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Rising Above the Cloud Crowd [2:04]

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AT&T Smart Grid Solutions [Service Brochure]

Using a prepay solution can drive higher customer satisfaction, energy conservation, and lower utility operating costs.

AT&T Synaptic Compute as a Service [Service Brochure]

Goodbye hardware, headaches and contract hassles. Hello AT&T Synaptic Compute as a Service!

Demos (2)
Simplify Your Business with Network-based Cloud Services [Demo]

In the search for greater efficiency and savings, businesses are turning to the cloud as a way of delivering on-demand, pay-per-use IT services.

AT&T Cloud Services Offer a Total Solution for Apps, Services and Support [Video, 2:36]

AT&T Cloud Services offer a total solution for apps, services and support.

Presentations (4)
In the Cloud: Don't Lose Sight of Other Options [Video, 49:10]

With all the buzz around Cloud, it's easy to lose sight of other options. But is the cloud right for every application?  This webinar reviews sourcing considerations of cloud, hosting and hybrid models.

Rising Above the Cloud Crowd [Video, 2:04]

With cloud services from AT&T, the difference is in the network. Elevate your cloud experience with the network-based security, speed, scale, and reliability AT&T Cloud can provide.

Cloud Services [Video, 2:27]

Do you have fluctuating IT needs? Consider Cloud Services for on-demand access to compute and storage.

Future-Proof with Cloud Computing [Audio, 15:51]

AT&T's Jeff Shafer explains how this emerging hosting solution can make businesses more nimble and efficient.

White Papers (2)
New Ways of "Thinking Out Cloud" [White Paper]

This practical framework outlines use cases for incorporating flexible, on demand, pay-per-use computing capacity to meet immediate business objectives and help transform IT from a cost center to business enabler.

A Key to Cloud Efficiency: Aggregation [White Paper]

Survey finds significant operational efficiencies when cloud services are brokered by a service provider.