AT&T UC Voice with Cisco Jabber

Telephony and collaborations, combined

Better together

Cisco Jabber® is one of the leading UC applications across the globe. It is known for simplicity: Making it easy for your employees to collaborate from nearly anywhere, using virtually any device. But when you bring it together with the IP telephony advantages of AT&T UC Voice , even more can be possible.

Offered as a service from the AT&T cloud, AT&T UC Voice with Cisco Jabber combines IP telephony tools with a range of unified communication features in one offering from AT&T.

Powerful capabilities, consolidated access

As a downloadable UC client application Cisco Jabber opens the door to a rich set of high-quality voice features and collaboration services--from voice calling, presence and chat to voicemail and point-to-point video.

Instead of tapping into different tools in different ways, employees have a single Cisco Jabber interface with a consolidated view into many UC and voice applications, all from one place. Now, time previously spent looking for and logging into multiple applications can be put to better use to increase productivity.

Faster time to benefit

Why spend time building custom interfaces between communication and collaboration tools? Why spend money building out your data center or beefing up your internal staff to deploy and manage new solutions?

When you choose AT&T UC Voice with Cisco Jabber, the upfront work has been done for you. You can have the benefits of an integrated solution from the highly secure and reliable AT&T cloud, so you can:

  • Decrease ramp up time
  • Ease deployment with a downloadable client that works on a wide selection of wired and wireless devices
  • Launch a fully tested solution for peace of mind
  • Decrease capital equipment and staff investments with a per-seat, per-month
  • Provide a consistent feature set virtually anywhere in the world
  • Speed adoption of new UC and telephony solutions

Collaborate in real-time

AT&T Voice with Cisco Jabber allows workers to consult their contact lists to see the presence status of co-workers or groups, quickly spot who is available to help solve a problem or move a business process forward, then click to initiate a chat, voice or video call with one or many.

Reduce missed calls

AT&T UC Voice with Cisco Jabber lets employees have a single number that rings on both wired and wired devices, so the voice services they use everyday can follow them virtually anywhere they work.

Work across tools, modes and devices

With a single interface to access a multitude of communication and collaboration tools, it’s easy to “jump” across modes - from voice to audio or video conferencing - and to do so on an IP phone, video phone, softphone or mobile device.

Communicate within existing tools

The service integrates with Microsoft Outlook so you can see user availability and click to initiate chat sessions or voice and video calls directly from your email.

Merge high-quality voice and point-to-point video

Launch a video conference from the AT&T UC Voice with Cisco Jabber interface. Employees can connect to a variety of endpoints, from meeting rooms and desktops to mobile devices, and they can have a quality audio and visual experience.

Unify voicemail

Why waste time checking multiple voicemail boxes when you can bring them together into one voicemail box? A visual voicemail feature lets workers view a list of voicemails, then select which ones to play or delete, right from the voicemail screen on a wired or wireless phone.

AT&T Makes it Easy

AT&T can help make your transition to AT&T Voice with Cisco Jabber a smooth move. We can help you deploy a highly secure, resilient UC solution, so you have tools that can help you meet aggressive deployment schedules and accelerate your business advantage. You can gain the benefits of cloud-based UC and telephony, while leveraging existing investments, and get it all from a single provider.

  • Take advantage of a hybrid mix of cloud and on-premises systems
  • Use AT&T Voice with multiple telephony solutions, including some existing IPT and legacy PBX voice systems
  • Support multiple devices, platform, operating systems and carriers
  • Benefit from our proven methodologies for unifying voice, video, data and mobile applications on fixed and mobile networks.
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  • AT&T Unified Communications Voice with Cisco Jabber
  • AT&T Unified Communications Voice with Cisco Jabber

    AT&T UC Voice with Cisco Jabber enables workers to communicate and collaborate across distances and organizational boundaries, with a rich array of VoIP Telephony features. Features include Single Number Reach on wired and wireless devices, visual voicemail and unified messaging, and Advanced E-911 cloud-based services.
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