Champlin Wireless Provides Exceptional Service with AT&T Enhanced Push-to-Talk


About Champlin Wireless Communications

Champlin Wireless Communications Facts

Business Needs

Near-flawless wireless communications coverage with intuitive push-to-talk devices for demanding client events

Networking Solution

Samsung smartphones and AT&T Enhanced PTT running on the AT&T Wireless Network gives Champlin Wireless a predictable and intuitive PTT communications solution to satisfy all types of clients

Business Value

Increased client responsiveness and satisfaction; improved productivity; new clients for business growth

Industry Focus

Communications equipment rental


Four employees

Headquartered in Berkeley, California, Champlin Wireless provides two-way communications equipment rentals to clients charged with planning and managing meetings and events of all sizes. With a focus on social responsibility and sustainability, the company’s four employees offer its clients a robust selection of the latest in mission-critical communications solutions.


Champlin Wireless is faced with daily challenges in that its communications solutions must work flawlessly for its clients, many times in unusual settings, in facilities with traditionally poor reception and in multiple sites spread out geographically. Champlin Wireless needed a push-to-talk solution that delivered dependable wireless communications in even the hardest-to-cover client locations and was easy to learn and use for many types of client users.


AT&T Enhanced Push-to-Talk Service (Enhanced PTT) and Samsung Galaxy Rugby Pro rugged smartphones running on the AT&T Wireless Network gives Champlin Wireless clients the PTT communications and coverage they require for managing their meetings and events. With the new AT&T Enhanced PTT solution added to its portfolio, the company has added new clients to its growing base. Using the Web-based Corporate Administrator Tool (CAT), the company can quickly fulfill clients’ requests for updates by instantly programming devices remotely, saving valuable time and costs.

Exceptional Service

In 2007, Leslie Champlin founded Champlin Wireless with the aim to provide her clients with an “exceptional service experience.” After working in the communications equipment rental industry for nearly eight years, Champlin understood what made this type of business succeed or fail.

Many of the buildings that previously were trouble spots work beautifully with AT&T Enhanced PTT.”

- Leslie Champlin, Owner, Champlin Wireless

“I felt there was a real need in the market for outstanding customer service,” said Champlin. “With this as a foundation, I envisioned the difference I could make with my own business.”

Now, six years later, Champlin and her small team of communications experts work tirelessly to research and provide the latest and best communications equipment for clients like event planners and audio-visual equipment companies.

Yet Champlin’s value doesn’t stop there. Champlin Wireless gives back to the communities in which it serves and to specific charities through donations of equipment for charity events. The company also allocates a percentage of its revenue to an annual fund that is then distributed to local charities or environmental causes. Sustainable business practices are equally important.

Word Gets Around

While Champlin markets the company’s services through traditional ways, client relationships constitute its strongest lead generation channel. In a business that prospers from word-of-mouth and referrals, there is little room for error. And in a business where the unexpected usually happens, the challenges can be daunting.

“With push-to-talk service from our former service provider, our challenges were primarily coverage issues,” explained Champlin. “We really struggled with in-building coverage in some locations, in certain cities. There were a lot of limitations in some facilities, so we had to set up additional equipment in those facilities.”

Another challenge involved large events located in multiple buildings in multiple cities. As the event moved from city to city, Champlin Wireless would need to reprogram the client’s devices for its staff.

“The client would need to mail the devices back to us, we would reprogram them and then mail them to the next city,” continued Champlin. “If we had a large order - like 100 or more devices, we had to program each phone, connecting it via the cable through the computer. Needless to say, these processes took a lot of time for us and our clients.”

Tested and Proven

When Champlin researched AT&T Enhanced Push-to-Talk, she realized that many of the challenges would become far more manageable – or even be eliminated.

“My AT&T account manager was actually very interested in my business,” said Champlin. “She asked a lot of questions to better understand what we were doing for our customers.” Even with Champlin’s strict standards for providing customer service, the AT&T team passed the test. “They are all very responsive. Working with AT&T is like having an extended team.”

Champlin learned that AT&T provided push-to-talk communications over its 4G network, and then later to work over Wi-Fi. “With the AT&T network and Wi-Fi, I felt our clients would experience fewer dead spots, regardless of whether or not there was an antenna in the building. That was definitely an added benefit for us and our clients.”

Champlin decided to trial AT&T Enhanced Push-to-Talk with some of her clients. She sent test units – Samsung rugged smartphones - to one of the company’s most difficult client locations – a major hotel in downtown San Francisco that had proven to have a reception problem within the building for a number of years. Run by the hotel’s audio-visual and sales staff, the pilot resulted in immediate requests for the AT&T PTT solution from the client.

Champlin promptly ordered more Samsung smartphones to send to other clients for testing. “We asked them to give us feedback on how the smartphones and our new AT&T push-to-talk solution were working,” said Champlin. “Our clients really liked using the Samsung Rugby Pro smartphone. They really wanted something very simple. The total solution: the smartphones and AT&T network coverage, is working very well for our clients, which means it’s a great solution for us.”

Champlin Wireless now uses Enhanced PTT with approximately 125 smartphones in its inventory for client events, and Champlin plans to add more as the business grows.

“Many of the buildings that previously were trouble spots work beautifully with AT&T Enhanced PTT,” Champlin said. “We are now able to program the smartphones and rent them confidently.”

The Word Is Out

Champlin Wireless often lets clients “test-drive” devices on the sites where they will be used to confirm that the wireless coverage will support the communications they need when an event or project is underway. “With AT&T Enhanced PTT, we’re confident that our clients will be very happy with their communications experience,” said Champlin. “It gives me peace of mind, which means a lot in this business.”

With the client’s acceptance, Champlin then takes charge to deliver the company’s exceptional service experience. The Champlin team pre-assigns and labels each smartphone. Using the Enhanced PTT’s CAT, a Web-based administration tool, Champlin quickly programs the smartphones. Each smartphone is packaged with a belt clip and charger for delivery in a pouch that has the user’s name attached. Nothing is left to chance.

And when clients move from one city to the next, Champlin saves significant time and cost by re-programming their smartphones online. “We can update the devices instantly without leaving our office,” explained Champlin. “We are able to fulfill our clients’ needs better. And with a large number of smartphones, we can program them as a group. We just hit ‘send’ and they are all updated.”

Positive word-of-mouth about the company’s new Enhanced PTT solution is spreading. “One of our clients has been using the AT&T Wireless Network for their events nationwide and definitely prefers it. Before Enhanced PTT, they would usually go through a local provider for whatever city they were working in, but by having the smartphones available and easily programmed, we have won significantly more of their business,” advised Champlin.

Champlin has also reached out to existing clients to educate them about the new Enhanced PTT communications solution, even when there are no pending events. The company offers them demo smartphones to test and has published how-to guides, showing the ease of using PTT communications with smartphones.

Soon Champlin Wireless will be adding other, more streamlined smartphones to its inventory of equipment for clients with different needs. “We’re excited about the flexibility of offering different devices for push-to-talk communications,” said Champlin. “This will serve to further boost our client’s service experience."

With a focus on the future, Champlin addresses the advantage of using smartphones for PTT communications. “Many of our clients are using social marketing to promote their events and managing those events via customized applications,” advised Champlin. “With smartphones, we can help them leverage social media, event applications and push-to-talk on a single device - a huge benefit for them.”

For Champlin and her team, the future is now. “The success of business depends on helping our clients overcome any challenges with technology that can help them,” said Champlin. “Our biggest job is to stay up to date on what’s new. And of course providing our clients with exceptional service.”

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