M2M Control Center

Gain intelligence into your connected device network.

Control Center gives you global visibility into the activity and status of all your SIMs on the wireless network. Its powerful and intuitive interface enables your organization to analyze and strategically manage all aspects of connected device deployments to grow and improve your business.

Transform your business with knowledge about your wireless network

The advanced and easy-to-use self-service tools of Control Center give you insight into your network and provide:

  • Intelligence: Gain strategic insight and manage your business with an unparalleled depth of intelligence into your network of connected devices
  • Empowerment: Take control over your business processes and optimize operations with robust tools for provisioning, real-time diagnostics and support, usage controls, and more
  • Automation: Streamline operations, reduce costs, and scale faster with Control Center’s powerful automation engine

Robust and versatile M2M management platform

Control Center includes a rich set of capabilities that help you to monitor, understand, and control your wireless network. Regardless of the size and complexity of your M2M deployment, this single-point-of-contact solution offers:

  • SIM management, provisioning and activation
  • Unparalleled network global coverage
  • Rate plan flexibility
  • Ongoing billing and lifecycle management
  • Scalable platform, managing over 2 billion network events per month

Customers around the world use Control Center for a broad range of M2M applications including:

  • Vehicle telematics
  • Consumer electronics
  • Healthcare
  • Point-of-sale
  • Fleet tracking
  • Asset monitoring
  • Energy
  • Telemetry

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Ecosystem partner
AT&T Control center is powered by Jasper Wireless, Inc.

Control Center helps you monitor and understand your networked M2M devices so that you can constantly improve your operations and grow your business. Features include:

  • Real-time data – showing all SIMs, their provisioning status, whether they’re in session or not, their connection history, etc.
  • Diagnostics with tier 1 and tier 2 support functionality
  • Detailed invoices and reports on usage and costs

Control Center delivers continuous innovation on a proven foundation built on the power of the AT&T global network, and uses cloud-based delivery to ensure that you always have the latest technology to manage your connected devices.

Empower your M2M device management

Take control over your own business processes and use Control Center’s robust set of self-service tools that help you:

Control costs

Eliminate manual efforts and use the automation engine in the AT&T Control Center to save time and money. Start with a no-touch activation experience – automatically activating your devices on the network as soon as your end users or installers switch them on in the field. Then utilize automated overage controls, notifications, and rules to manage costs once your devices are in use.

Amplify success with commercial and global flexibility

Ensure that your rate plans, distribution and operational logistics work to suit your needs. Control Center gives you options such as:

  • Select post-paid, pre-paid, pooled or individual rate plans
  • Set high or low usage that varies by geography or type of data traffic
  • Enable trial services and push offers to end-users
  • Reach new markets quickly and easily by choosing a global platform and connect devices with Global SIM technology and AT&T’s extensive roaming arrangements around the world

Use automation to streamline operations

Drive value to the bottom line with a powerful automation engine. Determine how you want your business to run and let the platform do the rest – instantly and automatically. Control Center’s automation capability can monitor SIMs, usage, rate plans, or other elements of your connected device business, and trigger actions to run automatically when critical events occur.

Improve device visibility and gather critical data

Get the depth of intelligence you need to respond in near real time to market conditions and customer needs. Control Center makes it easy by giving you a unique, real-time view of how your devices are connecting to and using the AT&T global network – across all points of connection.

This awareness lets you analyze and control how devices work in the field so you can:

Deliver proactive support

Review patterns, detect issues early, and take action to prevent and mitigate problems.

Diagnose and troubleshoot problems instantly

Run detailed diagnostics on any device, online and in real-time, whether on the AT&T network or roaming internationally. Check provisioning status, see connection session history, and view real-time connectivity status. Immediately identify connectivity issues and get the information you need to resolve them quickly.

Gain strategic insight into usage and costs

Control Center puts everything from data utilization and costs to performance and provisioning status at your fingertips. You’ll see important usage trends, which customers are the most profitable, which devices are the most costly, and whether your devices are working as expected in the field.

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Ecosystem partner
AT&T Control center is powered by Jasper Wireless, Inc.

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