Token Authentication

Definitive user authentication

Control network access with AT&T Token Authentication Service

Unauthorized access to your network resources can put your business at risk. While passwords are a good first step to authenticate the devices tapping into your network, you need a higher degree of protection.

AT&T Token Authentication Services uses two-factor authentication to validate a user's identity and reduce the risk of unauthorized access to your enterprise data and assets.

With two-factor Authentication: Much more than a password

Token Authentication can make network access many times more secure than simple passwords, which can be easily discovered by unauthorized employees and hackers. With two-factor authentication from AT&T, you can:

  • Verify something the user knows, such as a username and password
  • Verify a second factor, something only the user owns: a software or hardware "token"
  • Deny access to users who fail either validation process

With AT&T Token Authentication Service, you can choose to use hard security tokens, about the size of a small USB drive, or soft tokens, software that resides on a user's device.

Multiple layers of protection for user authentication

AT&T Token Authentication Service is designed to deliver a highly secure network environment for both internal and remote network access to:

  • Provide added protection from within and outside your network perimeter
  • Create multiple tiers of security to authenticate users at network, system and application levels, per your security policies
  • Control the level of authorized user access to sensitive data and applications
  • Defend the network from unauthorized access from external sources

Activity tracking for compliance

Regulatory rules and standards require that certain industries comply with one or more mandates for tracking access activity. AT&T Token Authentication Service:

  • Creates an accurate security log of who has accessed various systems
  • Generates monthly reports for valuable insight
  • Provides supporting documentation to help you fulfill compliance requirements

Reduced cost and complexity with authentication

As a managed solution delivered for a monthly fee, AT&T Token Authentication Service can free you from the cost and complexity of:

  • Buying token-based authentication servers
  • Distributing and replacing tokens
  • Handling help desk calls

Token Authentication in Your organization

Token Authentication service is appropriate for any enterprise – small, mid-sized and large – that needs to protect their network from unauthorized access or control the level of authorized user access to sensitive data and applications.

Token Authentication and VPN

By combining user authentication with VPN Services, you gain the capability of accessing corporate resources from locations other than the home office, while maintaining access controls for data and applications. Using these services together, you can:

  • Securely access corporate applications and servers behind the VPN (IPSec and SSL)
  • Provide access to web applications by verifying users with two-factor authentication
  • Users can access data / server from branch offices, home offices or customer locations. Most importantly, employees can securely access corporate data via wireless access at various locations (airport terminals, hotel rooms, remote field sites)

Token authentication made easy

Rely on AT&T to manage your token service administration needs and ease adoption - so you can devote your staff and budget to other critical business requirements.

Simple to connect

The implementation process for your token authentication service follows a few basic steps:

  • Your user database is identified and loaded into the authenticator servers located in the AT&T internet data center (IDC)
  • The protected resources are connected, via internet, to the IDC
  • AT&T provides you with the security token software or hardware
  • Users simply log onto an AT&T site to validate themselves

Flexible compatibility with token authentication

AT&T Token Authentication Service is compatible with a wide variety of remote access servers, Web servers, firewalls and VPNs, making it easy to implement and maintain in a variety of network environments.

Dependable authentication support

If a security token is not working AT&T provides a designated help site for current users to access at (login required).

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  • AT&T Token Authentication Service

    This Product Brief describes AT&T Token Authentication Service, a managed service designed to make access to your network more secure by replacing the use of simple passwords with a strong two-factor authentication method employing SecurID tokens.

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