MJ&S Transportation Gives Customers White Glove service with AT&T Mobility Solutions

About MJ&S Transportation

MJ&S Transportation (MJ&S) caters to Medicare patients in the Chicago metropolitan area who require transportation to-and-from medical appointments for check-ups, wellness visits and for procedures such as dialysis and chemotherapy. Unlike some transportation companies that often cannot guarantee drop-off and
pick-up times, MJ&S takes a “white glove” approach by offering prompt trips and compassionate service for its customers.


As a new transportation services business, MJ&S needed to overcome typical logistics challenges from the start. Determined to offer responsive services to its customers, MJ&S required the necessary productivity tools for its drivers and dispatcher in this highly mobile industry.


AT&T Enhanced Push-to-Talk (Enhanced PTT) and Samsung Galaxy Rugby Pro rugged smartphones enable MJ&S drivers to efficiently exchange information with the dispatcher for serving customers as they travel to medical appointments. Xora® StreetSmart Workforce™ from AT&T allows the dispatcher to track drivers as they make trips throughout the day for improved productivity. When unexpected customer needs arise, the dispatcher can easily find the most appropriate driver for the task.

Personalized Touch

For Medicare patients who may no longer drive, getting to doctors’ offices, clinics or hospitals can be stressful. In some areas, large transportation companies have sprung up to fulfill the need or local church organizations have pitched in to help with volunteer drivers. Yet in both instances, patients may be concerned that, even if their rides arrive on time, they may be left waiting for hours for return trips home.

“We started our business to provide patients with professional, caring transportation services,” said J.D. Singleton, owner of MJ&S Transportation. “Our purpose is to provide a ‘white glove’ experience for customers who, many times, are experiencing stressful periods in their lives.”

The health implications are real: patients who may be going through taxing procedures should not be further drained by having to wait and worry about either getting to their appointments or getting home afterward.

Formed in 2012, MJ&S is truly unique in that it is founded on the principle of “loving thy neighbor.” Extra care is taken to give the customer a personalized “touch” with each trip.

MJ&S calls customers before appointments to confirm pick-up, which helps to allay any scheduling concerns. Once customers are picked up, drivers inquire about their comfort. “Is the temperature in the vehicle to your liking?” or “Do we need to stop at a pharmacy for a prescription?” or even “Would you like to listen to the radio?”

“We make sure our services are completely customer-centered by being really good listeners,” explained Singleton. “Some of these patients are undergoing major procedures, and we may be the only ones to comfort them. That, to me, is the epitome of exemplary service.”

Challenges Just Expected

A veteran of the transportation business, Singleton knew she needed a logistics technology solution to make her vision of exceptional service a reality. “I did not want to start the business until we had the tools in place to handle logistics and communication with drivers,” said Singleton.

After thoroughly researching various options, Singleton selected AT&T Enhanced Push-to-Talk and Xora StreetSmart Workforce from AT&T. “I was absolutely impressed with everything I learned about the AT&T solutions,” said Singleton. “For me they were prerequisites to building a successful transportation company."

Using the Xora mobility application, the MJ&S dispatcher transmits daily schedules with directions to drivers each morning. When drivers log on with their Samsung smartphones, the Xora application directs them to their first pick-up and continues to do so throughout the day’s scheduled route.

Daily logistics challenges are “just expected” in the transportation industry. For MJ&S, having the ability to track and reroute drivers is critical. “To provide exceptional service, we need to minimize wait times and quickly adapt to changes in schedules,” said Singleton.

Solutions Just Like That

If a customer calls to indicate her appointment has ended early or if an unexpected call for service comes in, the dispatcher uses the Xora application to immediately locate the driver in closest proximity to the customer.

“Our dispatcher ‘plugs in’ the customer’s location and Xora immediately tells him how long it will take the driver to get to the destination,” advised Singleton. “We can add a pick-up and drop-off without minimal disruption to the original schedule, preserving our mission to be on time.”

Enhanced PTT on the Samsung smartphones lets MJ&S drivers and the dispatcher instantly communicate, allowing for rapid changes to routes and schedules or for the quick exchange of information.

“We save time by making an announcement to all four of our drivers at the same time – for example, about a traffic jam,” said Singleton.

While MJ&S drivers are well versed in their geographic areas, the company’s market continues to expand, covering the entire Chicagoland area, including parts of both DuPage and Cook counties.

“There are times when we are expected to go to places that we are just not familiar with,” said Singleton. “With the Xora application, we can track each driver’s location. When needed, we don’t waste a minute getting directions directly to his phone. And if an emergency arises, push-to-talk communications gives him immediate access to the dispatcher.”

There are unexpected instances when drivers need assistance or advice. One day a driver arrived to pick-up a customer for a scheduled doctor’s visit. The customer stated that he “just didn’t want to go” with the driver – something rather unusual since the customer had not called in a cancellation.

“Using Enhanced PTT, the driver contacted our dispatcher since he wasn’t sure what to do next,” recalled Singleton. “The dispatcher contacted the scheduling organization to confirm the customer’s on-the-spot cancellation, then re-scheduled the driver for another trip – just like that, quick and simple.”

White Glove Growth

Saving time, even a few minutes per trip, can mean big gains in productivity. Today, each driver makes about seven trips each day. “With the AT&T mobility solutions, it is quite possible to double our current number of trips,” added Singleton. “As we add more drivers, we will get an even bigger productivity boost.”

Singleton believes the AT&T mobility solutions are also helping her and the MJ&S team deliver on their promise of white-glove service. Word-of-mouth recommendations from the customer base are helping the business grow. “Our fine-tuned logistics solution is really helping us be the best company for our patients,” said Singleton. “We’ve reached the point where these two tools are the key to our growth.”

With less than a year in business, MJ&S Transportation is well on its way to turning its compassionate concept for customer transportation into a proven formula for long-term success. “The Enhanced Push-to-Talk and Xora solutions are phenomenal. Honestly, they are worth every penny,” said Singleton.

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