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The difference is in our network

Quickly and easily tap computing, storage, software, development and network resources on demand with cloud services. With available pay as you go service models for some services, overall IT spend and service-commitment terms can be reduced. Our cloud environment is continually scaled and capacity is managed behind the scenes to help make sure that you have the resources you need.

Better manage business growth, seasonal spikes or unexpected surges of business activity with our suite of enterprise grade cloud services:

Cloud Storage

Manage capital expenses and store data on-demand using the enterprise-grade security, performance and reliability of the AT&T network.

Cloud Networking

Experience a network cloud solution that can extend your MPLS VPN to a participating network-enabled ecosystem provider for fast and highly-secure connectivity.

AT&T Private Cloud

AT&T Private Cloud delivers virtualized compute infrastructure resources that are physically dedicated, scalable and customizable for your enterprise.

Virtual Desktop Service

Enable productivity across devices in a highly-secure environment with a desktop solution hosted in a state-of-the art Internet Data Center within the AT&T cloud.

*Trial offer subject to important terms, conditions and restrictions.

What are cloud services?

Cloud technology allows your business to easily and quickly gain access to computing, storage, software, development and network resources when you need them. Basically, IT resources become available on-demand. The cloud model helps offload capital expenses from your enterprise budget and moves it to a “pay-per-use” model, likely reducing:

  • Capital investments
  • IT spend
  • Lengthy turnaround times
  • Service-contract terms

The cloud model

With a cloud solution, the cloud service provider assumes the equipment and software risk. You would not be responsible for upfront purchases of equipment and software. The cloud provider makes the investment in the entire resource pool of equipment and software, and upgrades the resources ahead of your business needs.

What is inside the cloud?

Many types of managed and unmanaged services may be offered from the cloud, including: Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Software as a Service (SaaS).

  • With IaaS, server, storage and local network resources can be made available to your business and billed based on how much each resource is consumed over a certain period of time.
  • More targeted toward developers, PaaS provides tools, operating system platforms and storage necessary to create new web applications. This allows programmers to use new Web services application programming interfaces (APIs) and protocols residing in the cloud to develop a new application quickly.
  • SaaS is a cloud service where software applications become available as a network-based service – users would access them across a wide area network (WAN). It is a cost effective way for businesses to procure the rights to use software on an as-needed basis.

Align IT expenses with growth

Cloud services relieve the stress of paying for assets while betting on business growth to offset costs. They take the guesswork out of capacity planning to avoid expensive over provisioning and risky under provisioning. Capital equipment assets come off the balance sheet, and become a monthly expense. With pay-as-you-use AT&T cloud services, IT expenses align with your business needs.

Supporting your dynamic business

Enterprise cloud solutions give you more control over your IT costs by charging based upon usage. This model allows you to try or test applications without upfront equipment costs. Depending on the solution you choose, the cloud service may expand up or down to meet the needs of your changing business. There is no longer a need to “over provision” equipment to prepare for peak usage. You can simplify your business by putting hosting, applications, data, computing and software resources in the cloud.

Be prepared for unplanned events

Cloud services can be an important part of your business continuity strategy. Hardware and software resources become one big virtual pool that you can use. Should a piece of hardware or software become unavailable, users would continue to be able to reach your applications by being redirected to other available equipment in the pool.

Providing highly secure access to your cloud solution

Obtaining network access service as part of your cloud service package is a key reason why you may want to rely on a large network service provider as your cloud services partner. If you choose to do so, some network service providers can help manage cloud resources and network access collectively as part of one package.

Several options are available to access cloud solutions:

  • Virtual Private Network (VPN) services help provide access to the cloud.

    - With an MPLS VPN, your enterprise traffic travels the MPLS virtual network “cloud,” which is managed by your network service provider. End-to end management also helps to maintain service availability, performance and other metrics to allow for more comprehensive SLAs.

    - Using encryption tunneling, an Internet-based VPN separates your traffic from other Internet users. In this scenario, traffic resources are shared with everyone else using the Internet and multiple carriers may be involved in the solution. The risk of a breach at one or more intersection points may be higher than with an MPLS VPN. This may be a good option to support traveling or remote workers.

  • Cellular networks may also provide highly-secure connectivity to a cloud.

How is AT&T is different from other cloud providers?

AT&T delivers its cloud services over our highly reliable, intelligent network with global reach to a broad range of devices.

As an enterprise-class service provider, we can offer businesses:

  • Significant cost savings in capital and human resources
  • Better SLAs for reliability, performance and security
  • Network access services (public & private) as part of the cloud package
  • Multi-layered security features embedded right into our network
  • The strength, reliability and reach consumer services can’t offer

Benefit from self-service provisioning

Procurement and deployment take time and tie up internal staff. With AT&T cloud services, you can take advantage of the self-service provisioning feature available via the AT&T cloud services portal, which allows you to:

  • Provision once and dynamically scale up or down
  • Launch new services, applications and projects rapidly
  • Expand access, capacity and performance on demand
  • Monitor consumption via a web-based portal

Why AT&T for enterprise cloud?

Cloud services are network based, and thus depend upon the performance, reliability and security of the underlying network, including the hosted environment and any related access. With up to 99.99 percent availability and the enterprise-class security of AT&T Internet Data Centers, we can provide the performance and capabilities needed for some of the most demanding cloud-based solutions. Add another layer of security for data in transit by using an AT&T VPN with your cloud solution.

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