Box from AT&T [PDF, 2MB]

Highly Secure Cloud Storage, Sharing, and Collaboration for the Enterprise.

AirWatch Hosted MDM from AT&T

The AirWatch Hosted Mobile Device Management (“MDM”) from AT&T solution supports deployments of mobile devices at any scale.

Make Your People More Productive [PDF, 69KB]

Enable employees to work the way they do in the office - virtually anywhere, anytime with smartphones, tablets, and laptops.

Your Machines Can Work Smarter [PDF, 97KB]

Wirelessly connect to remote machines and devices to extend your company's ability to track business processes or monitor critical assets, quickly and cost-effectively.

Control Your Mobile Data Costs [PDF, 150KB]

Manage your mobile workers more effectively by applying online access policies, saving money and driving productivity.

Missing Out on the Mobile Revolution? [PDF, 108KB]

Get the big business benefits of empowering your employees with mobile access without the cost or complexity of a big business solution.

Work Smarter and Control Costs Wherever You Are [PDF, 105KB]

Get the big business benefits of empowering your employees with mobile access while controlling the cost and removing the complexity of a big business solution.

AT&T Landline Texting [PDF, 691KB]

Communicate with customers via text or MMS using your established business landline.

AirWatch On-Premises MDM from AT&T

The AirWatch On-Premises Mobile Device Management (“MDM”) from AT&T solution supports deployments of mobile devices at any scale.

Landline Texting Quick Start Guide [PDF, 7MB]

Get an overview of basic features and functions of AT&T Landline Texting.

AT&T Netbond Essentials [PDF, 2MB]

Expand your options for highly secure connections to the cloud.

AT&T Landline Texting - API Solution [PDF, 928KB]

Build your own interface or integrate into your existing platform using our API solution.

EFT operational visibility research report [PDF, 423KB]

Visibility, Speed, and Agility — How data from machine-to-machine and the Internet of Things is redefining the supply chain and transportation industry.

Control Center Product Overview [PDF, 146KB]

AT&T Control Center, powered by Jasper, is a sophisticated, cloud-based platform offering unique capabilities that enable you to launch, manage, and rapidly scale your business or enterprise deployment of connected devices.

Connect Your Business to Do More [PDF, 2MB]

Nearly every business can benefit from the Internet of Things (IoT) and machine-to-machine (M2M) solutions. For your business, it might mean tracking your assets as they travel across the globe, managing a fleet of vehicles, or mobilizing employees to manage lawn care across various properties.

Connected MobileIron from AT&T [PDF, 726KB]

Proactively manage and help secure your government agency’s mobile endpoints as applications and data are being deployed to smart devices.

Good Solutions from AT&T [PDF, 2MB]

Good Solutions is a suite of mobility management technologies that manage and secure mobile apps, data, and devices, without compromising user experience, corporate data security, or personal privacy.

Video Management Service [PDF, 594KB]

Cloud-based video management and distribution.

IBM MobileFirst Protect formerly MaaS360 [PDF, 949KB]

Increase the Visibility of Your Mobile Security.

AT&T Managed Internet Service on Demand [PDF, 384KB]

Respond faster with on-demand capabilities. This ground-breaking network-on-demand capability is built on software-defined and virtualization technologies allowing you to quickly provision and scale your Internet connections.

MobileIron Cloud [PDF, 2MB]

Unlock the benefits of mobile to work faster, better and smarter.

Whirlpool Contact Center Consulting Case Study [PDF, 2MB]

Read how AT&T contact center consulting created a holistic customer contact strategy for Whirlpool.

Contact Center Consulting: Retail Use Case [PDF, 2MB]

Learn how AT&T provided contact center expertise to help this retailer with their vision for enabling the right channel for optimized customer contact.

Customer Experience Optimization [PDF, 2MB]

Unlock the insights hidden in your customer data.

Customer Contact Center [PDF, 2MB]

The contact center is your front line for internal and external customer interaction, and presents a unique opportunity to gain competitive advantage. Whether you run a fulfillment center, an internal IT service desk or a global sales center, contact operations carry a lot of responsibility.

AT&T Wi-Fi Services [PDF, 2MB]

Consumers don't just want complimentary Wi-Fi, they expect it!

NetMotion Diagnostics from AT&T [PDF, 657KB]

Using NetMotion Diagnostics from AT&T, you can instantly analyze every data hop between devices and application servers to identify the root cause of the problem.

NetMotion Mobility from AT&T [PDF, 663KB]

Provide exceptional mobile experiences with NetMotion Mobility from AT&T, a leading intelligent VPN solution for secure connectivity and management of mobile deployments.

NetMotion Mobility from AT&T - Technical Specifications [PDF, 614KB]

Persistent connectivity increases efficiency. NetMotion Mobility from AT&T delivers highly secure, seamless, reliable connectivity that adapts to the different network conditions encountered by mobile workers.

NetMotion Diagnostics from AT&T - Technical Specifications [PDF, 582KB]

NetMotion Diagnostics from AT&T gives your IT team near real-time alerts, visibility and tools to diagnose connectivity-related problems with mobile devices, GPS units, corporate servers, and networks.

Office@Hand Secure Voice [PDF, 536KB]

Safeguard your voice communications and prevent unauthorized interception with Secure Voice enabled on your RingCentral Office@Hand from AT&T devices.

MobileIron VSP from AT&T - Managed Hosted MDM Solution [PDF, 2MB]

This is a cross carrier solution designed to offer customers the maximum flexibility in solving the challenges of the expanding mobile perimeter and highly secure use of mobilized information.

AT&T Secure Email Gateway [PDF, 708KB]

Best in class email filtering and threat detection, no matter the size of your network.

Applied Threat Analytics Help Strengthen and Expand Cybersecurity Protection [PDF, 2MB]

AT&T Enhanced Cybersecurity Service helps system administrators spot potential threats and respond to cyber-attacks as they occur.

Office@Hand Meetings [PDF, 2MB]

Office@Hand meetings gives you the power to video conference and web share as part of your complete business communications solution.

AT&T Fleet Center [PDF, 159KB]

Designed for reliability and ease of use, AT&T Fleet Center is a complete, cloud-based vehicle tracking and fleet management solution that can help decrease your overhead costs and maximize your revenue.

AT&T Wireless Fleet Management Solutions [PDF, 850KB]

Higher productivity for an industry on the go.

AT&T Fleet Complete for Service Industry [PDF, 2MB]

With the AT&T Fleet Complete solution, you can gather real-time location and status from your vehicles, valuable equipment and mobile workers in the field.

AT&T Fleet Complete for Construction and Field Services [PDF, 2MB]

With AT&T Fleet Complete, you can minimize your financial risk by expediting the recovery of loss or stolen vehicles or expensive equipment.

AT&T Fleet Complete for Trucking Industry [PDF, 2MB]

The Fleet Complete system turns your fleet and diagnostic data into actionable business intelligence that will help you make smart decisions and efficiently manage your fleet.

AT&T Fleet Complete: Last Mile Logistics [PDF, 829KB]

AT&T Fleet Complete brings flexibility and automation to your operations, whether you provide same-day on-demand services, distribution, scheduled route-based services, dedicated fleet services, or all of them.

AT&T Fleet Complete [PDF, 751KB]

AT&T Fleet Complete is a unique fleet, asset and mobile workforce solution, which provides you with the ability to track and manage your vehicles, mobile workers and optimize your operations in a single cloud-based platform.

Five Best Practices for Unified Communications [PDF, 2MB]

Enterprises that are realizing value from their UC programs are succeeding because they've followed some basic, common-sense practices. Our UC Consulting team offers five best practices to consider when preparing a UC strategy.

AT&T NetBond [PDF, 796KB]

Secure connectivity to your cloud-based applications.

AT&T Fleet Manager [PDF, 927KB]

AT&T Fleet Manager is a powerful web-based location and telematics solution that provides fleet managers with real-time and historical GPS-based information for efficient fleet management, including vehicle and driver performance, comprehensive mapping capabilities and an in-depth suite of configurable reports.

Manage Calls Quickly and Efficiently with Attendant Console for AT&T UC Voice [PDF, 2MB]

Attendant Console applications can help operators manage incoming calls quickly and efficiently, while providing more personalized and responsive services to customers.

bigtincan Lite [PDF, 2MB]

bigtincan hubTM from AT&T – Lite enables organizations to deliver the right content to the right users at the right time and location, across virtually any device and network.

AT&T Wi-Fi Small Site [PDF, 2MB]

Customers love Wi-Fi: Grow your customer base with complimentary Wi-Fi!

AT&T Microsoft Technologies Consulting [PDF, 799KB]

Accelerate your digital workplace transformation with lifecycle mobility and consulting services for Microsoft voice, video, conferencing and collaboration.

AT&T Work Platform [PDF, 2MB]

Helps businesses manage costs and have greater choice of mobile management solutions for worker-owned devices.

AT&T Unified Communications Services for Pharmaceutical Companies [PDF, 869KB]

Pharmaceutical companies need every possible advantage to develop new drugs, conduct trials more quickly. By removing communication blocks, you increase employee productivity and help improve all functions, including R&D, production, sales and marketing. AT&T UC Services integrates multiple communications and collaboration tools with presence information delivered on a single user interface and makes them easily accessible via the AT&T cloud.

AT&T Unified Communications Services for Healthcare [PDF, 2MB]

The healthcare industry is currently facing some very dynamic and exciting times. Capturing the opportunities and turning them into success stories takes every resource available. AT&T Unified Communications (UC) Services incorporates all of your existing communications resources into one powerful, cloud-based network.

AT&T Unified Communications Services for Financial Services [PDF, 886KB]

Service is key. To get the most out of your telecommunications investment, you need to harness technology to support business now, while creating a path for growth. AT&T Unified Communications Services (AT&T UC Services) is a cloud-based, as-a-service communication and collaboration solution that accelerates your business processes with clients, vendors and strategic partners across your financial services ecosystem.

OPT-E-WAN Service [PDF, 751KB]

A carrier Ethernet service for wide area networking.

AT&T Mobile Office Suite [PDF, 882KB]

Cloud-based communications to support the way you work.

AT&T UC Voice Advanced E-911 service [PDF, 779KB]

As an optional feature for AT&T UC Voice subscribers, we offer the Advanced E911 service. This cloud-based feature offers flexibility and functionality for employees located in the U.S. to access emergency assistance across a supported selection of desktop and mobile devices.

AT&T Conferencing with Microsoft Lync [PDF, 627KB]

Collaborate with reliable, scalable, global audio conferencing capabilities through an enterprise-grade UC platform with AT&T Conferencing with Microsoft Lync.

AT&T Threat Manager with Advanced Log Management [PDF, 718KB]

Log collection, event correlation and 24x7 monitoring, Utilizing advanced analysis and correlation technologies to help identify risks to your network.

Managed Internet Service [PDF, 834KB]

AT&T Managed Internet Service provides internet access with several options and the reliability you count on.

RingCentral Office@Hand from AT&T [PDF, 2MB]

Cloud-based communication service that gives your business full-featured connectivity wherever you need it.

Maximize your WAN and Extend Its Capabilities [PDF, 2MB]

Commercial Connectivity Service from AT&T brings your most important applications into a wireless, more mobile environment. It creates highly secure access for employees, satellite offices and temporary locations—all while leveraging your existing wide-area network.

Streamline Mobile-Based Interactions and Strengthen Fraud Management for Opt-in Users [PDF, 736KB]

AT&T Mobile Identity provides third parties consent-based access to data to enhance authentication for mobile users and devices during mobile transactions. This helps them make online interactions safer and more convenient for their customers.

AT&T Business Messaging Product Brief [PDF, 170KB]

AT&T Business Messaging is an end-to-end group notification and messaging solution that works easily with most business notification applications to enhance wireless notification and response features.

Simplify Call Recording Across the Mobile Environment [PDF, 2MB]

Instead of enduring a time-consuming application development and testing process, look at AT&T Mobile Call Recording using AT&T APIs.

AT&T Switched Ethernet Service on Demand [PDF, 945KB]

Quickly deploy and modify new applications or services on your own.

AT&T UC Services for Higher Education [PDF, 2MB]

Today, instruction in the classroom is just the beginning of higher education. Learning happens everywhere as an endless stream of information flows through smartphones, tablets and laptops. Now nearly everyone can use their mobile devices to communicate, collaborate, share learning materials and educational experiences.

AT&T Connect Link Total Hospitality Solution [PDF, 694KB]

AT&T Wi-Fi Solutions provide the key to a complete integrated Wi-Fi infrastructure — offering smooth, continuous connectivity throughout your establishment to keep your guests completely satisfied.

AT&T Connect Link Base Hospitality Solution [PDF, 699KB]

A Wi-Fi and Internet access solution providing public Wi-Fi using your existing Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN).

AT&T Connect Link Select Hospitality Solution [PDF, 683KB]

A Wi-Fi and Internet access solution providing public Wi-Fi and monitored networks exclusively to the Hospitality Industry.

AT&T Connect Link Retail Solution [PDF, 2MB]

AT&T Wi-Fi Solutions provide a range of options from public-only AT&T Hot Spots to full turnkey public and private managed Wi-Fi networks for retail venues of all types and sizes.

bigtincan hub from AT&T [PDF, 845KB]

The right content is delivered to the right users at the right time and location, across enterprise content repositories and cloud-based file sync and share, with all the embedded security that an IT department requires.

AT&T Unified Communications Services for Education in Grades K-12 [PDF, 258KB]

This family of scalable solutions helps you connect virtually everyone in your learning community to a powerful, cloud-based communications and collaboration network.

Office 365TM from AT&T [PDF, 712KB]

Help increase real time collaboration with integrated voice calling.

AT&T UC Services for Project Management [PDF, 2MB]

Empower your project management organization with a single application for team members to access for their communications tools, including voice, email, messaging and conferencing.

AT&T Video Meetings with Blue Jeans [PDF, 2MB]

Connect to anyone, from virtually anywhere, anytime from virtually any device!


AT&T MDMSM (the Solution) is ideal for any business that requires essential device and application management without the need for significant capital or technical investment. AT&T MDM offers a world class solution for protecting company assets and mobile data.

AT&T Remote Backup as a Service [PDF, 879KB]

Cloud-based backup and recovery for business continuity and protection.

AT&T Unified Communications: Redefining Anytime Anywhere Communication and Collaboration [PDF, 2MB]

This document describes how to build the groundwork needed towards full UC enablement: mobilize UC capabilities, add the power of presence, and merge UC into the business processes and applications used every day.

AT&T Unified Communications for Manufacturers [PDF, 616KB]

Unified Communications can help accelerate your product development and help speed problem resolutions.

When Should you Consider an Oracle Engineered System? [PDF, 743KB]

If you’re thinking of consolidating footprints, replatforming for performance, and future growth, the time may be right.

Hosted Lync Solutions [PDF, 771KB]

Keeping you connected is our business. Get enterprise rigor with the flexibility of the cloud.

AT&T Consulting Services - SIP Transformation Services [PDF, 586KB]

Most organizations are migrating from traditional TDM and ISDN services to SIP trunking for voice, video and integrated capabilities.

To SaaS or not to SaaS? [PDF, 817KB]

The buy vs. lease debate for ERP applications like Oracle.

AT&T - IP Satellite Service [PDF, 594KB]

Access essential enterprise resources from virtually anywhere.

AT&T Unified Communications Federation [PDF, 724KB]

Cloud-based UC Federation as a service.

AT&T Voice Connection with Office 365TM [PDF, 572KB]

Help increase real time collaboration with integrated voice calling.

AT&T Network Security Overview [PDF, 750KB]

Help prevent, detect and respond to cyber-attacks and business interruptions.

Service Based Approach to Security [PDF, 2MB]

AT&T has a long history of developing and managing security services that support a defense-in-depth architecture to help with your security policies.

AT&T Verify Connect powered by™ [PDF, 728KB]

Dynamic Multifactor Authentication and Mobile ID Management.

AT&T Content Delivery Network [PDF, 967KB]

Accelerate, optimize and control content distribution.

AT&T Unified Communications Services [PDF, 902KB]

AT&T UC Services can integrate multiple UC and telephony tools with presence behind a single user interface – and make them easily accessible on supported select desktops, laptops, smartphones and tablets via the AT&T network cloud.

AT&T Unified Communications Voice [PDF, 604KB]

Scale with ease to meet dynamic business needs. Add new communications features on the fly. As your business grows, AT&T makes it easy to stay connected and productive. AT&T UC Voice comes complete with a full suite of advanced IPT features, management services and tools to help you provide the best service to your customers, employees and partners.

AT&T Application Management Services [PDF, 870KB]

AT&T can help to simplify Application Management.

AT&T Network Suite [PDF, 890KB]

An integrated network solution that is flexible by design.

AT&T Unified Communications Voice Integration with customer premises based or AT&T Hosted Microsoft Lync [PDF, 750KB]

Our hybrid architecture approach, multivendor support, mobile-centric design and system integration capabilities combine with the power of the AT&T network to help you communicate and collaborate with more people from more places in more ways.

AT&T Remote Mobility Zone Trailer [PDF, 706KB]

AT&T Remote Mobility Zone trailer offers a simple and powerful fixed communication solution for entities looking for a business continuity solution for remote installations or for augmentation of the AT&T network.

AT&T Remote Mobility Zone [PDF, 589KB]

AT&T Remote Mobility Zone offers a simple and powerful fixed communication solution for entities looking for a business continuity solution for remote installations or for augmentation of the AT&T network at.

AT&T Encrypted Mobile Services [PDF, 2MB]

AT&T Encrypted Mobile Services provides mobility customers with end to end security features for confidential and sensitive calls and text messages.

Security Consulting for Energy [PDF, 181KB]

To counter today’s cyber threats, it’s important for security departments to create flexible, interconnected processes that are able to recognize and respond to on-going attacks from evolving threats with limited resources.

AT&T Security Consulting - Application Security Code-Level Review [PDF, 630KB]

AT&T Security Consulting combines people, processes, and technology to offer a comprehensive suite of services that address the many facets of application security, from assessment, development, and threat monitoring to detection and protection.

AT&T Security Consulting - Secure Infrastructure Services [PDF, 581KB]

The Secure Infrastructure Services practice within AT&T Security Solutions provides assessment, planning and design services to secure data and voice integrated network infrastructures.

AT&T Security Consulting - Security Vulnerability Assessments [PDF, 581KB]

We combine our in-depth knowledge of industry standards, applicable regulatory requirements, business goals with our experience delivering information security services to the retail, financial services, security, healthcare, government, education, and media and entertainment industries.

AT&T Security Consulting - Application Security Program Management [PDF, 2MB]

AT&T Security Consulting combines people, processes, and technology to offer a comprehensive suite of services that addresses the many facets of application security, from assessment, development, and threat monitoring to detection and protection.

Application Hosting and Management for Oracle Commerce [PDF, 578KB]

With AT&T behind the scenes – It’s ‘shop,’ not ‘drop’!

Security Solutions for Retail [PDF, 887KB]

AT&T offers Application Security solutions that can help protect your most critical enterprise applications from both internal and external threats.

AT&T Conferencing with Cisco WebEx Solution [PDF, 945KB]

Increase your reach and accelerate your business with a reliable, scalable web conferencing solution that offers a selection of meeting solutions to best suit your business needs. An audio conferencing leader, AT&T provides a rich array of global audio capabilities, in conjunction with high-definition (HD) video and extensive WebEx® web conferencing features.

AT&T Conferencing with Cisco WebEx Meeting Center [PDF, 945KB]

In today’s fast paced environment, your office communications need to be reliable, versatile, and scalable. AT&T Conferencing with Cisco WebEx Meeting offers premiere audio capabilities combined with a market leading web conferencing platform.

AT&T Synaptic Storage as a Service with Enterprise File Sync and Share [PDF, 940KB]

Easy-to-use, enterprise-grade file sync and share.

AT&T M2M Business Solutions: Connect Your Business to do More [PDF, 2MB]

Find a full-scale partner and power your enterprise.

AT&T Ready Zone [PDF, 2MB]

Providing the connectivity your customers expect.

Network Integration Capabilities Brief [PDF, 2MB]

Africa, Asia Pacific, Canada, Europe, Latin America, Middle East and North America.

AT&T Synaptic Storage as a Service with Enterprise File Sync and Share [PDF, 941KB]

Easy-to-use, enterprise-grade file sync and share.

Mobile Application Security Assessment Services [PDF, 887KB]

In an increasingly mobile world, people and businesses need the ability to get things done on the go. From saving contact information into a customer relationship management application to placing orders, our clients and their customers expect that their data will remain secure.

Security and Meaningful Use [PDF, 866KB]

AT&T offers healthcare-specific assessments to help you create and implement physical, data, network and application security strategies that address the ongoing demand for new technology implementations and meeting meaningful use security and privacy criteria for EHRs.

Enterprise Broadband Access: What's Your Choice? [PDF, 918KB]

This paper highlights the differences between broadband Internet services, so you can make an informed decision for your enterprise.

AT&T Digital Signage [PDF, 884KB]

Deliver rich multimedia content to your remote locations for a richer and more consistent customer experience.

AT&T Consulting - Mobile Security Strategy Review [PDF, 2MB]

Mobile applications extend traditional network boundaries and introduce new avenues of attack. AT&T Security Consulting can help.

AT&T Consulting - Firewall Assessment Services [PDF, 845KB]

The AT&T Consulting Firewall Assessment Service addresses the complex configurations of today's firewall environment. It was created to assist organizations with internal and regulatory compliance requirements regarding firewall audits and policy review, provide administrators with information to help troubleshoot rulebase issues, help identify risks to the security of protected environments and help bring order to an otherwise chaotic rulebase.

AT&T Consulting - Security Penetration Testing [PDF, 835KB]

Security Penetration Testing is used to evaluate your incident response capabilities, to validate the efficacy of security controls, and to provide management with "real world" attack scenarios that include walk-through of actual compromises.

AT&T Consulting - Security Services for Incident Response and Forensics [PDF, 832KB]

The AT&T Consulting Incident Response team is available to assist when suspected unauthorized, illegal or malicious activities are detected. Our skilled specialists are available to respond to incidents across multiple locations.

Business in a Box [PDF, 756KB]

AT&T Business in a Box® provides an integrated platform enabling voice and data services to be provided over a single network connection and device for office locations (small businesses and satellite offices of larger organizations).

AT&T Unified Communications Voice with Cisco Jabber [PDF, 611KB]

AT&T UC Voice with Cisco Jabber enables workers to communicate and collaborate across distances and organizational boundaries, with a rich array of VoIP Telephony features. Features include Single Number Reach on wired and wireless devices, visual voicemail and unified messaging, and Advanced E-911 cloud-based services.

AT&T Detect and Connect Solutions [PDF, 806KB]

AT&T Detect and Connect Solutions offer employers, retailers and a wide range of businesses a new way to manage and interact with their mobile employees, customers and consumers.

AT&T Cargo View with FlightSafe [PDF, 2MB]

Your supply chain in your command – with network support that reaches new heights.

Rave EyeWitness from AT&T for Government [PDF, 1007KB]

Keeping your citizens informed is customer service; citizens keeping their government informed is collaboration.

Rave EyeWitness from AT&T for K-12 Schools [PDF, 2MB]

No technology is more powerful than the eyes and ears of your students.

Rave Messenger from AT&T for Enterprise [PDF, 2MB]

There are many choices available; it’s important to know what to look for and what you need.

Rave Messenger from AT&T for Government [PDF, 950KB]

Reach your employees where they want to be reached - on their mobile devices.

Rave Messenger from AT&T for Higher Education [PDF, 943KB]

Redefining campus communications for today’s students and staff.

Rave Guardian from AT&T for Higher Education [PDF, 853KB]

Guardian from AT&T is a mobile application that enhances on-campus safety.

AT&T Switched Ethernet Service [PDF, 847KB]

Ethernet is the predominant computer networking technology on LAN’s (Local Area Network) today. It’s familiar, easy to use and very compatible with the computers, desktops and other equipment in your office.

AT&T Business Messaging Product Brochure [PDF, 198KB]

A simple, virtually seamless way to communicate quickly with your teams.

AT&T Global Smart Messaging Suite [PDF, 869KB]

The AT&T Global Smart Messaging Suite is a powerful web-based messaging suite of applications designed for business and government communication.

Mobilize Your Campus Today with AT&T Campus Guide Plus [PDF, 2MB]

AT&T Campus Guide Plus is easy to implement and will help to give you control over your campus’ mobile environment.

Ready Made Mobile Applications [PDF, 2MB]

With the mobile application development platform, you can create and manage multiple mobile apps that connect a variety of backend data sources to all major device types in a highly secure manner.

Application Hosting and Management Services for eCommerce [PDF, 2MB]

Building your commerce website with hybris, Oracle ATG or IBM WebSphere Commerce Suite software lets you deliver a top-notch and consistent multichannel experience that is highly personalized.

Voice Transformation Collateral VoIP [PDF, 823KB]

Transform your network with business VoIP Solutions.

AT&T Solutions to Enhance Machine to Machine Solutions [PDF, 5MB]

AT&T increases business velocity with machine to machine solutions.

AT&T Private Cloud Solutions [PDF, 805KB]

Control, flexibility and enterprise-grade security combined in a private cloud.

AT&T Toggle: Your Complete Bring Your Own Device [PDF, 884KB]

AT&T Toggle is a BYOD solution that helps maintain end user personal privacy while enabling organizational control of enterprise applications in a highly secure workspace on employee-owned devices.

2014 State of the Industry & PCI DSS [PDF, 810KB]

AT&T Consulting offers a range of comprehensive, customized PCI compliance solutions. The consulting team provides assessment certification, remediation, program development, penetration testing, code review and incident response services that help companies address specific areas of PCI compliance and best practice.

AT&T Managed Application Services for SAP [PDF, 948KB]

Whether you’re centralizing, de-centralizing, seeking cost reductions or consolidating systems, AT&T can design a system landscape plan to help you meet your performance and business goals, while reducing the impact of change.

pdvConnect from AT&T [PDF, 862KB]

pdvConnect from AT&T is a highly secure, web-based solution that gives enterprises visibility into their mobile workforce. Mobile workers have a simple way to wirelessly dictate, document, and share time-sensitive information from virtually any AT&T mobile phone to their office or another mobile phone.

BYOD Consulting [PDF, 775KB]

BYOD Consulting from AT&T provides the intellectual capital and resources to provide an impartial analysis and determination on whether BYOD makes economic sense for your enterprise, as well as the optimal path and objectives to implement a BYOD program.

Global Supply Chain @ the Speed of Retail [PDF, 916KB]

For decades, AT&T has deployed solutions custom-designed to the exacting requirements of diverse, multi-store global retail operations.

Telepresence Management Options [PDF, 765KB]

AT&T Telepresence Solution offers a variety of customer care options to best fit your needs.  Review the differences between Managed Care, Essential Care and Help Desk Service.

AT&T Telepresence Solution, Polycom Managed Service Bundles [PDF, 2MB]

AT&T Telepresence Solution offers the flexibility to choose from a variety of Polycom endpoints as part of a managed service bundle. Options cover personal/desktop, multipurpose conference rooms and immersive video collaboration environments.

AT&T Enhanced PTT Integrated Dispatch [PDF, 732KB]

Take the next step in mobile productivity with a powerful dispatch tool that works seamlessly with Enhanced PTT.

AT&T DDoS Defense with KONA Site Defender [PDF, 2MB]

AT&T DDoS Defense with KONA Site Defender service can extend protection from origin servers to edge servers for a comprehensive, multi-level approach to security.

AT&T Commerce to Go [PDF, 881KB]

A fully managed “one-stop shop” for midsized retailers.

AT&T Commerce Connect [PDF, 815KB]

Commerce Connect Service Portal provides an intuitive user interface for non-technical users to create, manage, distribute and provision both NFC and non-NFC mobile commerce services.

Collaborate On-Demand with AT&T Telepresence Solution Virtual Meeting Rooms [PDF, 792KB]

The virtual meeting room feature of AT&T Telepresence Solution lets you enjoy the flexibility of conducting reservationless, multipoint video meetings on demand with the ease of a conference call.

AT&T Telepresence Solution and Pervasive Video with Polycom RealPresence Solutions [PDF, 2MB]

The AT&T vision of pervasive video means giving you the power of visual collaboration virtually anytime, anywhere.

AT&T Cloud Web Security Service [PDF, 2MB]

AT&T Cloud Web Security Service (Cloud WSS) is designed to provide comprehensive Web security including real-time protection against viruses and malware, protection against compromised/hacked web sites and granular control of Web applications.

AT&T NFC Connect [PDF, 918KB]

NFC Connect is ATT’s Service Provider Trusted Service Manager (SP-TSM) service offering.

AT&T Managed Applications Services for Microsoft Exchange [PDF, 914KB]

Hosting and Application Services for Microsoft Exchange integrates all elements required for electronic communications to help improve employee productivity bringing the know-how, resources and tools to manage and maintain your enterprise messaging system for you.

AT&T Business Exchange [PDF, 2MB]

Through the power of pervasive video, best in class organizations are transforming how they work, improving their results and gaining a competitive edge.

AT&T Smart Grid Solutions [PDF, 714KB]

Using a prepay solution can drive higher customer satisfaction, energy conservation, and lower utility operating costs.

Standing at a Security Crossroads [PDF, 826KB]

Whether it’s dealing with an increasing number of locations needing any-to-any connectivity, the challenge of managing widely dispersed firewalls, or keeping up with never-ending security threats, you may be at a crossroads: Do you continue on a “do it yourself” security path, or take a different road?

Mobility Strategy and Technology Consulting by AT&T [PDF, 2MB]

Today’s mobility innovations are consumer-driven and are creating new ways in which businesses interact with their customers and their employees.

Share, Store, Sync, and Secure Data on any Device, Anywhere [PDF, 937KB]

AT&T’s DataAnyplace, powered by Citrix ShareFile, provides a secure and robust enterprise ready follow-me data solution that enables IT to meet the mobility and collaboration needs of all users. DataAnyplace is a powerful service that is simple for IT to implement and manage, requires no additional investment and allows IT to give end users the features they desire with an Enterprise ready cloud storage solution.

AT&T Secure Network Gateway Service [PDF, 837KB]

A multi-layered managed network security strategy and platform is your best defense against cyber threats and attacks.

SIP Transformation Services [PDF, 586KB]

SIP has become the established standard for voice transport and integration for Contact Centers and Unified Communications. Incorporating SIP to your Contact Center allows faster deployment of omni-channel services and reliable context-rich interactions to efficiently maximize your customer’s experience.

AT&T Proxy Services [PDF, 766KB]

AT&T Proxy Services intermediates between the Internet and Customer to offer an added layer of security and control to Web-based traffic and enforcement of a wide variety of policies.

AT&T Network-Based Firewall Service [PDF, 817KB]

The AT&T Network-based Firewall Service eliminates the need to install customer premises firewalls and dedicated internet connectivity at each of your locations; allowing you to manage and control employee access to the Internet while preventing unauthorized access into your corporate network.

AT&T IP Toll-Free Service [PDF, 915KB]

AT&T IP Toll-Free is an inbound Voice over IP (VoIP) service providing delivery of toll-free calls directly to your locations.

AT&T Consulting - Vulnerability Scanning Services [PDF, 2MB]

Discover the vulnerabilities placing your information assets at risk.

AT&T Consulting - Meaningful Use Security Risk Analysis [PDF, 829KB]

The AT&T Consulting HITECH security readiness assessment bundle provides a proven approach for healthcare entities to navigate, interpret, implement and enforce HITECH measures in their organization.

Workspace Management from AT&T [PDF, 730KB]

AT&T, Workspace Management helps manage and extend your organization’s reach while protecting your most critical assets.

AT&T Mobile Enterprise Management [PDF, 915KB]

Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) solutions can help simplify the complexity. Enterprise Mobility Management is a compilation of advanced mobility solutions, from network security and device control, to content distribution, workspace management and through the entire lifecycle of application development.

AT&T Mobile Application Management [PDF, 748KB]

Mobile Application Management (MAM) helps IT organizations protect sensitive data by controlling access to the applications which access that data.

Gain Control and Visibility with Mobile Device Management from AT&T [PDF, 843KB]

AT&T offers a variety of solutions designed to meet enterprise needs, on-premises, in the cloud, and managed and hosted environments.

AT&T VPN Service [PDF, 934KB]

AT&T Virtual Private Network (AT&T VPN) is a network-based IP VPN solution with a wide range of features and the flexibility to choose the options you require today, and over time.

A Holistic Solution to Addressing Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) [PDF, 966KB]

BYOD can help to attract talent, empower workers, streamline processes, improve productivity, and boost morale.

AT&T Virtual Private Network Tunneling Services [PDF, 977KB]

AT&T VPN Tunneling Service is an IP-based service that sends encrypted confidential business data over the Internet or other public networks.

Network Integration Solutions [PDF, 747KB]

By offering integrated, global, end-to-end services, solutions and support, AT&T provides a single point of contact and accountability that mitigates risk and ensures well managed implementations.

IBM Cloud Managed Services with AT&T NetBond [PDF, 688KB]

Employ the cloud expertise of two industry leaders in a single, fully managed solution as you move your production-level workloads into the cloud.

AT&T Mobility Solutions Services (MSS) [PDF, 738KB]

AT&T strategy consultants assist customers in understanding technology trends and how mobility can add value to an organization’s business processes.

hybris Multi-Channel Suite Product Brief [PDF, 737KB]

Build your commerce website with hybris software lets you deliver a top-notch and consistent multichannel experience that is highly personalized.

AT&T Mobile Application Development [PDF, 889KB]

Design, build and run dynamic enterprise mobile business applications for B2E, B2C and B2P.

AT&T Premises-Based Firewall Service [PDF, 804KB]

AT&T Premises-Based Managed Firewall Service is a fully managed solution providing a highly functional layer of security to your networks, including all hardware and software components, configuration, installation, day to day management and maintenance, as well as expert customer support and proactive network monitoring.

Voice Transformation: Taking the First Steps [PDF, 581KB]

Preview the critical steps companies can take to transform voice communications across the enterprise.

AT&T Unified Communications Services for the Retail Marketplace [PDF, 757KB]

Accelerate your business processes with customers, vendors and strategic partners across your retail ecosystem.

AT&T UC Services Support Center [PDF, 2MB]

The AT&T UC Services Support Center provides a single point of contact across the AT&T UC Services solution lifecycle from provisioning, training and testing to on-going support. Support covers AT&T UC Central, AT&T UC Voice, underlying transport and components that encompass and impact the UC Services environment.

Building the Business Case For IP: Making your Existing Network Do More [PDF, 674KB]

IP networks not only helps your business run more smoothly, but also prepares you to add more applications to benefit your business, such as voice and UC.

Reach for the Cloud to Transform How You Deliver Voice Services [PDF, 670KB]

When it comes to voice communications, the benefits of the cloud are loud and clear: scalability that can meet your needs and access to the most advanced voice capabilities available.

AT&T Mobile Enterprise Applications Platform: Maintenance and Repair for Hospitality [PDF, 2MB]

Enhancing guest satisfaction through mobility.

AT&T Mobile Enterprise Applications Platform: Sales [PDF, 760KB]

Accelerate the selling process with access to real-time data.

AT&T Mobile Enterprise Applications Platform: Merchandising for the Consumer Goods Industry [PDF, 833KB]

Improving execution in the field with mobility.

Are You Ready For a DDoS Attack? [PDF, 412KB]

DDoS threat preparedness tips.

Expand Your Reach with AT&T Telepresence Solution Guest Access [PDF, 892KB]

The guest access feature of AT&T Telepresence Solution lets you conference with virtually anyone you do business with.  Learn about the capabilities and requirements, as well as scheduling and troubleshooting suggestions.

AT&T Connect for Education [PDF, 2MB]

In today’s highly mobile and social environment, the classroom experience may not be enough to keep students and faculty engaged. Our lives are dynamic, and our method for teaching and learning needs to be as well. That’s where AT&T Connect – our seamless audio, web and video conferencing tool – comes in to play. Reach anyone, virtually anywhere, on virtually any device!

AT&T Virtual Desktop Service [PDF, 619KB]

AT&T Virtual Desktop Service can ease the burden on your IT staff and free them to work on other priorities.

AT&T Mobile Security Service [PDF, 939KB]

AT&T Mobile Security service integrates device-level security features with network-based security controls and encrypted transport to provide a comprehensive, holistic approach to mobile security.

Network Sourcing Delivers Transformation [PDF, 702KB]

AT&T Network Sourcing is a model for building a custom compute network that evolves with your business.

AT&T Applications Performance Management [PDF, 963KB]

Applications Performance Management enables your business to run more efficiently every day so you can have a more leaner network.

Security Checklist: Are You Protected? [PDF, 2MB]

This checklist is designed to help you evaluate your security position, identify areas of vulnerability or omission, and help assess areas of risk that may need attention.

Telepresence Face Value Infographic [PDF, 309KB]

Face-to-face communications are critical for building successful business relationships, but face-to-face doesn't necessarily mean in-person. Best practice companies are investing in telepresence and reaping the benefits.

Ethernet Services from AT&T [PDF, 625KB]

Leverage What You Have Today to Build Tomorrow's Network.

AT&T Network Sourcing: Aligning your Enterprise Network to your Business Strategy [PDF, 869KB]

Free up your IT staff while simplifying and strengthening your network, whether it’s your WAN, your Mobility environment, or your core voice communications.

Rapid Adoption Marketing Program [PDF, 823KB]

AT&T created the Rapid Adoption Marketing Program (RAMP) as an internal marketing campaign designed to help you generate excitement and accelerate adoption and utilization of AT&T Telepresence Solution®

AT&T Telepresence Solution Infographic [PDF, 88KB]

Learn key facts about the success of AT&T Telepresence Solution.

Mobile Remote Access Services from AT&T [PDF, 796KB]

Mobile Remote Access Services (MRAS) integrates mobile access to your AT&T VPN network and business infrastructure so employees can access critical business processes, applications, data and networks from virtually anywhere, anytime, with almost any device.

AT&T Telepresence Solution Product Brief [PDF, 999KB]

AT&T Telepresence Solution® offers a flexible, virtual solution for face-to-face intercompany collaboration.

Application Hosting and Management for IBM Websphere Portal [PDF, 2MB]

Effectively manage online content and make timely business decisions.

AT&T VPN Portfolio [PDF, 2MB]

Customize your network design to meet your business needs. Global networking services ranging from individual components to tailored end-to-end solutions.

AT&T Telepresence Solution and the AT&T Difference [PDF, 630KB]

Learn what makes AT&T Telepresence Solution the right choice for your video collaboration needs.

AT&T Security Consulting - Information Assurance - Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA) [PDF, 629KB]

AT&T Consulting will serve as your resource as you work to meet your regulatory and compliance requirements under the Federal Information Security Management Act of 2002 of general support systems and major applications. We provide an independent assessment of the SSP and its implementation to evaluate the security controls for the information system.

Integrate Tools For Unified Communications [PDF, 876KB]

Increase productivity by leveraging unified communications applications that help facilitate improved business processes.

AT&T Payroll BPO Services for Oracle's PeopleSoft Enterprise [PDF, 596KB]

AT&T Hosting & Application Services simplifies your efforts and saves you money. Using Oracle’s PeopleSoft Enterprise Human Capital Management, AT&T’s payroll specialists will work with you to deliver flexible services that fit your business.

Security Event & Threat Analysis [PDF, 857KB]

AT&T Security Event and Threat Analysis service utilizes AT&T's expertise in security analysis and operations to correlate information from multiple devices and device types, both on premises and embedded in the AT&T network.

AT&T Web Application Firewall Service [PDF, 700KB]

AT&T Web Application Firewall Service is a fully managed security service that combines Web Application Firewall technology with expert management and 24x7x365 security monitoring to help protect Web applications and their underlying systems.

Global Broadcast Video Service [PDF, 751KB]

When you have a need for broadcast quality transmission, you can count on AT&T Global Broadcast Video for service that is high capacity, low latency, and virtually jitter-free. Applications can include content acquisition, broadcast quality conferencing and network broadcasts in various speeds and video formats.

AT&T Mobile Solutions [PDF, 2MB]

AT&T Mobile Solutions, a dynamic suite of voice and data service capabilities offered in conjunction with your existing AT&T network solution, driving real-time information to the edge of your enterprise.

AT&T Private Intranet Protect [PDF, 986KB]

AT&T Private Intranet Protect provides threat analysis and notification inside and outside your private network.

AT&T Consulting - Incident Management Program Security Services [PDF, 617KB]

AT&T Consulting takes a holistic approach to Incident Management, addressing elements of people, technology and processes while combining in-depth knowledge and use of Information Security Standards of Good Practice, applicable regulatory requirements and our experience in information security management practices.

AT&T Consulting - SureScan Payment Card Industry Approved Scanning Vendor Solutions [PDF, 679KB]

With AT&T SureScan, our approach to PCI scanning is designed to conduct a thorough vulnerability test of your external facing infrastructure. Our goal is to help you achieve and maintain PCI compliance with your scanning obligation.

AT&T Connect for Human Resources [PDF, 650KB]

AT&T Connect is a strategic web, audio and video conferencing solution that can help your Human Resources department keep pace with its rapidly-expanding role in the company. Whether you resource a small company of 20 employees working locally or a corporate powerhouse of 200,000 distributed globally, AT&T Connect can help you cut costs—and deliver more effective HR services.

AT&T Consulting - Security Services as a Business Enabler [PDF, 621KB]

AT&T Consulting Services can help you establish comprehensive security policies, processes and procedures for governing, managing and sustaining a secure, trusted information infrastructure. As a result, you can confidently open new information exchanges to expand business,increase productivity and decrease time to market.

AT&T Telepresence Solution [PDF, 2MB]

AT&T Telepresence Solution offers Cisco TelePresence™ endpoints giving you the flexibility to broaden your existing video collaboration environments or establish new meeting capabilities.

AT&T Ultravailable Network Service [PDF, 2MB]

See how AT&T Ultravailable Network Service can deliver a converged DWDM/SONET ring solution that will suit your networking needs with options to change your network as your business evolves.

Optical Private Line Service [PDF, 2MB]

Optical Private Line service is a dedicated connection delivered over fiber and can be: Ethernet, Rings, SONET, Virtual and DWDM or Wave. See how Optical Private Line service can work for you.  

AT&T Connect for the Financial Services Market [PDF, 703KB]

Now you can cut costs, lift productivity and build profitable relationships with better collaboration and customer service.  AT&T Connect is an ideal solution for today’s lean companies in the financial services industry, where time constraints, budget limitations and scheduling nightmares often make in-person meetings unrealistic. It’s also a convenient service for your customers and associates who prefer to do business online.

AT&T Consulting - Security Strategy and Roadmap Service [PDF, 652KB]

The AT&T Security Consulting Strategy and Roadmap service delivers the expert resources, knowledge, and methodologies to assist you in building a complete unified information security program or individual elements within the existing security program.

AT&T Consulting - HITECH Security Readiness Assessment Bundle [PDF, 700KB]

The AT&T Consulting HITECH security readiness assessment is a key component of the AT&T Consulting Governance, Risk & Compliance suite of services. The service provides a cost-effective assessment for HIPAA and HITECH regulatory readiness.

Connect with Ethernet [PDF, 936KB]

AT&T Ethernet Services are available in several configurations and bandwidths and are an easy choice for your data networking needs. This easy to carry brochure explains the differences between service types along with diagrams and a matrix.

AT&T Consulting - Application Security Health Check Assessment Bundle [PDF, 616KB]

AT&T Consulting offers the Application Security Health Check Assessment Bundle, which offers a focused review of the ability of a targeted web application to protect the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of the data it processes; its ability to enforce user role and access decisions; and its capabilities to withstand common attempts at compromise.

AT&T Consulting - Governance, Risk and Compliance Services [PDF, 652KB]

The Governance, Risk and Compliance security consulting arm of AT&T Consulting offers a variety of services that help you meet governance, risk management and compliance goals. These services are custom tailored to meet the needs of most major industries.

AT&T Consulting - Enterprise Security Assessment Services [PDF, 621KB]

AT&T Consulting Enterprise Security Assessment (ESA) Service offers you a comprehensive assessment that addresses a wide scope of potential issues in your environment relative to security and privacy. We perform a comprehensive assessment of your organization’s information security posture, utilizing the ESA Framework.

AT&T Consulting - AT&T SureSeal Security Certified Program [PDF, 917KB]

SureSeal is based on our experiences and observations that, while there are many standards and laws to which companies must comply, there has been no program to address compliance requirements and IT components holistically. SureSeal customers have found that such an approach can help to reduce compliance costs and streamline regulatory efforts.

AT&T Consulting - Payment Card Industry Security Assessment Solution Bundle for Small/Mid-Sized Merchants [PDF, 590KB]

AT&T offers a comprehensive PCI assessment solution bundle for small merchants helping you define and implement a meaningful PCI compliance program, from a governance, process and technology perspective. Our goal is to help our clients create a sustainable program to help establish and maintain their PCI compliance.

AT&T Consulting - Payment Card Industry Remediation Services [PDF, 583KB]

AT&T Consulting is uniquely qualified to provide Payment Card Industry (PCI) remediation services. PCI compliance should not be an event, but rather an ongoing program of continuous and improving performance.

AT&T Consulting - Solutions for Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard Compliance [PDF, 589KB]

AT&T offers a range of comprehensive, customized PCI compliance solutions that objectively match each requirement to the most effective possible solution. In addition, AT&T Consulting provides assessment, remediation, program development, penetration testing, and code review services that help companies address specific areas of PCI compliance and common practice.

AT&T Consulting - Security Solutions for Payment Card Industry (PCI) Compliance [PDF, 745KB]

Any company that processes, stores or transmits credit card data must comply with the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard. AT&T offers a robust suite of compliance solutions for the PCI Industry. The suite includes consulting, managed security, strong authentication, and project planning and management services.

AT&T Consulting - Security Services for Mergers and Acquisitions [PDF, 385KB]

Information Security needs to be an integral part of the M&A process. The changing security, risk and threat profile requires that a security strategy be defined and executed during M&A. This Security Strategy brings together the relevant people, processes and technology to address the security challenges as a merged business.

AT&T Consulting - Federal Trade Commission Security Program Assessment [PDF, 712KB]

AT&T Consulting has developed an approach to performing FTC required assessments. Our team holds the requisite FTC required security industry certifications to certify that your security program operates effectively, providing reasonable assurance that the security, confidentiality and integrity of Personal Information is protected.

AT&T Consulting - Certification Services for the Health Information Trust Alliance (HITRUST) [PDF, 836KB]

AT&T Consulting provides three HITRUST related services including Readiness Assessment, Remediation Support and Certification Assessment.

AT&T Managed Hosting At A Glance [PDF, 639KB]

Tri-Fold brochure highlighting three of AT&T's flexible options for hosted servers -  Advanced Server Monitoring, Server and Operating System Support (SOSS) and Advanced Server Management.

Application Hosting and Management for IBM WebSphere Commerce [PDF, 915KB]

AT&T brings you the right skills to support IBM WebSphere Commerce and keep it running at its peak, along with the right infrastructure to handle the system, no matter how your business fluctuates.

AT&T Connect for the Healthcare Market [PDF, 2MB]

The healthcare industry is currently facing some very dynamic and exciting times. Government programs and mandates, along with a more demanding and educated patient population can be seen as a challenge and an opportunity at the same time.  Collaboration tools are essential to healthcare as a means to improve coordination of care and reduce overall cost.

Build It For Me Web Hosting Bundle [PDF, 680KB]

This brochure provides information on the Build It For Me Web Hosting Bundle.

Get Me Started Web Hosting Bundle [PDF, 680KB]

This brochure provides information on the Get Me Started Web Hosting Bundle.

Great Transformers - AT&T: A Smart Choice for Utilities [PDF, 61KB]

Teaming with Itron, SmartSynch, Cooper Power Systems and Silver Spring Networks to provide a suite of solutions for utilities looking to move forward with smart grid installation plans.

Tomorrow's Intelligent Utility: Smart Grid [PDF, 3MB]

Energy and utilities, are you ready for tomorrow?

AT&T WorkBench [PDF, 589KB]

Now with AT&T WorkBench, the AT&T Mobile Enterprise Applications Platform (AT&T MEAP) enables enterprises to harness the full power and potential of the iPhone for their field workforces.

AT&T Mobile Enterprise Applications Platform [PDF, 1017KB]

The AT&T Mobile Enterprise Applications Platform is designed expressly for enterprises that want to incorporate a strategic mobile technology platform into their existing IT infrastructure.

TeleNav Track from AT&T - BlackBerry flier [PDF, 823KB]

Put location knowledge at your fingertips. Maximize the productivity of your business anytime from anywhere.

TeleNav Track LITE from AT&T [PDF, 892KB]

Now there’s a low-cost, easy way to track your fleet of vehicles or mobile workers when they’re in the field.

TeleNav Track from AT&T [PDF, 342KB]

TeleNav Track combines the latest advances in GPS, wireless and Web technologies to make mobile workforce and asset management an affordable reality for businesses of all sizes.

TeleNav Asset Tracker from AT&T [PDF, 243KB]

Put the precision of GPS tracking to work for your business to get the most out of your field equipment and portable assets.

AT&T Control Center [PDF, 547KB]

AT&T Control Center, powered by Jasper Wireless, enables machine-to-machine (M2M) deployments. This unique platform helps you reduce operational expense, address new revenue streams and improve time to market.

AT&T Business in a Box for Small Businesses [PDF, 1005KB]

AT&T Business in a Box – High Speed Internet A Network-Hosted VoIP Solution that delivers enhanced communication tools over the AT&T industry leading global IP network.

AT&T Consulting - Security Services for Next Generation Healthcare [PDF, 637KB]

AT&T Consulting Services takes a holistic approach to healthcare privacy and compliance, addressing elements of people, technology, and processes.

AT&T OPT-E-WAN: A VPLS Service [PDF, 671KB]

AT&T OPT-E-WAN® is the Carrier Ethernet service that can connect Metro Area Networks with VPLS to create Wide Area Networks for an end to end Ethernet connection.

AT&T Hosting & Application Services Capabilities [PDF, 2MB]

If your company lacks the time or in-house expertise to keep your applications purring, you can rely on AT&T...which has more than a decade of experience hosting and managing applications.  

Solve Your Remote Access Needs With a Solid Networking Environment [PDF, 988KB]

AT&T Network-based IP VPN Remote Access solutions are designed to provide secure, reliable remote access of critical applications across a unified global platform - the AT&T Global Network.

AT&T Shared Web Hosting Service [PDF, 469KB]

AT&T helps you establish an online business presence and gives you the ability to create your own business website without the cost of maintaining expensive server equipment or access.  

Web Hosting from AT&T [PDF, 2MB]

With AT&T Web Hosting services, we can help you create a professional online presence – faster, easier, and less costly than you could do it yourself. And all for a predictable monthly fee.

AT&T Private Video Management Service [PDF, 757KB]

Acquire, ingest, store, manage, retrieve, publish, and index your video content.

Managed Hosting Solutions from AT&T [PDF, 823KB]

It’s a heavy burden to manage infrastructure for any IT organization, but there is a way to lighten the load with Managed Hosting solutions from AT&T.

AT&T Colocation Hosting Services [PDF, 493KB]

AT&T offers colocation services from 38 Internet Data Centers globally.

AT&T Consulting - Payment Card Industry Program Management [PDF, 711KB]

The AT&T Consulting PCI Program Management offers a comprehensive approach to PCI compliance developed to provide the solutions needed for complex PCI compliance challenges.

AT&T Wi-Fi Services: End to End Connectivity for Higher Education [PDF, 2MB]

AT&T Wi-Fi Services provides the KEY to a complete integrated Wi-Fi infrastructure providing smooth, continuous connectivity throughout the campus environment to keep your students, faculty and staff connected.

AT&T Wi-Fi Services: When it's Time to Call in a Specialist [PDF, 2MB]

AT&T Wi-Fi Services provides the KEY to a complete integrated Wi-Fi infrastructure offering smooth, continuous connectivity throughout your healthcare facility to keep your patients, physicians and staff connected.

AT&T Wi-Fi: Catering to the Needs of the Hospitality Industry [PDF, 2MB]

AT&T Wi-Fi Services provides the KEY to a complete integrated Wi-Fi infrastructure providing smooth, continuous connectivity throughout your venue to keep your guests, staff and back office connected.

AT&T Wi-Fi Services: Bringing More Choices to the Retail Industry [PDF, 2MB]

AT&T Wi-Fi Services provides the KEY to a complete integrated Wi-Fi infrastructure providing smooth, continuous connectivity throughout your retail establishment to keep your customers connected.

AT&T Wi-Fi Services: Setting the Stage for Large Venues [PDF, 2MB]

AT&T Wi-Fi Services provides the KEY to a complete integrated Wi-Fi infrastructure providing smooth, continuous connectivity throughout your stadium to keep your fans connected and offer the ultimate alternative to "Home Theater".

AT&T Services for Siebel Customer Relationship Management Solutions [PDF, 2MB]

AT&T provides hosting, application management and support for Siebel Customer Relationship Management software to help you achieve top performance

AT&T Services for Oracle Hyperion [PDF, 2MB]

AT&T application management services for Oracle Hyperion provide a complete solution for hosting, managing and supporting your Hyperion environment.

Security Device Management [PDF, 681KB]

AT&T Security Device Management service lets you take advantage of AT&T’s Security Network Operations Centers expertise to manage your existing security hardware, manage your security infrastructure, or migrate to a custom security architecture designed to meet your specific requirements.

M2M 360 [PDF, 355KB]

Network Assets. Expertise and Ecosystem. Innovative Service Platforms. Proven Achievements. AT&T M2M 360.

Enterprise On-Demand [PDF, 399KB]

Whether you deploy wireless devices to customer-facing field operatives or to unmanned telemetry stations, Enterprise on-Demand's valuable set of wireless services can help you save time and money.

AT&T eBill [PDF, 156KB]

AT&T eBill is an online support solution for managing your AT&T wireless and wireline invoices conveniently and efficiently anytime, anywhere.

The Retail Ecosystem - at your fingertips [PDF, 9MB]

Need to improve merchandising execution? Or supply chain management or facilities operations? AT&T's innovative and comprehensive suite of business solutions can help!

The Petrochemical Ecosystem - at your fingertips [PDF, 975KB]

From crude oil to refinery to processing and delivery, the petrochemical industry has diverse operations that need dynamic solutions. AT&T business solutions meets those needs!

The Manufacturing Ecosystem - at your fingertips [PDF, 822KB]

Accelerate delivery cycles, improve responsiveness and customer satisfaction, and better manage and control the costs of service delivery. The world's largest high-tech manufacturers benefit from AT&T's expertise, so can your enterprise!

The Hospitality Ecosystem - at your fingertips [PDF, 3MB]

The hospitality industry, including hotels, restaurants and entertainment venues, has diverse operational needs. AT&T's comprehensive suite of business solutions meets them!

The Construction Ecosystem - at your fingertips [PDF, 2MB]

Looking for practical ways to keep projects on schedule? Maintain effective communications across project teams? Manage quality assurance and come in on budget? AT&T business solutions can help!

The Automotive Ecosystem - at your fingertips [PDF, 3MB]

Diverse organizations in the automotive industry - parts and components suppliers, OEMs, dealers and after-market service providers - need innovative solutions. AT&T's comprehensive suite of business solutions provides them.

Cloud Storage: AT&T Synaptic Storage as a Service [PDF, 574KB]

AT&T Synaptic Storage as a Service gives you scalable, pay-per-use data storage you can access anywhere via web-enabled devices.

AT&T Business VoIP Portfolio [PDF, 823KB]

Explore and integrate your current network with voice transformation options available from AT&T.

SharePoint Services [PDF, 727KB]

To help improve workplace efficiency, call on AT&T to implement, host, and manage your Microsoft® SharePoint® application.

TopLineISV Incubation Center [PDF, 625KB]

AT&T’s low-risk, low-cost TopLineISV Incubation Center gives independent software vendors (ISVs) a sandbox environment for refining their product's technical architecture. This, combined with our e-day Technical Design Workshop, puts ISVs on the path for on-demand delivery.

ToplineISV SaaS Enablement Program [PDF, 635KB]

AT&T’s unique SaaS enablement program, TopLineISV, helps you through every stage of operating a successful SaaS business. With a minimal investment, you can tap into AT&T’s infrastructure, methodologies, expertise and reputation to avoid newcomers’ missteps and immediately seize a competitive advantage.

AT&T Evaluation and Implementation Hosting Services for SAP [PDF, 873KB]

Reduce your SAP implementation risks through careful and thorough evaluation and quality assurance phases. Take advantage of AT&T Evaluation and Implementation Hosting Services for SAP.

AT&T Services for IBM WebSphere Application Server [PDF, 816KB]

Using IBM WebSphere Application Server, AT&T can help you build, run, integrate and manage dynamic web applications that keep pace with business change – letting you quickly add new web applications and functionality.

AT&T Web Application Support Services [PDF, 778KB]

AT&T’s suite of web application support services identifies problems proactively, before they affect your bottom line, and helps ensure that your website performs at its peak.

AT&T Application Integration Services [PDF, 2MB]

AT&T’s Application Integration Services use service-oriented architecture (SOA) and the latest web services technology to consolidate your systems and help ensure they are highly scalable, flexible and adaptable to your future business requirements.

AT&T Services for Oracle's PeopleSoft Enterprise [PDF, 2MB]

AT&T Hosting & Application Services will be your trusted provider at every phase of the application lifecycle. We can take complete responsibility for your Oracle's PeopleSoft Enterprise environment – from implementation and infrastructure management to operational support.

Oracle Application Services from AT&T [PDF, 974KB]

AT&T can host, manage and support your Oracle applications - keeping them running smoothly and allowing you to reap their full business value.

Remote Infrastructure Management [PDF, 2MB]

AT&T's Remote Infrastructure Management service helps you build and operate your company's critical IT infrastructure more efficiently, without having to move from your current site.

Application Management and Support Services for Ariba [PDF, 806KB]

AT&T offers a comprehensive application hosting and management program for Ariba spend management that lets you reap top value.

AT&T Messaging and Collaboration [PDF, 702KB]

AT&T Hosting & Application Services brings the know-how, resources and tools to manage and maintain your enterprise messaging system for you. We integrate all elements so electronic communications truly improve employee productivity.

Emergency Service Provider Data Service [PDF, 110KB]

Emergency Service Provider Data Service provides up-to-date subscriber listings to assist government agencies in delivery of emergency notifications.

AT&T Telepresence Solution [PDF, 456KB]

The AT&T Telepresence Solution is an end-to-end high definition videoconferencing package that offers an "in-person" meeting experience with employees, customers, suppliers, and partners around the globe.  This new collaboration technology gives participants the feelling of being in the same room as other participants in remote locations.  

AT&T Global Network Client [PDF, 2MB]

AT&T Global Network Client supports and expands your reach to a variety of VPN technologies.

AT&T Alternate Bill Media [PDF, 665KB]

AT&T Alternate Bill Media lets you receive your billing information in a form that's convenient for you.

AT&T's Commitment to a World Class Customer Experience [PDF, 977KB]

Learn how AT&T improves the Customer Experience by focusing on key areas and by assessing performance through benchmarking and direct customer feedback.

Wireless Wide Area Network [PDF, 293KB]

Wireless Wide Area Network connectivity from AT&T can help businesses stay connected, reduce installation intervals and enable data transmission and transaction processing from almost anywhere.

Protect and Control Your Smartphones with Mobile Management [PDF, 764KB]

Device Protection & Control is a simple solution to the complex problem of mobile device management. This integrated, hosted solution puts smartphone security and management at your fingertips.

AT&T Private Line Service [PDF, 403KB]

AT&T Private Line Service lets you connect your locations with safe, efficient and reliable communications at high speeds using AT&Ts  network. Utilizing AT&Ts Private Line Service portfolio brings the availability, reliability, network management and support that allows you to customize your network.

AT&T Local Private Line Service [PDF, 378KB]

AT&T Local Private Line Service gives you the ability to build your local network any way you want with the speeds and quality you expect.

AT&T Local Private Line Service offers speeds of DS1, DS3, DS3 with mux, OC3, OC3c, OC12, OC12c, OC48c, OC192c, STM1, STM4, STM16.

AT&T Synaptic HostingSM [PDF, 826KB]

AT&T Synaptic Hosting provides a complete, managed IT ecosystem for you to load and run your applications.  Access the product brief and learn more about this pay-as-you-go, utility-based solution.

AT&T Network-Based IP VPN Remote Access [PDF, 977KB]

Solve your remote access needs with a solid networking environment utilizing AT&T Network-based IP VPN Remote Access

AT&T MPLS Private Network Transport Services [PDF, 407KB]

Link all your domestic U.S. sites to a single IP network that easily integrates locations and applications.  

AT&T Enhanced VPN Services [PDF, 422KB]

Streamline the design, deployment and management or your network with our fully managed VPN services.    

AT&T Optical Mesh Service [PDF, 718KB]

Optical Mesh Service is the ideal solution for customers with multiple on-net locations, data centers or business units  that need to flex links between those locations or need to restore mission critical service between on-net locations for disaster recovery. Pay a single rate for any number of configurations.

AT&T Global Video Service [PDF, 714KB]

This product brief describes the benefits and features of AT&T Global Video Service.

The Boardroom. Reinvented. [PDF, 242KB]

A completely new way to collaborate! The AT&T Telepresence Solution enables connections across companies and locations, so you can meet 'face-to-face' more easily and frequently, accelerate decision-making and increase productivity.  

International Private Line [PDF, 485KB]

Dependable connectivity. AT&T International
Private Line Service delivers nearly flawless
voice and data transmission among your
international locations through AT&T's extensive
undersea network of fiber-optic cable.

AT&T Web Hosting - Virtual And Managed Dedicated Servers [PDF, 431KB]

If you are a new webmaster, would like to take your company online, or just need a place to run your software or applications, AT&T Web Hosting has the solution for you.  With Virtual Dedicated Server or Managed Dedicated Server, you can set up an e-commerce store, manage unlimited email addresses, run different websites, and have a space for all your internal and external business web needs.

AT&T Voice Services Portfolio [PDF, 3MB]

Voice communication continues to be the lifeline of business. This AT&T Voice Services Portfolio brochure outlines the depth and breadth of AT&T's voice networking solutions. Get an overview and learn about the benefits and features of the following services: Local, Long Distance, Centrex (22 US States), Toll-Free, Global, Teleconference, Calling Card and Integrated Offers.

Application Development Services [PDF, 729KB]

For meeting highly specific requirements, building a custom application is often the way to go. AT&T's experts coordinate all phases of even the most complex projects—from custom design through implementation, as well as hosting, management, and support.

AT&T Endpoint Security Service [PDF, 483KB]

Protect your network from threats and intrusions entering from remote devices.

AT&T DDoS Defense [PDF, 817KB]

Stop denial of service attacks from taking your network down with AT&T DDoS Defense.

AT&T Internet Protect [PDF, 961KB]

Get early warning notification of network threats with AT&T Internet Protect.

AT&T Managed Security Services [PDF, 940KB]

AT&T helps prevent, detect and respond to cyber-attacks and business interruptions.

AT&T Server Monitoring & Management [PDF, 368KB]

AT&T Server Monitoring & Management Services are a suite of capabilities that support your hosting environment including your software, operating system, web, application, database and other servers in an AT&T Internet Data Center or your own Data Center.

AT&T IP Flexible Reach - A SIP Trunking Solution [PDF, 2MB]

AT&T IP Flexible Reach is a managed IP trunking solution that supports inbound and outbound calling on your data network, providing unlimited on-net, unlimited local, and US long distance & international calling for your U.S. sites.  You can utilize this solution with your key system, a TDM PBX or even a certified IP PBX.

AT&T Application Acceleration [PDF, 663KB]

This brochure provides an overview of AT&T's Application Acceleration capabilities, which can improve Web application performance and user experience for customers hosted in AT&T IDCs.

AT&T Videoconferencing Services [PDF, 375KB]

AT&T Videoconferencing Services is the only full-service videoconferencing provider that offers seamless integration with the world class AT&T MPLS network.  

AT&T Voice DNA - A Network-Hosted VoIP Solution [PDF, 792KB]

AT&T Voice DNASM is a cutting-edge fully hosted VoIP solution that includes advanced features, flexible calling plans, and a full suite of management services and tools that help ensure that you provide the best overall service to your customers, your employees and your partners.

AT&T Business Network (ABN) [PDF, 368KB]

This brochure discusses the many benefits of using AT&T Business Network (ABN) Service for almost all of your communication needs.

AT&T StorageConnect Service [PDF, 492KB]

This Product Brief describes AT&T StorageConnect Service -- a fully managed, flexible, multi-location storage transport service. StorageConnect Service converts storage protocols to any high-speed network protocol and also provides vital network channel extension capabilities, to allow replication over greater distances.

AT&T Hurricane Readiness [PDF, 552KB]

Learn how AT&T is prepared for a hurricane when it strikes; and about our commitment to providing customers with fully operating telecommunications and networks, vital to impacted areas and the rest of the country, following any disaster.

AT&T Business Continuity Professional Services [PDF, 381KB]

This Product Brief provides an overview on how AT&T Business Continuity Professional Services enable you to make informed decisions about your business continuity programs, strategies and investments.

AT&T Integrated Global Enterprise Management System (iGEMS) [PDF, 440KB]

This Product Brief shows how the AT&T iGEMS platform helps clients meet their business objectives by monitoring and managing the performance of a client's network, servers, and applications through advanced root-cause fault analysis and event correlation.

AT&T Token Authentication Service [PDF, 843KB]

This Product Brief describes AT&T Token Authentication Service, a managed service designed to make access to your network more secure by replacing the use of simple passwords with a strong two-factor authentication method employing SecurID tokens.

AT&T BusinessDirect Portal [PDF, 502KB]

This Product Brief provides an overview of the AT&T BusinessDirect® Portal, a value-added extension of our managed services that provides enhanced visibility and control of a managed solution.

AT&T Internet Data Center Transformation [PDF, 369KB]

This Product Brief provides an overview of AT&T Internet Data Center Transformation, a single-source solution from AT&T for migrating a internet data or hosting center from one location to another. The service includes project planning, preparation, management, hardware (HW) and software (SW) migration planning, connectivity, migration, planning, mover coordination, and multi-vendor management with single-sourced accountability.

AT&T Managed Intrusion Detection Brochure [PDF, 737KB]

This Product Brief presents an overview of the features and benefits of AT&T Managed Intrusion Detection Service, a fully managed, comprehensive, IP network attack recognition and response solution for network security.

Improved Productivity and Customer Satisfaction at Your Fingertips [PDF, 2MB]

Send highly secure messages—including near-real time video and audio chatting—between individual users or entire groups, and link content to social networks or on-the-fly presentations to remote meeting participants.

Highly secure, mobile device recycling program designed to offset cost [PDF, 3MB]

Organizations and employees are turning to mobile solutions for improved productivity and innovation, increasing the prevalence and reliance on mobile devices in the workplace.

5 ways to tackle mobility challenges [PDF, 2MB]

We provide full end-to-end solutions and services, from the structuring of an agency mobility strategy and custom development to the integration, hosting, and lifecycle management of mobile applications.

Mobile Device Deployment Services Packages [PDF, 2MB]

Your frontline resource for deploying and supporting enterprise mobility solutions, helping you to control overhead costs and free up in-house resources for other mission-critical projects.

Global Mobile Management Brochure [PDF, 5MB]

Learn more about AT&T's Global Mobile Management Solutions.