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Wide Area Ethernet: Flexible, Cost-Effective Networking

Your business is growing - expanding locations, applications and people. Many businesses are also either centralizing or decentralizing to adjust to the rapidly changing economy. In this environment, legacy data networks are becoming increasingly expensive to support and maintain. Responding to these challenges could be costly if your network isn't agile enough to grow with you.

Wide Area Ethernet is a compelling technology for many businesses. It is a well-known technology that can provide the foundation for a flexible network that links your locations, from data hubs and call centers to small branch offices.

Support Critical Applications with VPLS

Wide Area Ethernet service from AT&T, also known as AT&T OPT-E-WAN® Service, is a switched Ethernet service - or Virtual Private LAN Service (VPLS) delivered on the AT&T MPLS core network. It allows multiple locations to communicate with each other across a wide area network with the control and feel of a local area network. This Ethernet-based VPLS solution can support your critical business applications, including voice, data, Internet, e-mail, video conferencing, voice over Internet protocol (VoIP), Ethernet virtual private LAN and virtual private line.

Wide Area Ethernet from AT&T is an Ethernet-based VPLS solution for those who prefer to "Do - It - Yourself" and maintain network and service control. Powered by the AT&T Global MPLS Network, Wide Area Ethernet from AT&T supports a variety of configurations, including point-to-point, point-to-multipoint and any-to-any connectivity.

Wide Area Ethernet from AT&T:

  • Can be used to connect data hubs, call centers or media centers together with large pipes
  • Complements AT&T IP VPN, as well as local area Ethernet solutions
  • Provides a global Ethernet-based VPLS solution, for consistent application deployment and scaling
  • Supports security-sensitive data and applications that require customer-provided encryption
  • Simplifies network management with fewer circuits and Quality of Service (QoS)/Class of Services (CoS) variations to manage
  • Provides flexibility with bandwidth options, from 1 Mbps to 10 Gbps
  • Supports many transport data configurations so your network will look and feel the way you want with local, national and international reach
  • Can extend your LAN to your MAN to your WAN

Prepare your network for future growth

When it's time to grow your business, Wide Area Ethernet service helps your network scale up quickly. It provides flexible bandwidth options of up to 10 Gbps, so it can accommodate new bandwidth-intensive applications. And it gives you the flexibility to seamlessly add and move locations as needed by connecting to your Metro Ethernet.

Get cost-effective global reach

Whether you have offices in another state or another country, Wide Area Ethernet service from AT&T offers a global reach to connect your locations and applications.

Since the cost of the service is based on the number of ports you need, not the number of miles you need to cover, Wide Area Ethernet can be a cost-effective method for consolidating a disparate network.

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AT&T Wide Area Ethernet

Wide area Ethernet service lets multiple locations communicate with each other across a Wide Area Network, with the control and feel of a Local Area Network.

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Do you need a cost-effective way to scale your network?

Many companies already use Ethernet in some capacity. If you do, you can use the switches, routers and other equipment you already have as part of your Wide Area Ethernet service. And you don't have to add new protocols or interfaces. Since you won't need to fund a new network, your costs may be lower.

Are you running applications that require a high level of security?

Keeping data secure is a primary concern for most companies today. With Wide Area Ethernet service, encryption can be done by the customer at the frame level for critical applications. Add-on security options are also available to meet greater security needs.

Do you want to maintain control of your network?

Wide Area Ethernet from AT&T is an Ethernet-based VPLS service that allows you to control your network routing and tune convergence performance for your enterprise.

Do you want to extend your local area network?

Wide Area Ethernet from AT&T can easily extend a local Ethernet MAN network to a WAN. You can use existing IT knowledge and skills you already have to build an Ethernet VPN.

When to Choose VPLS

In this podcast, Tom Siracusa from AT&T explains the benefits and features of VPLS, how the technology compares with IP VPNs and how quickly it’s expanding around the world.

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AT&T experts will work with you to design a Wide Area Ethernet service customized to your business requirements. We can create a variety of solutions, including an all-Ethernet connection or a hybrid design that connects your data hubs using Ethernet to an IP VPN network.

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Service Delivery

AT&T experts will work with you to evaluate your needs and configure your Ethernet service. We install all the equipment needed to provide direct connectivity to your existing equipment using standard connectors.

Learn more about how to deploy VPLS services:

Customer Support

AT&T can monitor the network 24x7, simplifying both network management and administration.

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