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Brochures (8)
AT&T Connect for Android Handsets [Service Brochure]

AT&T Connect for Android Handsets offers the ability for participants to join conferences with up to six streams of video with follow the speaker, and includes a location based dialing feature which offers local, in country phone numbers.

AT&T Connect for Android Tablets [Service Brochure]

AT&T Connect for Android tablets offers new features which include the ability to share a web page, share images, and share a file from the cloud. Also included are six streams of video with follow the speaker, and the ability to view documents and applications.

AT&T Connect IE v10 [Service Brochure]

AT&T Connect provides powerful conferencing tools for editing documents and sharing applications. Participants can communicate and collaborate with an array of conferencing features including six streams of video with follow the speaker.

AT&T Connect Mobile v3.7 for iPad [Service Brochure]

The new features and capabilities for AT&T Connect Mobile v3.7 for iPad include six streams of video with follow the speaker and the ability to view documents and applications.

AT&T Connect Event Services [Service Brochure]

AT&T Connect Event Services provides the technology and best practice-based event support to make webinars successful.  From planning and promoting a webinar to capturing the sales leads that result - and every step in between - AT&T Connect Event Services is your complete, single-source solution for low cost, high- impact webinars.  

AT&T Connect for the Transportation and Logistics Industry [Service Brochure]

As a replacement for face-to-face meetings, the powerful conferencing capabilities of AT&T Connect can help you slash travel costs, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, improve collaboration and increase  productivity.  So you save time and money.  

AT&T Connect for the Automotive Industry [Service Brochure]

It takes an entire industry to make a car.  To design it.  Engineer it.  Manufacture, equip, transport, market, and sell it.  And all the steps in between.  AT&T Connect helps connect every link in that chain with powerful collaboration tools.  Designers and engineers can hammer out solutions with project teams across the industry.  Sales reps can reach out to customers across the continent.  And service personnel can access parts across the ocean.   Yet nobody steps outside the door.  

AT&T Connect for Marketing Groups [Service Brochure]

Whether you are a specialized marketing firm helping other companies grow or a hard-working internal department masterminding your own company growth, AT&T Connect can help cut your costs - and deliver more effective marketing services.   

Articles (3)
Insurance Company Creates a Culture of Service Excellence Through Collaboration [Article]

A global, multi-line insurance group responded to its changing market environment with a new strategy, embody a bold new culture of service excellence.  AT&T Connect facilitated this cultural overhaul by providing a virtual classroom for delivering a global collaboration and education program that embraced every employee in less than three months.   

Global Biotechnology Manufacturer Build Higher Value Relationships with Collaboration Tools [Article]

As part of a strategy to build higher value relationships with customers, one global biotechnology manufacturer employed AT&T Connect for conducting training and collaboration sessions with researchers who influenced buying decisions.    

Pharmaceutical Manufacturer Uses Collaboration to Competitive Advantage [Article]

One pharmaceutical company is fundamentally changing the way its 50,000 globally dispersed employees work.  To increase innovation, shorten response time and reach new levels of efficiency across the enterprise, this Fortune 500 is enabling communication and collaboration technology.    

Case Studies (3)
London Towncars finds AT&T Mobility Solutions a Driving Force for Five-Star Service [Case Study]

Reliable and comprehensive mobile communications to further enhance client service.

Tech Mahindra Makes New Connections [Case Study]

Managed, global network supports platforms for cost-effective communication and supports tools for enhanced collaboration.

Keeping the Lines of Communication Wide Open at the Democratic National Convention [Case Study]

Comprehensive communications support including voice, data and Internet connectivity, cloud-based website hosting, network security consulting, mobile communications, mobile application development, voice and web conferencing.

Demos (8)
AT&T Connect Integrated Edition v10 [Demo]

Communicate can collaborate simply and seamlessly! Watch the video tutorial and learn more about the features and capabilities available with AT&T Connect IE v10.

The Magic of the Whiteboard: Don't be Blindfolded in Business Meetings [Video, 0:36]

Sharing documents and presentations is easy. With AT&T Connect, the "Fit to whiteboard" feature enables web conference participants to see the full image in the whiteboard area. That way, ideas can spread freely without losing their magic touch.

AT&T Connect Conferencing: Send a Note [Video, 0:37]

Ever wish you could send a private message to a colleague in a meeting? With AT&T Connect, the “Send a Note” feature allows a participant to type a message directly to another team member, while simultaneously interacting with the group. That way, the right person gets the right message privately.

Step Out of the Conference to Avoid a Pickle [Video, 0:37]

Fortunately, AT&T Connect is designed to help anyone avoid the web conference pickle. The “Step Out” feature allows a participant to leave and rejoin a conference without disrupting the discussion. When enabled, the “Step Out” feature alerts others that you’ve stepped away, and mutes your microphone. It’s just one of the many ways that AT&T Connect makes collaboration easier—and keeps pickles safely between two slices of bread.

AT&T Connect - Business Benefits Calculator [Demo]

Virtual meetings may help you grow your business and reduce your costs. Try our easy to use Business Benefits Calculator to see how AT&T Connect could help your business and help the environment.

Online Collaboration to Create Bugz [Video, 3:38]

Real-time collaboration with AT&T Connect.

Transform Your Business with Online Collaboration [Video, 3:48]

Watch Theodore discover the power of collaboration to improve productivity and transform how you do business.  

UC: Technology to Enable Powerful Collaboration Solutions [Video, 2:49]

Get a glimpse of the technology that can help you communicate and collaborate from almost anywhere, anytime.  Unify your collaboration with AT&T and you can integrate your existing point products into one powerful solution.

Presentations (4)
AT&T Connect: Borderless Conferencing [Video, 1:38]

Unified Communications can help your employees work more effectively. Learn how AT&T Connect goes beyond just conferencing to improve the way you communicate.

AT&T Connect: Tools to Build Your Business [Video, 1:24]

AT&T Connect online web meetings give you a cost effective way to bring the right minds together to communicate, collaborate and create new ideas. Learn more in this AT&T Connect web meeting video.

Build App Solutions Faster with AT&T Connect Conferencing [Video, 2:13]

Watch a globally dispersed team communicate and collaborate, real-time, to develop an app. Colleagues can work together, virtually, with a rich array of audio, web and video conferencing features, increasing productivity and organizational agility. Improve employee satisfaction while reducing travel, overall costs, and the carbon footprint.

Enter the UC zone: A New World Dedicated to Unified Communications [Video, 2:27]

Share. Collaborate. Innovate. Explore the latest in the world of AT&T unified communications and change the way you evolve your communications strategy.