addition of globally dispersed locations left Tech Mahindra in need of a unified network.


Tech Mahindra chose a suite of services from AT&T to improve its internal and customer-facing communications with the global reach it required. The scalable and highly secure AT&T Virtual Private Network enables reliable communications across locations. AT&T Telepresence Solution® (ATS) and AT&T Connect® allow Tech Mahindra to connect through high-definition video conferences and online meetings, while reducing costly and disruptive travel.

‘Collaboration is the Key’

As an expert in telecommunications, Tech Mahindra knows what it takes for people to connect and businesses to grow. “Collaboration is the key for any business in today’s world,” said Nagaraju Malempati, Associate Director. Used effectively, technology enables such collaboration. From cloud computing and mobile application development to enterprise management and architecture solutions, Tech Mahindra offers a wide range of services to help customers improve their use of technology. Often collaborating with other vendors, the company creates customized IT solutions. “We work with our customers to understand their needs, and then meet their requirements,” said Malempati.

To provide solutions to the leaders of the telecom industry, Tech Mahindra has to be on top of the industry’s game. “Anything and everything we do for our customers we should use ourselves before we propose it to them,” said Malempati. With this strategy, the company is able to innovate from experience.

Tech Mahindra’s global footprint is growing. Based in India, its operations extend throughout the United States, the U.K., Europe, the Middle East, Australia, and Asia Pacific. While the majority of its resources are in India, the company also locates offices where major clients operate. In some instances, Tech Mahindra also works onsite at customer locations. The company recently expanded its services by merging with one of India’s leading IT companies, Mahindra Satyam.

Missing Tools

Tech Mahindra faced its own issues. “We were having a lot of challenges in terms of delivering our services and meeting the timelines of our customers,” said Malempati. “We have to satisfy each customer, and each customer has separate needs.” Successful service delivery required high levels of uptime and security from Tech Mahindra’s communications network, which was sub-optimal. As leaders of the telecom industry, some of Tech Mahindra’s customers are direct competitors with each other. The company’s ability to obtain information was a concern.

Communication, within the company and with vendors and customers, is at the core of Tech Mahindra’s services. With two-thirds of its business coming from outside India, important customer meetings posed a dilemma: a choice between inadequate phone calls or expensive air travel. “The entire world is trying to reduce travel and reduce cost,” Malempati said. In addition, travel disrupted schedules and business flow. Visas could take months to process, so sending experts from India abroad to quickly fix a problem could be impossible.

Tech Mahindra’s global presence also meant complex daily operations for its internal IT team, distracting resources from core business concerns. The company has local offices in many of its customers’ locations. With separate ordering procedures and varying standards to deal with, piecing together services from multiple providers was difficult. “Tech Mahindra needed a communications service provider with global reach and a range of communication tools.

Dynamic Relationship

Tech Mahindra chose AT&T to provide a new communications infrastructure. It was an arrangement that deepened a long and productive relationship. AT&T is Tech Mahindra’s second largest customer. The two companies navigate the same landscapes. “Our environment has close contact with the AT&T environment,” said Malempati.

To start, AT&T implemented a managed AT&T Virtual Private Network, unifying data communications across Tech Mahindra locations worldwide. The VPN converges voice and data on one network. Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) provides class of service, enabling Tech Mahindra to prioritize network traffic for optimal bandwidth usage. Voice over IP (VoIP) carries voice communication over the network for clear and consistent quality. With global service from AT&T, Tech Mahindra does not have to worry about spotty service from different vendors. “AT&T can take care of nearly any service issues for us,” Malempati said.

Next, AT&T installed Telepresence facilities at four of Tech Mahindra’s India locations. The AT&T Telepresence Solution deployed for Tech Mahindra uses high definition video conferencing with dual monitors and an integrated room design to bring people together as if they were in the same facility. The service also runs over the AT&T VPN. For phone and Web conferencing, Tech Mahindra employs AT&T Connect. The company extends the service past traditional conference calls to facilitate training and conduct remote management of desktops. “Without these collaboration tools, we can’t run our business,” said Malempati.

Building Confidence

The AT&T VPN provides consistent, reliable communication worldwide. “With our prior network we couldn’t deliver our services. The VPN has become a lifeline now for our entire business,” said Malempati. Whether Tech Mahindra is servicing clients from its headquarters in India or from a remote office, the network is the same. The VPN is scalable so Tech Mahindra always has sufficient bandwidth and uptime is improved. “With the VPN as our communications foundation, AT&T is helping us meet our customers’ business needs with speed and confidence,” Malempati said.

AT&T Telepresence Solution enables global collaboration with a reduced need for costly, time-consuming travel. Tech Mahindra uses AT&T Business Exchange to conduct meetings internally as well as with vendors and customers. AT&T Telepresence Solution immersive experience allows Tech Mahindra to achieve the quality of a face-to-face meeting. “Seeing a person is always a different experience than just talking on the telephone,” said Malempati. “It gives our customers greater confidence in us.”

Since the network is managed by AT&T, Tech Mahindra’s IT staff is freed from worrying about day-to-day operational tasks. With the VPN hosted at the AT&T data centers, routine back-ups and disaster protection help maintain network security. AT&T provides an account manager to be the point person, streamlining the communication process for Tech Mahindra. “There is no need for me to talk to the various groups within AT&T—the account manager is going to take care of the entirety of my needs. It’s that simple,” Malempati said.

Evolving Solutions

In the world of technology, time does not stand still. Tech Mahindra will be expanding its AT&T Telepresence Solution footprint by adding four more facilities over the next few months. “This is going to grow,” said Malempati. “When we expand AT&T Telepresence Solution, we optimize our existing rooms and we improve our business.” The company has the flexibility to make strategic choices about where to establish new locations and how to connect.

And it does not stop there. Tech Mahindra looks forward to working with AT&T to explore other available technologies. As the company listens to its customers’ evolving needs, it is able to identify new industry-wide concerns. For every new concern, there must be a new solution and its teams must work together to find the right fit for each customer. “It is important for us to have all the available collaboration tools to assist us. We are moving towards that,” said Malempati.

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