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Metro Ethernet Service: Expand Your Existing Network

Businesses today are faced with many challenges, including increasing bandwidth demands, market expansion, limited IT staffs and smaller budgets. For your business to grow, employees must be able to collaborate with co-workers in other offices.

Metro Ethernet service links your local and regional offices using an established, familiar technology that is being used in many existing LANs today. It can support high-speed data, Internet, voice over IP (VoIP), video and other applications with flexible speeds of up to 10 Gbps. With Metro Ethernet you may be able to take advantage of your current router interface, avoiding the need to purchase additional equipment.

Flexible network design with Metro Ethernet

Ethernet provides simplified networking solutions by extending from your Local Area Network to your Metro Network and across your Wide Area Network. Metro Ethernet can easily be integrated with your layer 3 virtual private network to provide a complete networking solution. If you wish to manage your own network, choosing a layer 2 Metro Ethernet service can help provide the management control of your layer 3 IP network you require. Metro Ethernet services from AT&T:

  • Support VLAN technology to segment users or applications
  • Offer point-to-point, point-to-multipoint or multipoint network configurations within a metropolitan area
  • Provide end-to-end Service Level Agreements

Optimize for application performance

Applications such as video and VoIP have specific jitter and latency requirements. Metro Ethernet services from AT&T offer different grades of traffic prioritization, allowing you to choose the service that best meets your application performance needs.

Metro Ethernet services can also scale quickly and easily, allowing you to expand your network as your applications require more bandwidth.

Metro Ethernet from AT&T offers flexible choices

AT&T offers a variety of Metro Ethernet service options to meet the performance, reliability and bandwidth requirements your changing business demands.

For more information on our individual services, see our product brief [PDF, 447KB].

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Do you need a cost-efficient way to connect locations or increase bandwidth?

Metro Ethernet lets you can add new locations and increase bandwidth between existing locations.

Read more [PDF, 389KB]

Metro Ethernet service can help you build the flexible network your growing company needs. It affords a simple way to add new locations and increase the capacity of your bandwidth between existing locations.

Metro Ethernet is a cost-effective solution because it requires fewer physical interfaces, servers and routers to build your network than some other technologies, and it my allow you to use existing equipment you already have in place.

Are you using VoIP, Internet or similar applications?

Metro Ethernet can deliver the performance necessary for real-time applications such as VoIP and video. It can also deliver high-speed access to your Internet service to support bandwidth-intensive applications such as data backup, data streaming, video downloads, imaging and training.


AT&T experts will help evaluate your needs and build a Metro Ethernet service customized to your business requirements.

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Service delivery

AT&T experts will work with you to evaluate your needs and install your Metro Ethernet service.

Customer support

AT&T monitors your network 24x7. Additional support can be provided through AT&T BusinessDirect®, a Web-based portal that lets you access your bills, make payments online, generate basic network reports and more.

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