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IP networks offer the potential to transform businesses by redefining customers’ and employees’ expectations of communication and collaboration. This library of useful resources explores how to apply proven technologies to promote responsiveness and drive decision-making.

This video on work week flexibility shows how a smart, flexible network is key to supporting innovative applications and fueling teamwork.

Network Transformation Solutions
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If you’re looking to transform your existing frame relay network…
MPLS – US Enterprises Continue Their Shift To MPLS WANs
Learn why the sharp growth in the adoption of new performance-sensitive applications is driving today’s enterprises to leverage the power and flexibility of MPLS IP VPN.
Ethernet WAN, IP VPN – or both?
IDC’s white paper: ‘Enabling high-performance data services with Ethernet WAN and IP VPN’, examines the two technologies and where best to apply them.
Enable an empowered and distributed workforce
Read how enterprises can best support employees with anytime, anywhere connection to the corporate network and each other, while pursuing the ideals of efficiency and consolidation.
If you’re looking to enhance your network capabilities & applications…
MPLS Network Security – Get Help When Workloads Are Sensitive
Discover why network security is a primary concern, and why MPLS alone may not be enough to address it.
Extend VPN security and performance to enterprise applications and the cloud
Businesses of all sizes may deploy a wide range of commercial software, cloud and mobile IP-based applications. Learn about the importance of "VPN" solutions that include on-demand network resources.
Case Study: Hayward Lumber
Discover how an MPLS-based AT&T network with managed router service and a network-based firewall builds better connections between multiple locations for secure access to enterprise applications and the Internet