Global SIM

Seamlessly connect assets around the globe.

AT&T provides worldwide M2M connectivity for your large-scale multi-national M2M operations from end to end with AT&T Global SIM. Supported by our powerful global network and the best wireless coverage, AT&T provides the tools and support to enable you to easily and remotely deploy, connect and manage your M2M assets.

A single solution for global M2M deployment

Provisioning hundreds or thousands of M2M devices worldwide is a complicated task. Simplify your deployments by choosing AT&T and enjoy the benefits of:

  • Reliable global network connectivity, based on the global GSM standard for high-speed wireless delivery and global roaming into 200+ countries
  • Single global SIM for provisioning worldwide
  • Standard interface for deploying and connecting mobile assets in more than 200 countries
  • Easy, cost-effective M2M device management with integrated SIM provisioning, billing and reporting tools
  • Ease of expansion and scaling
  • Relationship with a single global carrier
  • Access to experts in network connectivity, mobile applications, device certifications, and enterprise technical support

Software-based global SIM

Deploy and control connected devices easily and quickly using a single, global SIM that automatically and remotely connects to the network.

AT&T Global SIM enables ordering and provisioning in multiple countries through a single flexible platform that can dynamically adapt to a changing business environment.

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Streamline your global M2M operations and deployments, and manage the entire process from end to end with Global SIM from AT&T.

Rely on the unparalleled AT&T global network

With AT&T, you benefit from full access to our 200+ global partners worldwide, comprised of:

  • Advanced and powerful global network, carrying 49 petabytes of data traffic on an average business day.
  • Reliable and far-reaching wireless network serving millions of customers and supporting the most phones that work in the most countries:
  • - Voice coverage in 225+ countries
    - Data roaming in more than 210 countries
    - 3G in 175+ countries
    - LTE in the U.S. and expanding globally

Single interface for global device provisioning, billing and management

AT&T Global SIM is used together with the AT&T Control Center to launch, manage, and rapidly scale your connected device deployments worldwide, with minimal effort. Capabilities include:

  • “Pre-certified” for activation across over 600 operators in 200+ countries
  • Designed and built for long service life in the field
  • 24 / 7 single point of contact for billing, provisioning and service
  • Intuitive, web based GUI for instant self service capabilities
  • Real-time diagnostics and reporting
  • Access to extensive well-documented REST APIs for seamless platform extension from third-party back-office systems

One simple global contract for voice, SMS and data

Reduce overhead and better manage expenses with a single AT&T contract. Benefit from:

  • Favorable pricing across 600 operators in 200+ countries based on our global relationships
  • Pre-negotiated provisions for use of local communications infrastructure for roaming
  • Manage your SIM state from inactive, to provisioned, to active

Reduce effort with software-based SIM provisioning

Avoid the costs and difficulties of manually installing, connecting and supporting M2M devices. AT&T Global SIM provides a streamlined means of deploying and controlling embedded communications worldwide. This includes:

  • Remote ordering, provisioning and control of your assets
  • Expertise of AT&T Professional Services, to help your organization strategize an end-to-end operational model to ensure execution and supply chain simplicity

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