Centrex: Hosted Phone Service

PBX systems can be costly to maintain and require constant upgrades and maintenance. With a hosted phone service, you don’t have to make a large up-front equipment investment or spend time and money to manage it.

AT&T Centrex is a hosted phone service with a user-friendly interface, built-in redundancy and 24-hour monitoring and maintenance. It uses the power of the AT&T state-of-the-art network to offer a customizable, feature-rich service with the flexibility to grow with your business.

A cost-efficient phone system

Are you looking for ways to reduce expenses for your phone system? Compared to purchasing a PBX, Centrex requires smaller capital investment because AT&T maintains and manages the switching equipment in our facility.

Centrex helps you control costs by allowing you to:

Professionally monitored.

  • Choose the optimal phone equipment for your business
  • Pay only for the features you need
  • Avoid onsite equipment updates to accommodate technology advances
  • Let AT&T perform software upgrades at no additional cost - without disrupting your business
  • Avoid special air conditioning, electrical wiring or flooring at your site
  • Avoid special insurance and property taxes needed for on-premises equipment

Scale to your business needs

Can your current phone system grow with your business? You need a phone system that can handle usage increases without requiring expensive equipment additions or upgrades that disrupt your ability to communicate.

Centrex lets you decide what features and capacity you need, and change them efficiently and economically. You can:

  • Add or drop stations, lines or features without equipment changes
  • Reassign staff and move departments quickly and easily
  • Select from a vast array of calling features
  • Handle heavy call volumes so your contact center can receive and process calls without interruption or delay
  • Monitor and manage long-distance usage

Reliable, dependable hosted phone service

Backed by the AT&T network, Centrex delivers the reliability you need to keep your business talking.

AT&T central offices are equipped with redundancy to keep your phone system working during emergencies, when other systems are down. There’s no need to purchase and maintain special battery backup to support a premises-based system.

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If you are considering a hosted phone service for your business, here are some things to discuss with your AT&T representative:

Do you want to avoid the cost and management of on-premises equipment?

Centrex is hosted in AT&T facilities, so you get a flexible, reliable phone system without a big up-front investment in equipment. You don’t need to install special phone equipment rooms and manage associated temperature and humidity requirements.

Do you need to make frequent moves and changes?

Centrex Control is an easy-to-use system that lets users manage line and feature arrangements of their Centrex service without going through the standard service-order procedure. Centrex Control offers web-based training to guide users through the system, enabling you to perform a variety of tasks, including adding, changing and deleting Centrex stations as well as verifying the status of orders.

Do you need to connect multiple locations?

Centrex is an efficient way to link multiple locations into one easily-managed system, complete with abbreviated dialing. Centrex can connect you instantly with all of your branch offices so you can transfer calls between locations without expensive equipment or wiring.

Are you considering a migration to VoIP?

With Centrex you can migrate to a hosted VoIP solution when your business needs dictate. AT&T offers support systems that facilitate your movement to an IP solution.


AT&T custom designs Centrex to provide the features you need. You decide which capabilities you require, system-wide or on each station. Centrex will help meet your changing needs efficiently and economically. You can add or drop stations and features without costly equipment changes.

Service Delivery

AT&T will help see that your Centrex system is tested and running smoothly, whether you're installing a new service or converting an existing service. Just plug in your Centrex compatible telephone sets and your Centrex service is up and running.

Customer Support

AT&T offers 24x7 maintenance by skilled technicians and also provides protection from system failures due to power outages - all at no extra charge.

Contact us for more information on how AT&T Centrex can help your business.