AT&T Mobile Security

A highly secure solution for a highly mobile workforce

A multi-level approach to mobile security

Enterprise workforces are more mobile than ever, and hackers are honing their attention on wireless platforms to exploit any point of vulnerability. AT&T Mobile Security Service integrates device-level security features with network-based security controls and encrypted transport for a comprehensive, holistic approach to enterprise mobile security. And, it's available even if you aren't an AT&T wireless customer.

Extend enterprise security to mobile endpoints

As more mobile users tap into your network, protecting your organization’s information assets becomes critical. AT&T Mobile Security Service can extend enterprise-level security to wireless endpoints to help you:

  • Protect personal and sensitive information on employee- and enterprise-owned devices
  • Defend your network and mobile devices with anti-malware, anti-spyware and botnet mitigation
  • Guard against unauthorized use and business disruption
  • Control mobile access to malicious or non-approved sites
  • Enhance protection across multiple carrier networks

Centralize enforcement of security policies

With mobile device usage and threats constantly on the rise, you need an easy and dependable way to implement consistent security policies across your enterprise. AT&T Mobile Security helps you:

  • Centralize policy enforcement across wireless and wireline assets
  • Extend, protect and synchronize security policies beyond the network and into the device
  • Enforce policies across personal and company-owned devices
  • Support compliance with government and industry regulations

Simplify deployment of mobile security

AT&T Mobile Security Service can help reduce capital expenditures and the demands managing mobile security controls place on your internal staff by providing:

  • Cloud-based mobile security, delivered as a service for a monthly per-device fee
  • An AT&T Mobile Security application for users to easily download and activate
  • A dedicated implementation manager to assist you
  • A web-based administrative console to centralize management and control

Mobile security in your enterprise

Fortifying laptop, mobile phone and tablet security

For virtually anytime, anywhere mobile access, you need elevated levels of tablet security and mobile phone security, as well as protection for laptops and other mobile devices – especially with the "bring your own device (BYOD) to work" trend. AT&T Mobile Security Service helps to:

  • Scan device and memory cards to alert users of viruses and malware
  • Detect malicious applications and scan devices
  • Provide remote location, lock, wipe, backup and restore services to decrease risks associated with lost or stolen assets
  • Support personal and enterprise-owned mobile devices

Protecting data in transit

If you rely on device-only security solutions, you may still have unprotected access to the Internet, leaving mobile devices vulnerable. To help safeguard data as it travels the Internet, AT&T Mobile Security Service:

  • Provides SSL mobile device termination to the AT&T network security infrastructure
  • Routes mobile device traffic to the AT&T public or private cloud in a highly secure manner
  • Detects and blocks access to known botnet and malware locations
  • Offers optional advanced security features including next-generation firewall, URL filtering, intrusion detection, and data loss prevention

Combine mobile security with managed firewall services

When you subscribe to AT&T Mobile Security service and our managed wireline services, such as Network-Based Firewall service, you can centralize security management tasks via a web-based administrative console to:

  • Integrate visibility and control across fixed and mobile workplaces
  • Set content and URL filtering policies
  • Use policy-based traffic routing to determine data access and file sharing privileges
  • View user-level and summary activity reports

An integral part of multi-level enterprise security

AT&T Mobile Security Service delivers some of today's most powerful weapons to combat cyber security attacks.

Assess your mobile security needs

If you’re wondering what type of mobile security policies you should have in place for corporate- and employee-owned mobile devices, AT&T Security and Risk Assessment Services can help by providing:

  • Third-party validation of your current security framework to help you adapt to the changing mobile infrastructure
  • A thorough security review of your current mobility ecosystem
  • An analysis of how effective your mobility infrastructure is in providing data protection, application security, infrastructure protection, physical security and overall security governance and compliance

Design a mobile security solution

AT&T security experts have in-depth, hands-on experience in developing and delivering security solutions for enterprise customers. These experts can help you design a solution that leverages AT&T Mobile Security Service to provide enterprise-grade mobile security, including laptop security, mobile phone security, tablet security and protection for other mobile devices.

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  • AT&T Mobile Security Service
  • AT&T Mobile Security Service

    AT&T Mobile Security service integrates device-level security features with network-based security controls and encrypted transport to provide a comprehensive, holistic approach to mobile security.
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Case Studies


  • Mobile Security Challenges & AT&T Solutions

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  • AT&T Mobile Security Video

    Watch this AT&T Mobile Security demo that highlights some of the features and benefits of the service and how you can have advanced protection for your network and mobile device.

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  • AT&T Mobile Security - Advanced Protection for your Network and Mobile Device Demo

    AT&T Mobile Security Service integrates device-level security features with network-based security controls and encrypted transport for a comprehensive, holistic approach to enterprise mobile security to help maintain compliance with government regulations, enforce corporate security policies, and simplify the management of personal or enterprises-owned devices. And, it’s available even if you aren't an AT&T wireless customer.

    Video | [5:10]


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