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NFC technology is growing rapidly. Delivering on its potential requires safe distribution of secure credentials across the emerging NFC ecosystem. Customer adoption and TCO are also concerns because of disparate carriers and service providers. NFC Connect can provide turnkey cross carrier aggregation services that simplify complex connections and lower overall costs.

NFC Connect Advantage

The growing NFC ecosystem is complex and presents a financial risk. AT&T has unique insight on NFC capabilities and the business needs of enterprises across all industries. NFC Connect is the source that allows for simple highly secure management of NFC needs.

  • Single point-of-contact between Service Providers (Enterprises) and Secure Element Owners (e.g. Carriers)
  • Allows you to reach virtually any NFC enabled handset on virtually any carrier through Service Provider Trusted Service Manager (SP-TSM) Aggregation
  • Sends highly secure applications and data to mobile handsets over-the-air
  • Provides customer care, reporting and other services

NFC Connect is our Service Provider Trusted Service Manager (SP-TSM). You get a single point of contact between service providers and the rest of the secure NFC ecosystem with low risk pay as you go pricing.

NFC Connect can be a valuable tool for a variety of industries.


Major hotel brands are rolling out contact-less room key systems from several competing providers. Compatibility issues make access with a single mobile application impossible. NFC Connect can bundle and deliver credentials from any of the major providers, allowing for app-based access to virtually any contact-less room. Guests can also check in without ever stopping at the front desk, adding a new level of convenience to the mobile experience.

Air Travel

Printed boarding passes and card-based credentials are cumbersome and lead to delays in boarding and departure times. NFC provisioning can help alleviate the complexity of air travel logistics through mobile boarding passes and mobile credentials. Ticket information is safely stored on the secure element to be later used for easy check in, boarding gate check in, access to club lounges and service desk information (e.g. lost luggage). The power of NFC Connect means faster security lines, less printing costs and happier travelers.

Higher Education

Card based student IDs and meal cards are difficult and expensive to manage. Those costs are often passed along to the students. Card capabilities are also limited. NFC Connect is changing this by working with a major education service provider to replace physical IDs, access cards, and reloadable meal cards with mobile applications. Blackboard integration and mobile account management means that students and educators will soon have exciting new opportunities for a great campus experience.

Enterprises need a way to securely digitize and distribute digital credentials directly to consumers and employees through mobile devices. Creating end-to-end service with NFC today involves a complex “spider-web” of connections and managing expensive integrations. NFC Connect helps lower overall costs and makes it easy to bring a highly secure service to market in a short amount of time.

SP TSM Aggregation

Enterprises that want to integrate into multiple carriers’ Trusted Service Manager face increased management overhead and complexity. NFC Connect helps reduce operating costs by acting as a service aggregator that enables enterprises to have a single access point to the carrier ecosystem while also limiting the number of connections each carrier would be required to make. This benefits both the enterprise customers as well as the Carriers, and lowers costs for all participants in the ecosystem.

  • Cross-Carrier aggregation allows enterprises to send their credentials to an NFC handset on any participating carrier network
  • Standards-compliant service with strong logical and physical security built to standards used in banking and other highly secure industries
  • Robust, flexible, scalable and open architecture helps ensure services work efficiently and technical integrations happen quickly
  • Fast onboarding for new services due to simple service integration interface

NFC Hardware Certification Program

Because of the large number of possible combinations of hardware, operating systems and secure elements in the NFC ecosystem, it's important to ensure that service works correctly across a wide range of possible combinations. To help enterprises manage this workload, NFC Connect can offer hardware certification service to ensure that as many of the possible combinations are supported on day one.

  • Comprehensive NFC Device certification program
  • Ensures that services work across NFC device ecosystem
  • Direct Engagement with OEMs, Applet Developers and Secure Element Providers
  • Testing performed before device launch to ensure services work at launch

Proof of Concept and Pilot Program capabilities

The NFC ecosystem is still in its development phase. Therefore, enterprises often need to evaluate capabilities and consumer interest before designing the final service. NFC Connect offers a robust sandbox that can help businesses explore the capabilities of the product to ensure a successful launch.

  • Proof of Concept Pilot Program helps minimize risks of new NFC services and concepts
  • Highly secure NFC Sandbox with full production capabilities
  • Wire framing and demo app development
  • Prefabricated solutions available for key industries (Hotels, Airlines, Education, Ticketing)
  • Rapid development capabilities – just a few months from concept to live customer trial for most engagements
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    NFC Connect is ATT’s Service Provider Trusted Service Manager (SP-TSM) service offering.

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