Wi-Fi Services for Stadiums

AT&T Wi-Fis Services for stadiums and arenas.

AT&T Wi-Fi Services is dedicated to providing end to end connectivity resources for a variety of customers, including stadiums and large venues.  We’re using the strength of our global organization, along with our experience, innovation, financial stability, and quality to benefit your brand, your teams and entertainers, and your customers.  With more than 20,000 venues served, AT&T is making the Internet accessible in more places than ever before.

AT&T has experience as a Wi-Fi provider for stadiums and convention centers.  We provide guest access to several large venues, including AT&T Park in San Francisco. We can be your full service provider from transport  to application enablement, to program management, project management, installation, maintenance, care, and integrated solutions

Marketing your venues to our 120 million customers.  AT&T markets Wi-Fi to its 120 million customers, and in 2008 alone, we promoted AT&T Wi-Fi Hot Spot locations and identified our major partners in millions of advertisements and promotional pieces.

As Wi-Fi device users grow, so do our connections.  Through the third quarter of 2009, there were 51 million connections to the AT&T network, more than 50% of which were connections from integrated devices such as the iPhone and Blackberry Bold.  In all of 2008, AT&T had 20 million connections to the network.  This means growth in the usage of Wi-Fi, and shows a trend of future connectivity expectations by your consumers.

It’s more than just laptop connections – we enable it all.  AT&T enables several smart phones with Wi-Fi capabilities, the new driver for Wi-Fi connections at AT&T hot spots.

  • AT&T’s exclusive Wi-Fi enabled smart phones include the Apple iPhone™ and Blackberry Bold™ products.
  • Currently, AT&T has more than 26.4 million integrated device customers.  

AT&T is financially strong.  Working with AT&T during this uncertain time means consistency and reliability.  AT&T is an operationally sound, consistently reliable, proven performer, with tremendous marketing resources. AT&T plans to invest between $17 billion and $18 billion this year (2009), two-thirds of which is being used to expand and upgrade its networks. 

Stadium marketing opportunities. As your customers become accustomed to accessing Wi-Fi when accessing the network at your location, you can use Wi-Fi as another touch point to:

  • Communicate products, food and beverage sales, services and new offers to your customers
  • Enhance the customer experience in your stadium and grounds
  • Park and local information
  • Real-time stats
  • "AT&T Wi-Fi Replay" Highlight Videos
  • Interactive games
  • Fans order food from their seats
  • Provide Internet access and cashless transactions for stadium kiosks
  • Create applications for internal use (inventory management, cashless wireless transactions, etc.) that shape the customer experience
  • Develop location based services

Superior customer service to your customers. Our call center and network operations center are available around the clock, and ready to support your customers’ questions while ensuring your network is monitored closely 24x7.

More than just public access.  We can ensure the private side applications (such as voice and data applications, security cameras, kiosks, etc.) at your location run seamlessly due to AT&T’s networking and transport services that are monitored around the clock.