Smart Grid Solutions from AT&T

Modernizing the utility infrastructure

Use the latest technology to modernize your grid, upgrade utility operations and improve customer satisfaction. Supported by the reliable AT&T wireless network, Smart Grid Solutions from AT&T include turnkey products and utility-focused expertise in communications and smart grid information management to help you enhance your services. Our offerings can help utilities to:

Increase operational efficiencies

  • Remotely manage system and assets
  • Gain intelligence to make better troubleshooting decisions quickly
  • Optimize resources to meet demand growth and allow for future scaling

Improve system reliability

  • Reduce or prevent outages; restore power faster
  • Increase asset utilization and control

Amplify customer satisfaction and awareness

  • Provide a stronger, more reliable grid
  • Help customers make informed choices with increased information
  • Increase flexibility of payment and rate options
  • Keep rate structure stable

Intelligent turnkey utility solutions

AT&T offers a variety of turnkey solutions that easily integrate with and extend your existing investments:

  • Infrastructure communications
  • Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) including meter and head-end system
  • PrePay Energy application and energy efficiency programs
  • Operational Data Management and data analytics tools

Utility industry professionals

Strengthen and modernize your network infrastructure with the expertise of AT&T utility veterans. AT&T Managed Solutions consultants apply their knowledge of the utility industry to help you improve productivity and grid reliability, and develop communication fabrics for next-generation utility operations. We can provide:

  • Infrastructure and technology roadmap consulting
  • Project management and integration services

View the whole family of AT&T M2M solutions.

AT&T offers a range of strategic turnkey products and services to the utility industry, including wireless solutions for:

  • Grid modernization
  • Field service operations
  • Outage detection
  • Remote monitoring
  • Continuity and disaster recovery

AT&T integrated solutions currently include:

Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI)

Get the real-time information you need to optimize grid performance. The next-generation Smart Grid AMI solution from AT&T provides an end-to-end turnkey solution for wireless meter connectivity including:

  • Smart Grid meters and sensors
  • Smart Grid secure national network and head-end applications for management of devices
  • AT&T Professional Services consultants with deep knowledge of the utility industry who provide assistance with project management, implementation, hosting and employee training

Benefits of the Smart Grid AMI solution from AT&T include:

  • Simple, streamlined point-to point or point-to-multipoint solutions for optimal performance
  • Robust, highly secure AT&T network handles large volumes of data
  • Automatic registering and communication of data reduces field support requirements
  • Remote management capabilities prevent the need for in-person troubleshooting
  • Cost-effective to install, operate and maintain

PrePay Energy

Give your customers more flexibility while also reducing your operating costs. AT&T Smart Grid PrePay Energy is a fully managed, cloud-based solution that expands the offerings you can provide to customers:

  • Ability for customers to prepay electric charges (“pay as you go”)
  • Varied choices for payment processing, for both pre-and post-pay
  • Communication tools such as consumer and customer care portals and messaging

Your end customers enjoy numerous advantages:

  • By prepaying, customers with limited budgets, credit issues, or transient lifestyles can avoid deposits and connect/disconnect charges
  • Varied payment options give more freedom for when and how to pay bills (mobile, web, IVR, kiosks, cash, etc.)
  • Online tools provide monitoring, information and control over energy spending, resulting in reduced bills

Utilities experience significant benefits, including:

  • Reduced billing and customer care costs with a single, flexible payment suite
  • Savings via avoidance of bad debt
  • Reduced field technician involvement for turning on/turning off service
  • Increased customer satisfaction, communication and engagement

As a fully managed solution, the AT&T Professional Services team works with you to tailor, integrate, train and support your implementation of AT&T Smart Grid PrePay Energy.

Operational Data Management

Understand and leverage the data you receive from smart meters. Operational Data Management from AT&T helps you to manage and understand the volumes of raw data that are received from AMI and legacy meters.

Information of various types is imported, validated and made available for secure data analysis, reporting, and billing. Operational Data Management integrates with weather and news data to assist utility teams to elicit meaningful information:

  • Understand predict, and troubleshoot energy usage, to keep the grid functioning at top efficiency
  • Flexibility to utilize smart grid data for Time of Use (TOU); Aggregation/Settlement; Load Profiling; Loss Analysis Reporting System (LARS); and Data Storage and Management
  • Manages data for use in other applications such as Outage Management Systems, AMI, and SCADA
  • Customer service reps can handle customer questions in real time
  • Residential and commercial customers can interact with a portal to help them monitor, analyze and budget their usage

Operational Data Management from AT&T is offered in two models:

  • Fully managed and hosted in the cloud as an end to end solution
  • On-premise implementation and management by utility IT staff

View the whole family of AT&T M2M solutions.

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  • AT&T Smart Grid Solutions

    Using a prepay solution can drive higher customer satisfaction, energy conservation, and lower utility operating costs.

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  • Smart Grid Solutions from AT&T

    AT&T helps deliver on the promise of Smart Systems. We provide the backbone for Smart Grid communications that extends utility reach to our customers.

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