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Enter the UC zone: A New World Dedicated to Unified Communications [2:27]

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AT&T Telepresence Solution Product Brief [Service Brochure]

AT&T Telepresence Solution® offers a flexible, virtual solution for face-to-face intercompany collaboration.

The Boardroom. Reinvented. [Service Brochure]

A completely new way to collaborate! The AT&T Telepresence Solution enables connections across companies and locations, so you can meet 'face-to-face' more easily and frequently, accelerate decision-making and increase productivity.  

Demos (3)
AT&T Connect Integrated Edition v9.5! [Demo]

Communicate with colleagues, easily and seamlessly, with a PC, Mac, or mobile device! AT&T Connect IE v9.5 provides powerful audio, web, and video conferencing features for richly collaborative meetings. Join conferences quickly and easily, with a "Call Me" feature that prompts a phone call to you!

Do More. With Telepresence. [Video, 2:15]

Everyone in your organization can use AT&T Telepresence Solution® to improve relationships, increase productivity, and accelerate business.

UC: Technology to Enable Powerful Collaboration Solutions [Video, 2:49]

Get a glimpse of the technology that can help you communicate and collaborate from almost anywhere, anytime.  Unify your collaboration with AT&T and you can integrate your existing point products into one powerful solution.

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Enter the UC zone: A New World Dedicated to Unified Communications [Video, 2:27]

Share. Collaborate. Innovate. Explore the latest in the world of AT&T unified communications and change the way you evolve your communications strategy.

AT&T Telepresence Solution Simplifies Enterprise Video [Audio, 7:55]

AT&T Telepresence Solution® is simplifying enterprise video with new features like guest access, intercompany direct dial and AT&T management of customer-owned video conferencing equipment from popular vendors.

White Papers (2)
Networking for Sustainability: The Network Offset Effect [White Paper]

Achieve sustainability gains while driving growth and profitability through your enterprise network.

The Role of UC Services in Building Lasting Competitive Advantage [White Paper]

This Frost & Sullivan white paper explains how companies that invest in UC can beat the economic downturn and enter the recovery stronger than ever.

Additional Resources (1)
Voice Transformation: The Future is Now [Additional Resource]

Begin your evolution to UC with VoIP. Converging separate voice, data and wireless networks to IP is the first step toward evolving to UC. View this infographic to see your evolution path.