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Balance freedom and control on personal devices

In today's business world, consumerization of IT is impacting organizations’ conventional approach to mobility management. Employees want to use their device of choice to access corporate information nearly anytime and anywhere. Organizations need to protect data yet still allow their workforce to remain productive.

Give your employees the flexibility to use their personal mobile device for business purposes whenever and wherever they want - without compromising on security with AT&T Toggle. AT&T Toggle, a global BYOD solution, helps maintain end user personal privacy while enabling organizational control of enterprise data and applications in a highly secure workspace on employee-owned smartphones and tablets.

AT&T Toggle can help your organization realize a number of benefits including:

  • Enable higher productivity with dual persona devices
  • Protect organization’s resource and data with end-to-end security
  • Streamline mobility management using a single console
  • Control wireless expenses with split billing capabilities

With AT&T Toggle, you can realize the benefits of BYOD while protecting organizational data and applications on virtually any mobile device, OS, and carrier network. And with a growing third-party application ecosystem, you can access a broad portfolio of highly secure business productivity applications as part of your organization’s AT&T Toggle deployment.

*Trial offer subject to important terms, conditions and restrictions.

The company administrator will have visibility to its end user’s personal wireless telephone number, identity of the end user’s wireless carrier, data usage, account status, type of device, and other operational device information such as battery level. Anti-virus/anti-malware (AV/AM) functionality provides customer with access to a consolidated report of any viruses, malware and other malicious codes found on Android devices, but does not provide such information at a device-specific level. All charges and fees paid are non-refundable. Each purchased AT&T Toggle license enables one end user to download the application to a maximum of 3 compatible devices personal to that end user. Prices do not include taxes or other exactions or any other data, voice or other rate plan, and are subject to change. Carrier data rates and terms apply. AT&T Toggle is available only to customers with a qualified AT&T business or government agreement (“Enterprise Agreement”). May not be available for purchase in all sales channels or in all areas. Additional hardware, software, services and/or network connection may be required. Customer may cancel AT&T Toggle at any time. Wireless coverage is not available in all areas; Wi-Fi service and wireless service are subject to transmission, terrain, system, capacity and other limitations. Availability, security, speed, timeliness, accuracy and reliability are not guaranteed by AT&T. If an end user has an AT&T wireless data plan, any measured data usage incurred in connection with Toggle and related applications and not included under the AT&T Toggle Data Plan allowance will be charged as specified in the end user’s associated data plan. If an end user has another wireless data provider, refer to that provider’s data plan for rates, terms and conditions that apply to data usage. For complete solution details, see the applicable Enterprise Agreement, the selected rate plan brochure(s), and the AT&T Toggle End User License Agreement at and, if applicable, the AT&T Toggle AV/AM End User License Agreement found at

Toggle Data Plan is subject to availability, if selected by Customer. The Toggle Data Plan requires the end user to be subscribed to an active eligible AT&T wireless services data plan for each device on which the Toggle Data Plan is used. If Customer chooses to provide a Toggle Data Plan allowance to an end user, all end user’s data usage (both business and personal) associated with the end user’s device will be applied first against the Toggle Data Plan allowance. After the Toggle Data Plan allowance is exhausted, all data usage (both business and personal) will be applied against the User’s existing personal wireless data services plan and billed to User under the provisions of that plan. The data allowance available with Toggle Premium cannot be combined on a single end user device with any data allowance provided under the Toggle Data Plan; however if an end user has more than one device and Customer has selected both Toggle Premium and the Toggle Data Plan for that end user, the Toggle Premium data allowance can be applied to one device of that end user and the separate Toggle Data Plan allowance can be applied to another device of the same end user. Toggle Data Plan may not be used outside the United States.

Additional charges and other restrictions may apply. Offer subject to change. Customer is responsible for establishing policies for use of customer’s applications, communications and content by customer’s employees and other end users, and for informing customer’s employees and other end users of those policies. Customer is responsible for informing customer’s employees and other end users of any visibility into employee personal activity or information. It is customer’s responsibility to ensure that customer has authority to distribute applications and to enter into all necessary arrangements with device suppliers and other third parties, and to comply with those arrangements and other applicable requirements of device suppliers and other third parties. AT&T is not liable for, and customer shall indemnify, defend and hold AT&T harmless from, any claim, loss, or damage arising out of customer’s failure to enter into all necessary arrangements with device suppliers and other third parties, and/or customer’s failure to comply with those arrangements. Any such failure shall not relieve customer of any obligations under this agreement or entitle customer to a refund from AT&T.

Dual-personas on a single device

AT&T Toggle creates a password-protected work environment so your business can control and distribute applications and content. To further maintain separation of work and personal data, AT&T Toggle Voice is an optional feature that allows for a separate business phone number with voicemail and data allotment options on employee-owned devices.

  • Work mode: This encrypted workspace allows end users to access corporate email, applications, calendars, and more, just like on a company-owned device.
  • Personal mode: Users can send messages to friends, watch movies, and play games. Personal information remains separate from work applications and data.

End-to-end security on employee devices

AT&T Toggle can help address the various security requirements within an organization. Within the workspace, data is protected at rest and in transit with application level VPN, on device encryption, and network security controls. Built with security at its core, AT&T Toggle provides a password-protected environment enhanced with the following features:

  • Antivirus/Anti-Malware - Checks both personal and corporate workspaces for known viruses, such as Trojan horses and malware. (Android™ devices only.)
  • Application Level VPN - Enables highly secure transport from the AT&T Toggle workspace to organization assets.
  • Integration with corporate directory - Use of a highly secure gateway that integrates existing Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP)/Active Directory (AD) environments with the cloud-based AT&T Toggle administration console for simplified user device management.
  • Network Security - provides advanced features, such as network-based policy enforcement, intrusion detection/prevention, zero-day attack protection, and network-based anti-virus scanning for an added layer of security. Available as an add-on service.

Flexible workspace mobile management

AT&T Toggle offers robust, centralized mobile workspace management capabilities that assist IT staff in streamlining mobile management. The solution allows you to:

  • Remotely control and distribute proprietary and third-party business applications and content
  • Add a layer of application security
  • Set and enforce role-based access policies
  • Monitor wireless data and application usage

And with the AT&T Mobility Management Platform integration, your organization can manage multiple mobility solutions from a single console. For example, you can manage AT&T Toggle and MobileIron® from the same administration portal using the same username and password.

Control wireless expense with split billing

Optional AT&T Toggle Voice and Data plans can help organizations facilitate better wireless expense management through their BYOD rollout. These plans offer a separate business phone number and data allotment options on personal devices. Employees of organizations that purchase the optional Toggle Data plans pay for their data usage in excess of the allotment.

  • AT&T Toggle Data: Employees are provided a data allotment to supplement their personal data plans that can be used for personal or business data. This feature is available for employees who subscribe to certain AT&T wireless services data plans.
  • AT&T Toggle Voice: Employees are provided with a business phone number as well as a business voicemail and caller ID. AT&T Toggle Voice is a carrier-agnostic service that is delivered via the Toggle mobile VoIP app.

AT&T Toggle is a highly secure cloud-based mobile workspace management solution providing a virtual office on up to three employee personal devices.

IT Administrators

  • Manage users, apps, content, policies, configuration and reporting from the Toggle manager portal.
  • Deploy large-scale applications to employees for download through Toggle Hub.
  • Distribute content to an entire workforce or individual based on their role.
  • Access application and data usage, monitor policy compliance and much more.

Mobile workers

  • Download the AT&T Toggle application on his device and set up a password to access the highly secure workspace
  • Access the latest organization-approved applications via Toggle Hub
  • Send and receive work emails, access business contacts and intranet sites, browse the web and much more from the workspace, all in a highly secure manner
  • Select the home icon to exit the workspace to access personal information

Easily tap into the AT&T Toggle application ecosystem

Equip employees with the mobile capabilities their unique roles demand. AT&T Toggle provides access to a growing selection of applications, plus a simple, highly secure way to deliver them to users' devices.

Seamlessly set up and manage applications

AT&T Toggle helps simplify application deployment by providing:

  • Streamlined delivery to users via AT&T Toggle hub, a customizable enterprise app store
  • Quick access to security and policy settings via a cloud-based management portal
  • Compatibility with employee-owned as well as corporate-issued devices

Protect enterprise data with an extra layer of control

Security is at the core of all applications in the AT&T Toggle workspace. Each one is wrapped with a highly secure management layer that enables access to advanced policy and security controls–which can help protect data on users' devices as well as in transit.

Click here to see the complete list of AT&T Toggle enabled applications.

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  • AT&T Toggle: Your Complete Bring Your Own Device

    AT&T Toggle is a BYOD solution that helps maintain end user personal privacy while enabling organizational control of enterprise applications in a highly secure workspace on employee-owned devices.
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    AT&T, Workspace Management helps manage and extend your organization’s reach while protecting your most critical assets.

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