Mobile Device Management (MDM)

Management and control of your mobile devices

Reach your mobile potential.

Break through the costs and complexities of mobility. We have the knowledge and resources to provide the mobile device management solution that best fits your organization’s size, structure and strategy.

AT&T MDMSM: a powerful, pre-configured Mobile Device Management solution.

Simplify MDM with the cloud. AT&T MDM is a highly secure hosted solution that delivers important capabilities with minimal investment of technical or capital resources.

With the AT&T MDM solution, you can:

  • Quickly deploy devices , applications and content
  • Protect data in state of the art data centers
  • Minimize up-front investments with pay-as-you-go services
  • Scale your MDM solution as your organization’s needs evolve

Additional features can help you get the most out of AT&T MDM, such as:

  • User-based pricing with up to 3 devices per license
  • On-demand, 9-5 helpdesk support included with license (other options available)
  • Optional Application+ and Security+ features that help administrators further customize each user’s data and access privileges
  • Single pane of glass management, provided through the Mobility Management Platform (MMP), which enables you to easily manage AT&T MDM and other AT&T solutions (available for purchasers of AT&T Toggle®)

Simplify management and visibility.

AT&T Mobile Device Management is designed to be intuitive for everyone, from IT administrators to employees. The solution allows administrators to manage the organization’s entire mobile device inventory regardless of the size and capacity of the IT department.

AT&T MDM can help administrators:

  • Define and push settings to devices
  • Invite users to enroll via email
  • Distribute and update applications for user groups
  • Monitor and enforce device compliance

An intuitively designed portal allows end users to:

  • Quickly register with an easy-to-use, self-service wizard
  • Access devices and content—without an extensive setup process

Help improve your employees’ productivity with flexible access to critical business data on nearly any device while also protecting your organization assets from security breaches. Mobile Device Management (MDM) gives you visibility into your diverse mobile inventory, enabling you to provision, manage and help secure specific business data and applications being accessed by users.

Manage your mobile assets regardless of device and carrier

Control your mobile portfolio using a device and carrier agnostic management platform. MDM from AT&T gives you:

  • A unified view of the OS, mobile apps and versions of devices within your organization
  • Automated device life cycle management to help reduce TCO
  • Rapid provisioning of multiple devices with over the air configuration
  • Ability to monitor real-time status of individual devices
  • Effective troubleshooting with analytics tools such as device diagnostic reports
  • Billing reports to help you capture and analyze spending

Simplify policy management with MDM

Reduce mobile computing risks and efficiently manage constant security demands by establishing compliance policies. MDM solutions allow you to:

  • Set up consistent policies across platforms and devices, customized to job function and user group
  • Centralize password and encryption management
  • Remotely locate, wipe, and lock lost or stolen mobile devices
  • Remove unauthorized apps remotely

Using Mobile Device Management with BYOD Solutions

Effectively handle the diverse needs of your mobile workforce whether the device is corporate or personally owned. You can provide maximum flexibility for employee device usage while also maintaining the control you need by using Mobile Device Management with a BYOD solution. AT&T can help you:

  • Understand your varied inventory of mobile devices in use.
  • Identify the user types and security policies required.
  • Separate business data on BYOD devices from personal employee data with a workspace management solution such as AT&T Toggle®.
  • Manage and monitor how your business data and applications are deployed, on both company paid and BYOD devices.

MDM and Mobile Application Management

Applications allow you to provide job specific end-user tools and data so that employees have stream lined, just-in-time access to organizational information. Protecting critical data is necessary as you empower your workforce. With Mobile Application Management and Mobile Device Management, you can:

  • Allow employees access to a library of apps and content suited to their job and needs
  • Distribute a set of customized applications and data access policies
  • Specify controls to manage and deploy content to defined user groups
  • Push and update applications on multiple devices easily and remotely
  • Remove applications and content remotely, without wiping the entire device

Combining Professional Services with Your MDM Solution

It can be expensive and difficult for your organization to create and maintain in-house experts who stay on top of the latest mobility technology advancements. By choosing AT&T professional services, you benefit from experts who can design a holistic mobile management strategy – and avoid the costs of maintaining your own set of experts.

AT&T mobile specialists bring high quality mobile knowledge and experience to each engagement. Our consultants provide end-to-end services that can assist you in of deploying your mobile solution. These include:

  • Solution design
  • Applications and data strategy development
  • Device ordering, procurement, staging/kitting
  • User training and ongoing help-desk support

Determine the appropriate mobile device management solution for your organization

AT&T consultants can you help you create your mobile strategy. Optimize your use of devices, applications and data to design a MDM solution based on your business structure. Choose the best option that fits your organization’s situation:

  • Provision and manage business-owned devices using MDM
  • Deploy and manage a single application on an employee device leveraging Mobile Application Management
  • Create and manage separate business workspace on an employee’s device that sits side-by-side with their personal assets using AT&T Toggle, a workspace management solution

Flexible MDM deployment options support your business goals

Depending on the needs of your team and organization, choose from a flexible set of delivery and management options:

  • On-premises: You own the equipment; we provide licenses for the application.
  • Hosted: We manage the cloud infrastructure while you manage your chosen Mobile Device Management services. – No capital investment is required, providing cost-saving opportunities and your sensitive information resides in AT&T’s highly secure data center.
  • Hosted and managed: AT&T provides end-to-end management of your applications, using our resources and leveraging our core capabilities.
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  • AT&T Mobile Enterprise Management
  • AT&T Mobile Enterprise Management

    Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) solutions can help simplify the complexity. Enterprise Mobility Management is a compilation of advanced mobility solutions, from network security and device control, to content distribution, workspace management and through the entire lifecycle of application development.
    PDF | 915KB



  • AirWatch Hosted MDM from AT&T

    The AirWatch Hosted Mobile Device Management (“MDM”) from AT&T solution supports deployments of mobile devices at any scale.

    PDF | 2MB
  • Connected MobileIron from AT&T

    Proactively manage and help secure your government agency’s mobile endpoints as applications and data are being deployed to smart devices.

    PDF | 726KB
  • Good Solutions from AT&T

    Good Solutions is a suite of mobility management technologies that manage and secure mobile apps, data, and devices, without compromising user experience, corporate data security, or personal privacy.

    PDF | 2MB
  • AT&T MDM

    AT&T MDMSM (the Solution) is ideal for any business that requires essential device and application management without the need for significant capital or technical investment. AT&T MDM offers a world class solution for protecting company assets and mobile data.

    PDF | 2MB


Case Studies


  • AT&T Sponsors Mobile Device Management Webinar

    AT&T partnered with FierceMarkets to host this interactive webinar on Mobile Device Management. FierceMarket’s Fred Donovan and Gartner analyst, Christian Kane, discuss the industry trends leading organizations to adopt and deploy Mobile Device Management, or MDM, solutions that enable them to manage their mobile inventory. AT&T’s Aaron Williams, Advanced Enterprise Solutions, highlights AT&T’s ability to assist organizations with developing a holistic mobile strategy that will span the lifecycle of their mobility needs.

    Video | [60:00]


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