M2M Application Platform

Develop M2M applications with speed and flexibility.

Rapidly deploy solutions that can optimize your business processes and help deliver better and faster services. AT&T Machine-to-Machine (M2M AP) Application Platform provides a powerful application development environment that can reduce the time, cost, and complexity of M2M.

Pre-built components can speed time to market

Quickly build and deliver custom M2M applications for the most demanding requirements. To reduce development time, costs and resource demand, the AT&T M2M Application Platform provides:

  • Extensive tools
  • Code libraries
  • Prepackaged functions

Adaptable, cost-effective M2M development

Easily integrate M2M data and apps with your key enterprise applications and systems. The versatile platform contains a full suite of powerful development tools and flexible APIs that are device-agnostic, making it easy to connect virtually any device with virtually any data. These elements facilitate communication with back-end systems to:

  • Make it easy to connect your diverse devices and increase device visibility
  • Convert data to contextual and actionable information
  • Help you enable fast, intelligent strategic analysis and decision making

Scalable, reliable, secure infrastructure

Rely on a highly secure, reliable and scalable platform to grow your M2M connectivity strategy. The comprehensive infrastructure of the AT&T M2M Application Platform is:

  • Delivered as a cloud-based service to reduce complexity and maintenance concerns
  • Uses robust, proven technology based on the highly secure, industry-leading AT&T network infrastructure
  • Built to handle large-scale deployments, high transaction rates, and support a large number of concurrent users and reporting assets

AT&T M2M Application Platform can help you adapt as your business changes and grows.

Industry-leading expertise to help develop M2M applications

The AT&T Professional Services team can support you as you strategize and implement M2M within your enterprise. You can have instant access to M2M experts to help you strategize how best to use the power of M2M to develop apps that improve your organization’s profitability and margin.

View the whole family of AT&T M2M solutions.

Data from your connected devices may be collected to develop apps that optimize business processes and change the way customers interact with your products.

Libraries of code included within the AT&T M2M Application Platform facilitate many common business needs, such as:

  • Enabling remote monitoring and management
  • Improving equipment servicing procedures
  • Automating alarm management

Examples of business apps you can develop via the AT&T M2M Application Platform are described below:

Maintain visibility and control of valuable assets

Track asset locations and build geofences that remotely monitor and detect movement of assets outside of allowable areas. Using the AT&T M2M Application Platform, you can quickly implement solutions that locate and manage everything from cargo containers to construction equipment, vehicles and trailers. Built-in asset tracking features include:

  • Rich mapping interface
  • GPS location tracking
  • Business rules
  • Alarm management
  • Integration with business systems

Improve your predictive maintenance strategy

Monitor the condition of in-service equipment to analyze and improve maintenance programs. With the AT&T M2M Application Platform, you can utilize a rich set of development tools to connect and manage a wide variety of disparate equipment in a single user interface. Developing a connected product strategy as part of your core maintenance programs allows you to:

  • Collect and analyze remote diagnostics
  • Speed problem definition and response decisions
  • Improve scheduling and planning
  • Identify maintenance issues early
  • Reduce equipment downtime
  • Extend equipment life
  • Optimize resources, time, and workflows

Empower field personnel with AT&T M2M Application Platform

Improve field personnel responsiveness and productivity with real-time information from connected products using smart phones and tablet devices. The AT&T M2M Application Platform includes a rich suite of applications that improve the efficiency and lower the cost of servicing connected products. These applications provide the following field service benefits:

  • Identify the root cause of the problem, remotely repair the issue, or identify the replacement parts that may be necessary for an on-site replacement
  • Alert field personnel of issues and schedule service tasks directly from the connected product
  • Provide remote access to the asset to perform diagnostics and troubleshooting from mobile devices

View the whole family of AT&T M2M solutions.

Take advantage of a complete development suite, together with a professional support team, to design and implement effective M2M applications.

Secure, comprehensive and powerful M2M application platform

The robust architecture of the AT&T M2M Application Platform enables you to handle large-scale deployments with large numbers of assets reporting data from sites around the world. With proven high transaction rates of more than 100 million data readings per day, the platform provides the performance required to support a large number of concurrent users and reporting assets accessing the on-demand system.

Complete development environment for M2M

Key elements of the AT&T M2M Application Platform include:

  • Web architecture - Using the same architecture as large Web sites, central processing is divided across multiple servers. Additional capacity can be added with function-specific servers, increasing capacity where it is needed.
  • Enterprise security, availability, and scalability - Rely on our secure and scalable on-demand center infrastructure built on state-of-the-art equipment and operational expertise. AT&T service professionals perform ongoing management in application, networking, security, hosting, data protection, and database administration.
  • High-performance agent software - A single software agent can be configured to monitor hundreds of wired assets at a customer site, or monitor a single product with negligible resource use.
  • High-speed data storage - With agents and edge devices around the globe reporting data 24x7, the volume of information is vast. The AT&T M2M Platform is optimized to handle a high volume of transactions while keeping response time fast.

Access rapid development tools

Rapidly design and develop powerful M2M applications by taking advantage of the assets provided with the AT&T M2M Development Platform:

Secure code

The platform contains over a million lines of proven code, including:

  • Scripting APIs
  • Web services API
  • Integration framework
  • Rules engine
  • Extensive data model
  • Data processing and management
  • Device protocol adapters
  • High-performance, firewall-friendly agents
  • Wireless agent toolkits

Built-in libraries

The platform includes pre-built libraries of core M2M capabilities such as asset management, file management, alarm management, and geofence management.

Use M2M Professional Services experts for design and implementation assistance

Tap into the expertise of the AT&T Professional Services team to help you identify how best to convert your technical requirements into a solution that can be monetized across your business through cost efficiencies, streamlined operations, and new service revenues.

AT&T provides an expert staff of professional services personnel that focus on requirements, design, application development, customer experience, deployment, and maintenance. We can assist you to:

  • Strategize and solve complex challenges posed by large scale mobility applications and the unique requirements of your business needs
  • Accelerate innovation and development time
  • Integrate your M2M network with your existing business systems and third party applications
  • Add immediate layers of mobile application development expertise to your team
  • Incorporate experience from our partner ecosystem, encompassing applications in a wide variety of vertical solutions

M2M Platform powered by Axeda

The AT&T M2M Application Platform is powered by Axeda, an AT&T ecosystem partner delivering M2M solutions with the most advanced cloud-based service and software for managing connected products and machines.

View the whole family of AT&T M2M solutions.

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