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Meetings for the Mobile Business [Service Brochure]

Simple, easy to use conferencing capabilities can help you bring people together whether they’re in the office, offsite, or at different spots around the world.

Telepresence Management Options [Service Brochure]

AT&T Telepresence Solution offers a variety of customer care options to best fit your needs.  Review the differences between Managed Care, Essential Care and Help Desk Service.

AT&T Telepresence Solution, Polycom Managed Service Bundles [Service Brochure]

AT&T Telepresence Solution offers the flexibility to choose from a variety of Polycom endpoints as part of a managed service bundle. Options cover personal/desktop, multipurpose conference rooms and immersive video collaboration environments.

Collaborate On-Demand with AT&T Telepresence Solution Virtual Meeting Rooms [Service Brochure]

The virtual meeting room feature of AT&T Telepresence Solution lets you enjoy the flexibility of conducting reservationless, multipoint video meetings on demand with the ease of a conference call.

AT&T Telepresence Solution and Pervasive Video with Polycom RealPresence Solutions [Service Brochure]

The AT&T vision of pervasive video means giving you the power of visual collaboration virtually anytime, anywhere.

AT&T Business Exchange [Service Brochure]

Through the power of pervasive video, best in class organizations are transforming how they work, improving their results and gaining a competitive edge.

Take Command of your AT&T Telepresence Solution Meeting with Active Meeting Management [Service Brochure]

You can now take control and manage your AT&T Telepresence Solution meetings with Active Meeting Management (AMM), giving you real-time management of your in progress scheduled and Virtual Meeting Room (VMR) meetings.

AT&T Telepresence Solution and Pervasive Video [Service Brochure]

Learn how the AT&T vision of pervasive video means giving you the power of visual collaboration virtually anytime, anywhere.

Expand Your Reach with AT&T Telepresence Solution Guest Access [Service Brochure]

The guest access feature of AT&T Telepresence Solution lets you conference with virtually anyone you do business with.  Learn about the capabilities and requirements, as well as scheduling and troubleshooting suggestions.

Telepresence Face Value Infographic [Service Brochure]

Face-to-face communications are critical for building successful business relationships, but face-to-face doesn't necessarily mean in-person. Best practice companies are investing in telepresence and reaping the benefits.

Rapid Adoption Marketing Program [Service Brochure]

AT&T created the Rapid Adoption Marketing Program (RAMP) as an internal marketing campaign designed to help you generate excitement and accelerate adoption and utilization of AT&T Telepresence Solution®

AT&T Telepresence Solution Infographic [Service Brochure]

Learn key facts about the success of AT&T Telepresence Solution.

AT&T Telepresence Solution Product Brief [Service Brochure]

AT&T Telepresence Solution® offers a flexible, virtual solution for face-to-face intercompany collaboration.

AT&T Telepresence Solution and the AT&T Difference [Service Brochure]

Learn what makes AT&T Telepresence Solution the right choice for your video collaboration needs.

AT&T Telepresence Solution [Service Brochure]

AT&T Telepresence Solution offers Cisco TelePresence™ endpoints giving you the flexibility to broaden your existing video collaboration environments or establish new meeting capabilities.

Case Studies (1)
Tech Mahindra Makes New Connections [Case Study]

Managed, global network supports platforms for cost-effective communication and supports tools for enhanced collaboration.

Demos (13)
AT&T Virtual Meeting Rooms [Video, 3:33]

AT&T Virtual Meeting Rooms Demo.

AT&T Telepresence Solution Virtual Meeting Room [Video, 3:00]

Collaborate on-demand with AT&T Telepresence Solution® virtual meeting rooms adding flexibility to when and where you meet.

AT&T Telepresence Solution [Video, 2:28]

Learn how AT&T is providing more ways to meet as we work toward making telepresence as easy and seamless as making a phone call.

Telepresence Interoperability Demonstration [Video, 5:10]

Imagine a future where telepresence and video conferencing users can connect with any device across multiple networks at a time and a place that’s convenient for them.  

Scheduling an AT&T Telepresence Solution Meeting using the add-in for Microsoft Outlook [Video, 4:23]

Using the AT&T Telepresence Solution® add-in, customers with a hosted deployment can schedule telepresence meetings right within Microsoft Outlook 2007 or 2010.

Scheduling an AT&T Telepresence Solution Meeting [Video, 7:14]

Learn how to schedule a meeting using the AT&T Telepresence Solution web-based scheduling portal. Whether you are connecting Cisco TelePresence, Tandberg, Polycom or Lifesize equipment, the portal allows you to easily set up meetings between internal or external registered locations or connect to non-registered guests.

Attending an AT&T Telepresence Solution Meeting [Video, 6:11]

Learn basic features of AT&T Telepresence Solution including how to initiate a pre-scheduled call, dial an ad hoc meeting, place your location on mute or hold, share laptop content and add an audio bridge if necessary.

AT&T Telepresence Solution Value Case Tool [Video, 6:34]

Have you heard about the benefits of telepresence and video collaboration but you're not sure how they apply to your organization? Learn how AT&T uses a step-by-step method and business transformation process to help you determine the measurable business impact.

Do More. With Telepresence. [Video, 2:15]

Everyone in your organization can use AT&T Telepresence Solution® to improve relationships, increase productivity, and accelerate business.

Telepresence Offers Revolutionary, 'Face-to-Face' Collaboration [Video, 1:44]

This video provides an overview of the AT&T Telepresence SolutionSM - a flexible, turn-key, scalable video conferencing service, offering a unique, business to business, meet-me bridging capability through the AT&T Business Exchange.

AT&T Telepresence Solution is Easy to Use [Video, 1:28]

This video shows how using AT&T Telepresence Solution to enable business to business collaboration and enhance your productivity is as easy as pushing a button or dialing a phone.

Transform Your Business Ecosystem [Demo]

AT&T Telepresence Solution can help you transcend the distance, integrate your supply chain and transform business processes.

AT&T Telepresence Solution - Business Benefit Calculator [Demo]

Interested in improving productivity and helping the environment? Enter a few pieces of information to see how your company could benefit using AT&T Telepresence Solution to meet “face to face” instead of traveling.

Presentations (4)
AT&T Video Conferencing Solution [Video, 1:44]

AT&T Connect customers can now enjoy the flexibility of conducting meetings not only audio and web, but now it includes video.

AT&T Telepresence Solution Simplifies Enterprise Video [Audio, 7:55]

AT&T Telepresence Solution® is simplifying enterprise video with new features like guest access, intercompany direct dial and AT&T management of customer-owned video conferencing equipment from popular vendors.

Podcast: AT&T Telepresence Solution Provides More Value [Audio, 5:45]

In this interview with Executive Sales Director, Mike DeChiara, learn about the AT&T Telepresence Solution enhancements providing more value, more reach and more flexibility for clients in every market segment.

Transform Your Business Using Telepresence [Audio, 7:50]

In this podcast, Alan Benway, Executive Director, Product Marketing Management, describes how companies in many industry segments are getting more done with colleagues, partners and suppliers using AT&T Telepresence Solution.

White Papers (6)
A Best Practice Guide to Pervasive Video [White Paper]

This paper can help organizations lay the foundation towards achieving productive anytime, anywhere video collaboration from a business, operational and cultural perspective.

AT&T Telepresence Solution Security Building Blocks and Principles [White Paper]

For ubiquitous yet secure video communication, AT&T's managed telepresence service provides several layers of security protection.

Business Transformation Through Telepresence [White Paper]

Learn how telepresence can transform your organization. This white paper by the research company Aberdeen Group reveals the best practices for gaining business value and achieving the critical mass adoption of enterprise video collaboration necessary to support your business goals.

Inside AT&T: Briefing Customers through Telepresence [White Paper]

Discover the benefits and tradeoffs of conducting executive briefings via telepresence as well as which situations are best suited for this alternative.

Carbon Disclosure Project Study 2010-The Telepresence Revolution [White Paper]

Telepresence will have a big impact on how we live and work.

Overview of an Emerging Technology: Telepresence Solutions [White Paper]

Telepresence offers a completely new way to collaborate, enabling connections across companies and locations, so you can meet with customers, suppliers and business partners around the globe as if you were all in the same room.

Additional Resources (3)
Video is on the Move Infographic [Additional Resource]

From tablets and smartphones to dedicated conference rooms, video conferencing is quickly becoming the tool of choice for enterprises looking to improve productivity and collaboration.

AT&T Receives Best Practice Award in Hosted and Managed Video Conferencing by Frost & Sullivan [Additional Resource]

“AT&T has the ability to tackle the industry’s key challenges including interoperability, increasing B2B communication, and high complexity of handling video issues.”

Market Share Leadership Award: Video Conferencing Hosted and Managed Services [Additional Resource]

AT&T achieved the leadership position in the North American hosted and managed video conferencing market in both 2011 and 2012.