AT&T Ready Zone

Give your customers complimentary public Wi-Fi from a trusted provider

Keep your customers satisfied with complimentary public Wi-Fi access through a highly reliable network. AT&T Ready Zone provides easy, public Wi-Fi connectivity for businesses seeking to provide coverage for their customers in concentrated environments - like restaurants, retail stores and waiting areas.

Whether you’re a small business, large company, or franchise owner, you will benefit from providing carrier-class public Wi-Fi at a very affordable price. Rely on 24/7 technical support for your customers and end-users so you don’t have to be a Wi-Fi expert and your customers receive a positive user experience. In addition, you can maximize on your captive audience with marketing opportunities while your customers connect to your Wi-Fi network.

AT&T Ready Zone, ready when you are.

AT&T Ready Zone is literally a plug-and-play solution, shipped pre-configured to work right out of the box. AT&T Ready Zone:

  • Works with your current broadband connection*
  • Is designed to self-install in minutes (optional professional installation available)
  • Is monitored 24/7 by AT&T for high service reliability
  • Provides 24/7 end-user technical support for your customers
  • Helps drive new customers to you by including your business in the AT&T Hot Spot directory
  • Offers customized web pages to enhance your company’s marketing efforts

*Customer will provide the Internet transport necessary for Ready Zone at each Site. Transport must be a wireline Internet access circuit (e.g., no wireless (WiMax, 3G, or 4G) or satellite Internet access), and have a downstream bandwidth of at least 3 Mbps (higher bandwidth is recommended to achieve optimal performance and guest satisfaction). Customer’s broadband gateway, router, or modem must have an available Ethernet port in which to connect the Ethernet cable provided as part of the Ready Zone Equipment.

Designed for single site deployments

AT&T Ready Zone is designed for our customers to be able to install themselves (don’t worry we can do it for you if you prefer). It is perfectly suited for small restaurants, cafes, retail shops, or waiting rooms up to ~2000 sq. ft.

Technical Requirements for AT&T Ready Zone:

  • Ready Zone locations must have broadband service (not included). Use your existing broadband or install a separate connection
    • The minimum bandwidth required is 3 Mbps
  • An available Ethernet port – (e.g. one where a laptop could be plugged in to browse the Internet
  • An AC power outlet, preferably not connected to a light switch

Ready Zone features that benefit you and your customer

AT&T Ready Zone standard features include:

Free Broadband Wi-Fi Connectivity

  • Wi-Fi coverage (Wi-Fi signal at customer site)
  • 'attwifi' SSID (Service Set identifier for guest Wi-Fi access)
  • Auto-authentication (For AT&T Mobility subscribers)

Network Management by AT&T

  • Network monitoring (Wi-Fi equipment)
  • Equipment warranty/repair & maintenance (duration of service)
  • Service assurance that includes customer help desk, GCNC repair and maintenance
  • Central Command (portal that provides information and reports on network health)

Marketing for Your Business

  • Customizable user connection page
  • Mobile Marketing and Content – generate revenue or increase brand awareness by engaging with a captive audience

Getting started with Ready Zone: easy as 1-2-3

  1. Complete the Get Started Today form, or call 877 397 6931 - select option 3
  2. Place your order with one of our trained Wi-Fi sales specialists
  3. Follow the easy instructions to plug in the unit and power it on

Visit AT&T Wi-Fi Services for more AT&T Wi-Fi Hot Spot options.

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