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    Managing Possibility with Protection

    Connected commerce has limitless potential to link supply with demand. But more connections create more vulnerabilities. Fast and secure networking solutions protect your business so you can thrive in today’s always-on global economy.

      Protecting the Mobile Enterprise [Point of View]
    AT&T’s Chief Information Security Officer discusses
    security and mobile communications.
    and Vulnerability
      Mobile Botnets Explained [Infographic]
    How cyber criminals target mobile broadband
    and smartphones.
      Eaton Manages Global Growth [Case Study]
    Global IP networking speeds integration
    of acquired companies.
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    Data Growth Challenges

    As the workplace becomes more distributed and collaborative, the ability to access data from anywhere at anytime can differentiate your business. A flexible IT infrastructure is the foundation for making your data a valued asset.

    Data on Demand…
    But No Plan of Attack
      Managing Growth of Customer Data [Inside AT&T]
    Cloud-based performance archiving streamlines IT systems.
        The NCAA Hands Off Data Support [Case Study]
    On-demand bandwidth keeps this managed website
    available during peak periods.
        Mobile Cloud and Data Access [Infographic]
    Over 80% of firms expect to be using a cloud-like
    model in the next five years.
        SGH Uses the Cloud for Data Analytics [Case Study]
    Computing capacity scales quickly to meet
    project demands.
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    Harness Your Community's Ideas and Experience

    In today's highly distributed and mobile world, you need to connect communities with the right ideas, information and tools. Increased collaboration improves productivity and sets you on the path to speed, efficiency and competitiveness.

      Collaborative Service Development [Inside AT&T]
    Harnessing ideas across the organization
    speeds innovation.
    Workforce Changes…
    and New IT Priorities
      Leveraging Millennials to Drive Enterprise
    Social Adoption
    [Industry Perspective]
    Forward thinking organizations are formalizing
    programs to build social community leaders.
      Swiss Re's Global Collaboration [Case Study]
    Virtual meetings facilitate knowledge transfer and
    improve customer service.
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